I must admit I was surprised to see Barack Obama so handily defeat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. And today I was very surprised to receive a forwarded mass email from a normally sweet and kind female hispanic friend that was filled with anti-Obama propaganda and overtones of racial hatemongering. (If you are reading this, let me know if you are encountering a noticeable increase in racial slurs toward minorities lately, because I have, and this email was just one example.)

The overall bad analogy of this email was to compare Obama to a ‘pilot’ taking over flying the plane (America) we are all on, but he has never flown a plane before, only ridden on them. The author was trying to make the point that Barack has little to no experience that qualifies him to be President of the United States.

First of all, this is an erroneous analogy to compare such a technical skill required to operate aeronautic machinery, to the “We The People” democratic, constitutional leadership skills (meaning the skills born of a heart dedicated to representation of the common American) desperately needed in the White House. OBama has those skills in a big way. Secondly, if we were to make the analogy of America being such an airliner, most Americans see Obama as the forward thinking passenger who brought along enough parachutes to save us, allowing us all to jump to safety from a plane crashing DUE to criminally negligent pilot error.

Experince” in Washington and Beltway politics is responsible for our currently corrupt, corporate and special interest controlled system. Our forefathers spoke much like Obama speaks, and left Britain to get away from such elitist, special interest favoritism and oppression that gave the figurative middle finger to the common man. As such, I prefer electing leaders with less ‘experience’ and more ‘heart’ and democratic ‘integrity’. That is why we see Barack Obama resonating with huge numbers of American young people and hardworking patriotic people across all races, genders and ethnicities. That is also why he was successful in defeating the Clinton Machine.

Americans are craving someone with less of that kind of typically corrupt ‘experience’. We feel we are on a crashing ‘plane’ and the kind of ‘pilot’ we need is someone who remembers what the American Dream is…it is not for Exxon…it is not for Halliburton…it is for the common man first and foremost. But “Corporate America” is becoming less and less about Americans, and mostly about a tiny minority of Wall Street elitists.

One more thing…being Muslim is NOT a bad thing. This is a growing racist stereotype. Barack had some Muslim influences in his early years and has a middle name of ‘Hussein’. Unfortunately for the Muslim faith, (which is no different than the Christian or Jewish faith, with many good qualities as well as just as many hypocritical contradictions of Godly inspired warmongering and violence) a very small minority of wacko extremists are engaging in what they call ‘holy terror’. In history, there were many Christians who did this, especially trying to preserve slavery, and many Jews who did this (read all about it in the Old Testament if this shocks you).  The  Muslims today are  just like the Christians today,  respectable  and  caring of their fellow man, so we need to put a stop to this knee-jerk anti-muslim rhetoric.

For the record, Barack is not Muslim, but is a member of the Christian faith. Also for the record, his former pastor that has come under so much criticism for his anti-American sermons has primarily and consistently preached about the corruption I mentioned above, albeit in more ‘colorful’ ways, that Americans need to face and overcome. He has probably been too colorful and inflammatory at times for many peoples pallet, and has made some exagerrated and grossly inaccurate statements on occasion, nonetheless much of what he has said is very similar to what our founding forefathers preached in their quest for the birth of this great country we call the United States of America. America has slipped a long way from those founding priniciples, and we need someone like Barack Obama to help us climb back to the top of the mountain. What do you have to say about it?…Please post your comments.