How Could You Resist "Satan" the Talking Snake?

How Could You Resist “Satan” the Talking Snake?

Let me see if I have this straight…God allows a MUPPET SHOW in the Garden of Eden to deceive childlike Adam and EVE. He is the omnipotent God, so you can’t say He didn’t totally allow it to happen to innocent Adam and Eve, his children. Then, after they are naturally tempted by what God himself allowed to happen, God condemns them for their childlike mistake…And billions of SHEEP buy into this B.S. as holy scripture?

Talk about DEVIOUS…the Creation Story taught to us as little kids is BEYOND SICK…I realized this even as a little child…Depicting a God, as parent and creator, who sets Adam and Eve up for the very act that God then LOSES HIS TEMPER about and CONDEMNS them for(what happened to unconditional love and forgiveness), banishing them from their safe home in their "perfect peaceful garden"…He even allowed a very charismatic, entertaining TALKING SNAKE to influence them.

I remember how influenced I was as a kid by Kermit the Frog, so my heart goes out to Adam and Eve, this must have been the earliest version of the Muppet Show, and how could they resist a hip, funny talking snake, especially as childlike as Adam and Eve must have been in such an innocent environment. They had NO reason to think “God” had set up a situation that could lead to His banishing them from their safe home, over a mistake any of our children would most certainly make.

I mean, if you are the OMNIPOTENT GOD, and if you create a perfect garden for your innocent kids, and you don't want your kids to be endangered by some 'bad fruit', YOU ARE GOD… Why even put the damn tree in the freaking garden in the first place, and then go and tell them, 'This is the one thing you can't try'…And then on top of that, let the charming, entertaining, probably hilarious standup comic "talking snake" have ANY STAGE TIME AT ALL?

(Insert hillbilly accent here)"Well He was giving them FREE WILL"…Well OK, but with "free will" we know that our own children will make mistakes, so God would presumably have to KNOW that if WE know that…and that is where FORGIVENESS is supposed to come in. You learn from your mistakes, and you are forgiven. More than that, you are EXPECTED to make mistakes. One doesn't ever expect someone who LOVES them to act as God did in the Garden. Let's see, if I recall correctly, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and forgiveness is SUPPOSED to be the hallmark of God. Yet we see just the opposite over and over in the Bible. We constantly see CONDITIONAL love, which is not Divine Love if it is conditional, and we constantly see the consequence being vengeful punishment and not forgiveness.

As a parent, are you going to tell your kids not to try cigarettes let's say, and then leave a pack of Menthol lights on the kitchen table for them to find and be tempted by? Then, when the obvious result occurs, are you going to KICK THEM OUT of the house forever?? This from a God of LOVE…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Either you are a God of LOVE and FORGIVENESS, or you are a God of CONDEMNATION and VENGENCE. You can’t have it BOTH ways, and we see this kind of vengeance and condemnation over and over from “God” in the Bible. That is because it isn’t reflecting God. These are stories made up by vengeful men, “designing” a religion and a “god” that reflected their ignorant unforgiving character.

We as human parents would seem to have more love than that depicted from God in the Creation story. We routinely do what God SHOULD have done… let them puke their guts out, teaching them a lesson they could learn from, rather than a vengeful temper tantrum that Christians even like to celebrate as an example of God's condemning nature if you don't believe exactly like them, totally hypocritical to their trying to say this is a God of unconditional love.

This is a sickness in our society that needs to be finally confronted, for the damage to world peace it has caused over centuries. Caused not just by Christians, but other condemning faiths like Islam and even to some extent, Judaism which also teaches such sick stories to children. This is the FINAL RENAISSANCE we need to reach as a human race…World peace can come to humanity, but not until this sickness in organized religion is finally confronted like we confronted bigotry with the Civil Rights movement in the 60's. Then we can finally see that we are all brothers and sisters, spiritually connected and never separate from what is Divine, and that we truly are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!