Was it as much of a “soothing shock” to you as it was to me, to hear the uncle of the recent Boston bombing terrorists call them “losers”, and loudly proclaim that their actions “SHAMED ALL CHECHENS”? The brothers are from the region of Chechnya, currently a province of Russia engaged in civil war turmoil involving a lot of Islamic extremist fighters. Not surprisingly, we are now beginning to learn of the Tsarnaev brothers’ ties to Isamic extremism as well.

Hearing this during his interview by the press recently, I was immediately reminded in a split second how it seems we hardly ever hear such naturally angry outrage from Muslims about suicide bombings and other Islamic extremist terrorist attacks.I’m not saying such outrage is never expressed, but it appears to be very rare and conspicuous in its absence. As bad as the terrorism problem has become within the Muslim faith, there is no excuse for such a weak outcry of outrage on a regular basis. 

I have frequently thought about this before, but “Uncle Ruslan” really shined an overdue spotlight on this issue when he so quickly and emotionally made it abundantly clear that this hateful act of terrorism has brought nothing but shame on all of Chechnya.  “Brilliant moment in the midst of chaos”, writes Alexandra Petrie, of the Washington Post, referring to Uncle Ruslan Tsarni’s highly charged repudiation of his nephews’ terrorist acts.  

Personally, I can’t recall ever hearing such angry outrage from Muslims, going out of their way to tell the media that Islamic jihadists are SHAMING the Muslim faith. I would like to go so far as to ask my readers if you can find any similar such outrage and repudiation of almost DAILY Islamic terrorism from Muslims in general, where a Muslim is condemning the acts and telling all extremists the truth that they are SHAMING ALL MUSLIMS.

If you can find it, I’d not only love to see it and hear it, I NEED to see it and hear it. I am so torn up about the hate I see from religion in general…I will concede to Muslims that the condemnation that even a majority of Christians have toward other faiths is not that far and away from the level of hate that is needed to carry out the all too often Islamic suicide bombings and terrorism currently most prevalent in the Middle East.

But for way too long now, my soul has been longing to hear loud repudiation of terrorism in the name of God from Muslims, just like the kind Uncle Ruslan dealt out in spades. But day in and day out, we DON’T hear that. Day in and day out we hear about another market in Iraq that was blown to bits, 20 more killed including children, 40 more killed the next day, on and on and on…and never do we see anyone, even here in the U.S., displaying Uncle Ruslan’s kind of natural angry outrage at the SHAME these Islamic fundamentalists are bringing on ALL MUSLIMS with their violence promoting “jihad”.(such a mentally ill word unto itself-“jihad”)

Don’t tell me it is because people are afraid, ESPECIALLY here in the United States. That is nothing but hogwash and a deceptive ‘copout’. The reason it is so rare to hear such repudiation of Islamic terrorists from Muslims is much ‘darker’ than that.

The reason there is so little vocal outrage, so few large marches in angry protest against such acts, is ironically the very reason so much of the religious violence and terrorism KEEPS happening every day…BECAUSE THE OUTRAGE OFTEN DOESN’T EXIST!…Because there is a sick sort of ‘sympathizing’, deep down in the hearts of too many in the Islamic community, with the “JIHADIST MOTIVATION” in the hearts of the “marytyrs”. I don’t care if what I’m saying is not politically correct, because this is too important of a topic to avoid over something as trivial as ‘political correctness’. This is a critical topic we cannot ignore any longer!

We need to have not just a national conversation about it, but a worldwide conversation about it. And more specifically, it is time that the Muslim community had a long conversation about it among their respectable numbers.

Now is the time for the Muslim community to take some long overdue inspiration from Uncle Ruslan, and every time there is a suicide bombing, large numbers of them need to come out to the local mall protesting and giving similar angry interviews to the media, letting their twisted Muslim terrorist “brothers and sisters” know how much of a LOSER they are, and how much their violent actions in the name of Allah are SHAMING ALL OF ISLAM! Because that is the divine truth.

And YES, as much suicide bombing and terrorism that is going on, that would mean that they will be pretty busy. That will mean they’ll probably need to maintain a permanent protest presence like the “Occupy Movement”…”OCCUPY TERRORISM”. Believe me, that would be very effective and would receive immense media attention, and healing would begin. But again, this is conspicuous in its absence. The Muslim community has an obligation to change that.

I am not an ‘Islama-phobe’…I know that the majority of Muslims are not Islamic extremists. But how is it that there are over a BILLION Muslims worldwide, probably tens of millions in the U.S. alone, and we don’t see HUGE marches by now on a weekly or at least monthly basis CONDEMNING the ongoing suicide bombings? Why don’t we hear them demanding media attention, angrily repudiating the many (not just a few) violent extremists’ acts within their ranks? 

I can’t imagine how Uncle Ruslan feels, or the toll this is taking on his family, finding out his nephews are terrorists with Islamic extremist ties. But in all this sick religious ugliness and terrorism we endlessly keep having to hear about day after day in the news – and now in our own back yard – He brought my soul a brief bit of respite with his heartfelt outrage.

SHAME is brought on all who belong to a faith that regularly uses terrorism and violence in the name of God! You terrorists are simply put, LOSERS! Thank you Uncle Ruslan, for your long overdue, desperately needed honest voice.

Connie Bryan