TIME TO WAKE UP THE REPUBLICAN PARTY to something they have been strangely ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL about…CORPORATISM is as much of a threat to Capitalism and the American Dream as Socialism or Communism.I started using the term ‘corporatism’ many years ago on my talk radio show in Central Florida, seeing an unAmerican system developing that served “We the Corporations”, at the EXPENSE of “We the PEOPLE”.

Since then, I’ve noticed others using it more in the media. Corporatism is NOT capitalism. On the contrary, it is ANTI-CAPITALISM, and it is ANTI-AMERICAN. It is corruption and greed on STEROIDS, plain and simple. And the reason so many Republicans ignore corporatism is, they have bought the huge lie that ANYTHING GOES in making profits…They’ve bought the lie that American corporations should be able to engage in any such behavior no matter how anti-American it is, no matter how much it harms the American worker, because profits for the CEO and the stockholder are all that matter. How can one be so clueless?

Many Republicans (and some Democrats) forget it is the WORKER who GENERATES the profit for the corporations. But CEO’s and stockholders weren’t satisfied with that profit margin, they wanted much more at American workers’ expense, and politicians in bed with those corporations, redesigned the trade laws with NAFTA and ‘unfair’ FREE TRADE policies to do so(That is short definition of CORPORATISM)…

And therefore now, SLAVE LABOR workers are generating the profits, making the goods that these unAmerican corporations are profiteering from, and hiding much of the profit in OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS to avoid paying American taxes – this AFTER we taxpayers have had hundreds of BILLIONS of our tax dollars given to these corporations in “corporate welfare” and tax loopholes. But so many Republicans are wildly obsessed with the much smaller issue of poor people who may be in some cases abusing social welfare?? Again, how can one be so CLUELESS? CORPORATISM is CAUSING the growing need we have in America for social welfare programs!

Again, CORPORATISM is NOT Capitalism. A government that allows Corporatism is not a government representing WE THE PEOPLE, it is a corrupt “corporate dictatorship” of sorts, JUST AS BAD as COMMUNISM, serving “WE THE CORPORATIONS”. It is time for patriotic Americans in BOTH major parties to WAKE UP to this corporate ANTI-American corruption, and return America to what our forefathers created and intended. And by the way, the fact that we live in a “GLOBAL ECONOMY” doesn’t justify it… there is no other country, not even CHINA, that allows it’s corporations to engage in such unpatriotic profiteering practices at the expense of its workers. Our govermnent is the ONLY one allowing this insanity.

Check out this unbelievable interchange I had with just such a misguided person on Facebook. This person was so blind to the corruption, she first announces she is a devoted Christian and follower of Jesus, yet then she contradicts Jesus’  core teachings, and goes out of her way to PRAISE Corporatism:

Connie: Obama has been working hard on enticing corporations to return manufacturing jobs to America, and we are starting to see that happen slowly right now as we speak. He has made it a priority, because he strongly believes in free enterprise and the american dream, to give corporations more incentives to return jobs to America. But I bet you didn’t know that.

Cathy L: Connie, so you think that people that go out and make a living for themselves don’t deserve to make money? If I had a big Corporation, my bottom line would be profits and I would do whatever it took to make a profit. You can’t be mad at someone that has the ambition to make money, whether it be an individual or a large corporation. That is the difference between a Conservative (A person that believes in supporting themselves) and a Liberal ( A person that believes that they are entitled to what others have worked hard for. So, Tony isn’t an angry person, what he has earned, he’s earned by hard work not by sitting around waiting for others to give it to him. Oh, and ugly he’s not by any means… Not only is he very good looking, he also has a very good heart. Maybe, your the angry, ugly person. God Bless you. Oh, you probably are going to have something to say about the word God? That’s another Liberal way of thinking. I will say God Bless because he is my savior, and I love my God.

Connie: Do you know what ‘populism’ means…it basically means ‘for the common man’ and the American Dream…President Obama’s constant actions and words have shown him to be one of the most populist presidents we’ve had since FDR and JFK…he isn’t going to be perfect, but he believes free enterprise and helping the destitute in these difficult times ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. To believe they aren’t mutually exclusive DOES NOT make him a ‘socialist’, or all those other ignorant names “neo-cons” call him. Your bottom line in a corporation is not created by you, silly…WHO is your bottom line created by Cathy? Not you or your stockholders…it’s created by the WORKERS. And right now, guess who is creating the bottom line for most corporations? CHINA workers!

Connie (cont.): You wrote above: “If I had a big Corporation, my bottom line would be profits and I would do whatever it took to make a profit.” Cathy,you sound SOOO hypocritcal saying the above, then playing the “I LOVE JESUS” card at me. One of Jesus’ MAIN teachings was totally OPPOSITE of your above statement. (He’d be ‘LIKING’ my posts bigtime, lol) What did Jesus tell the ‘rich young ruler’?(Google it if you don’t recall) The ‘rich young ruler story’ is that the young ruler asked Jesus, ‘What must I do to be saved?’ Jesus shocked him when he said, “Give all your money to the poor…ALL of it, and follow me” The rich young ruler took the tone you have, ‘I don’t think so’. You are obsessed with putting down those on welfare, when only a minority of them are abusing it. You are clueless about the larger chronic problem of corrupt corporations in bed with corrupt politicians. It is a huge joke that you claim to be a ‘Christian’, as Jesus’ teachings over and over again contradict your position.

Connie (cont): The corruption is the attitude you describe Cathy, the ‘I’ll do WHATEVER…anything it takes, to make a profit’ at the expense of the workers who are the backbone of the company…that is wrong, and totally against the teachings of Jesus. You should know better if you read just a little of his teachings

This person just responded finally with severe anger and ended up deleting her entire post from FB so no one else could see it, and of course revoked her friend status with me, so that she wouldn’t have to hear from me again.

But hopefully the truth I shared with her will be a seed that grows over time, helping her to realize there is no reason for any American to support the anti capitalism corruption of Corporatism.  Hopefully she will realize that it is a clear and present threat to the survival of the American Dream for working and middle class Americans, both Democrat and Republican alike. We are all in this together!

Connie Bryan