Are you kidding me? These TV, radio and newsprint commentators that are jumping on the popular bandwagon to say President OBama lost the recent presidential debate to Governor Romney, did any of them consider the CONTENT of the debate to pick the winner?

Or are we forever stuck in “TMZ/Entertainment Tonight” news reporting that keeps stressing how Romney was more aggressive, made the most eye contact and kept ‘staring OBama down’…how he clearly made the President  ‘uncomfortable that someone would directly challenge or disagree with him’, and other ridiculous sorry excuses for ‘winning standards’? I think even Charlie Sheen might disagree if he was paying attention in between crack benges.

Before I go into a teensy bit of ‘wonkish’ detail in describing the meat and potatoes WINNING performance delivered by our working man’s President…let me just point out that the reason he is being labeled the ‘loser’ despite the strong populist message he delivered, is mostly because for all the news outlets, a presidential election “HORSE RACE” is what they crave. It means much bigger ratings and profit for advertisers (even if it’s a fake one of the media’s own making)

Gov. Romney is sharing the stage, undeniably overshadowed in a huge way by the man who made such a gutsy call, sending in Seal Team 6 deep into Pakistan territory to take out Osama Bin Laden. Many Americans forget or didn’t know it was reported by the CIA that it was a coin flip as to whether Bin Laden was even in the compound that night. Even OBama’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates advised against the mission. Against that advice, OBama made the call to go in and try to get the %$$-hole, PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE, worldwide.

This is who Romney is ‘staring down’ and ‘beating’ in the first debate, according to these “cable news experts”, as he bravely promises to America that as President, he pledges to take out Big Bird. This is a point he felt so strongly about, that he went out of his way to stress it to undecided voters in one of his biggest “zingers” during the first debate.

He decided to make this specific, bold promise in the context of talking about the need for BIG cuts in government subsidies to outside organizations. Keep in mind BIG OIL subsidies amount to approx. 20 Billion per year, and that only includes the taxpayer donation (corporate welfare) to just the top FIVE largest ones! PBS (Big Bird) received 430 million in 2011. Do I have to spell out the absurdity between the numbers? Do I really have to spell out how way off base Romney is to think solving our multi-TRILLION national debt problem entails going after Big Bird as one of his top promises?  Yet the wise cable news pundits/”ratings prostitutes” like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are praising Gov. Romney for winning the debate.

Seriously, I feel like this is where Rod Silver appears and starts an introduction to “The Twilight Zone”.President OBama made powerful, extraordinarily relevant points consistently throughout that first debate that mean much more opportunity and relief for the average Joe in America struggling to get ahead…provided the average Joe is really listening and not just looking for who seemed more aggressive. Romney consistently made powerful, extraordinarily relevent points consistently throughout the debate that mean much more opportunity and relief for the average billionaire, the average Big Oil executive and the average outsourcing corporate CEOs.(He specifically stressed his strong commitment to Big Oil,Gas and Big Coal more than once…it was not just implied)

President OBama pointed out that Romney has permanently sworn off any kind of ‘revenue increase’, meaning any kind of tax increase, from raising taxes on the very wealthy. The president was admittedly in very BORING territory on this topic, trying to get the average Joe to understand that Romney is not telling the truth when he says he can cut trillions from the deficit WITHOUT raising taxes on the lower income population, while refusing to increase taxes AT ALL on the very wealthy.

As you know – don’t forget – Romney was recently embarassed at that private ultra-wealthy fundraiser, caught unbeknownst on a live mic and off the record, as he caustically criticized those same low income Americans. He referred to them as “the 47%”…he described them as all “wanting to remain dependent on government”. He specifically complained in this private meeting with top wealthy donors,  that this 47% “don’t pay taxes at all right now” and that they “are obviously not going to vote for him”.

So, if you really listened to the CONTENT of the debate, and didn’t get swept away by the “ET Tonight” style news coverage suggesting that OBama possibly was under the influence of ambien or something else, because he wasn’t tearing into Romney…If you paid attention to the powerful points OBama was calmly, yet strongly making, then you saw Romney looking like nothing but what we’ve generally always seen from the Republican party: a puppet for Big Oil and the 1%. Albeit he seemed like he’d had three or four grande Starbucks triple mocha cappacinos, and President OBama seemed like he had done a tall decaf vanilla latte’ before they began.

If the TV coverage would have shown the debate like they have traditionally framed it in debates past, without excessively using the constant closeup and split screen(what was up with that?…again another ratings ploy) there would have been no way for these pundits to spin it as convincingly as they have, that Romney was ‘looking OBama in the eye’, ‘staring him down’,  and the president was ‘hanging his head shamefully’.What a boat load of cow manure… I mean REALLY?? Traditional camera framing would have made the entire debate look NORMAL.

Again, CNN and FOX, along with the major networks are all very desperate for some semblance of a HORSE RACE. That is even what they are now actually trying to suggest it has become. They so desperately need viewers to think so, in order for them to make more revenue from their advertisements.

