I’ve never seen such blatent hypocrisy in my time on this planet as this half a TRILLION dollar “bailout” of corrupt financial institutions who caused their own bankruptcies. Rush Limbaugh is constantly raging on and on at nauseum on his daily radio show, castigating moderates of both parties who want moderate, reasonable social programs to help the hardworking common man and low to middle class with national healthcare, home mortgage assistance, vocational development, tax relief, etc. 

Puppets like Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and consequently every conservative Republican ‘PARROT’ I talk with, love to rail against those helpful ideas, calling them ‘communism’ or ‘socialism’. You and I know it is not communism or socialism, but the reasonable action of a government whose primary task as mandated in the Constitution is to ‘provide for the general welfare‘ of the people. This mandate to provide for our welfare is neither socialism, NOR intended to ‘bail out’ corrupt, PREDATORY lending and investing institutions. It is a mandate that the government of the United States be in the business of providing for the welfare of ‘We the People’. Instead, the government is in the business of providing for the predatory greed of institutions that provide for their re-election campaign funds, etc. 

It is a lie that these so called ‘troubled institutions’ had to be ‘bailed out’ with almost a full TRILLION dollars (when you add in the govt. takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) of TAXPAYER money. (I can’t even conceive of that much taxpayer money being handed to corrupt corporate institutions…WHERE’S THE ACCOUNTABLITY or INCENTIVE TO BE HONEST!) 

This bailout, or better put, HANDOUT, is the epitome of hypocrisy by the conservative Bush administration, helping their friends who should have to go down in flames due to their predatory, corrupt business practices. I don’t know if you’ve stopped to realize it or not, but this bail out is costing more than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED, and it is beyond comprehension that this administration succeeded in launching our nation UNILATERALLY, against the wishes of the U.N. and the G-8, into such military conflicts on such fictitious reasoning (it has been proven that Iraq and Hussein had ZERO to do with 9/11). 

We have got to reverse course and get back to being a nation that makes its HARD WORKING PEOPLE the priority, not outsourcing everything that needs to be manufactured to China and Bangladesh! We have become such a disposable, debt-dependent society…  I think the only thing left Americans proudly manufacture are METHAMPHETAMINES!

We have become the United “Corporations” of America, instead of the United States of America. And ironically, you can’t say, “Oh, well the Corporations are patriotic and are taking care of American workers, because the OPPOSITE is the case! Walmart and Costco’s agenda is to destroy any competing MOM & POP independent merchant within a 25 mile radius of their stores. It is ridiculous that so many manufacturing factory jobs have been lost due to greedy CEO’s and stockholders who knew they could make a few million more if the company’s products were made using dirt cheap labor overseas. Again, this gives a figurative ‘middle finger’ to the American worker and ‘the American Dream’ in the interest of an UNAMERICAN corrupt few, turning our new heritage into “The American Nightmare”. Please share your comments and concerns here on this topic.

Connie Bryan