If it could be called a horse race, then President OBama is a calm, champion thouroughbred racehorse, while Gov. Romney is Mr. Ed on a little secret dose of meth, and who even still isn’t going to make it halfway around the track. Mark my words that on election day, it won’t be ‘horse race close’ at all.

Overall, the average Joes/Janes in America eventually see through most of these “info-tainment” spin tactics for ratings. Yes, they may briefly join in with the rhetoric that, compared to Romney’s desperate efforts to look aggressive, the President seemed tired. But you would be TIRED TOO, if you had just gone through 4 years of what he’s had thrown at him:

He inherited the largest national debt and budget deficit in American history. This amazing feat was created by George W. Bush from two wars TOTALLY UNPAID FOR, entirely off the budget, financed totally on credit(meaning hundreds of BILLIONS borrowed from China that he just tacked on to our national debt)… combined with the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, also put entirely on credit and not paid for(meaning again, BILLIONS borrowed from who? You guessed it: CHINA, in catering to who? You guessed it: the 1%).

This all created the largest national debt in history, after Bush had inherited the largest budget SURPLUS in American history under President Clinton. And oh yeah, there was that  financial meltdown that almost caused another GREAT DEPRESSION and the COLLAPSE of our entire banking system, largely caused by the Bush Administration’s lax oversight on Wall Street.

Conservatives love to chant their untrue mantra that the economy is still in recession, or doing horribly under President OBama’s watch. Let me ask you a question. Haven’t we always used our stock market as one of the primary indicators of how well our economy is doing? Yes, we most certainly have. Under President OBama – and this is something the Republicans and conservatives never want to remind you about- under OBama’s leadership quickly in just his first term, our stock market has DOUBLED, now even approaching all time highs! After the financial meltdown, it fell to about 6500. It is now approaching 14000…yes that’s right: Fourteen THOUSAND! Are we better off than we were 4 years ago? HELL YEAH!!

In case some have forgotten, President OBama also single handedly had to make the tough decision whether to bail out our nation’s auto industry, which was going to die a likely permanent death in America if he didn’t. Congress did not agree, refusing to support the bailout for Big Auto. So the President made a very tough decision to order the bailout for Detroit on his own. What was the result? Big Auto rebounded, and not only did they rebound strongly, they also paid back the bailout. That’s powerful, effective and brave leadership that conservative Republicans don’t want you to remember.Now GM and others are running gangbusters, and in many cases leaving Toyota and Honda in the DUST.

I could go on and on, talking about the many things President OBama has done in his first administration, like instituting a government mortgage relief program to save tens of thousands if not millions of homeowners who would otherwise be facing foreclosure from the mortgage crisis….like increasing the military DRONE program 600% over what President Bush allowed, in the markedly successful effort to eradicate top Al Qaeda leaders worldwide…like winding down the war in Iraq as he promised, and beginning to reduce our troops in Afghanistan, just to name a few key things.

But lastly let me address his Affordable Health Care Act (OBama Care) which was originally, virtually IDENTICALLY, a Republican idea. The truth is simply that Republicans decided to turn on the very health care initiative they had originally championed, when they collectively decided they didn’t want President OBama to accomplish anything in his fist term if they could help it. So they turned against the very health care initiative that they had originally pioneered for years, INCLUDING THE PERSONAL MANDATE that would require all Americans to have health insurance.

Governor Romney crusaded for virtually the very same health care act when he was Governor of Massachusetts. That very personal mandate he now scoffs at as an “attack on personal freedom”, was the SAME mandate he was advocating then in Massachusetts.

To understand this “personal mandate” in simple terms, it is very much an “apples to apples” comparison to explain it as similar to how your state requires you to have car insurance. If you are going to drive, you have a personal mandate to buy car insurance.

The health care “personal mandate” is like that, and that is why it was initially supported by Romney and the majority of Republicans… After all, you may choose not to drive, but you can’t choose NOT to ‘walk around in your own BODY'(I don’t care what Shirley McClain tells you). We will all eventually need expensive health care. And if you don’t carry health insurance, it ends up being on the taxpayers dime.

So back to the debate OBama supposedly “lost”… President OBama points out most of these things- things the 99% of average Americans need him to be on top of as the working man’s President… Oddly, he gets ignored for it… ignored because too many viewers are busy stuffing Cheetos and HoHos in their mouths, only looking for ‘reality tv’  entertainment, not really listening to the CONTENT of what the President kept calmly and deliberately delivering…ignored because the news pundits are suddenly so eager to run with the constant closeup of him frequently not wanting to look at Romney, often looking down and writing things…

“What in the world was OBama writing?” Chris Matthews blathered on his show at nauseum the day after the debate…

Chris, he was probably reluctantly writing another Executive Order to Seal Team 6: “Can you guys believe this… Taking out Bin Laden wasn’t good enough for these ingrates, they’d rather have Big Bird??…SO GET IT DONE BEFORE THE ELECTION!”