Would it make sense for someone who is hyper concerned about certain ‘poisonous’ or ‘toxic’ foods and processed meat, etc, to be a recreational drug user including marijuana? Just because it grows naturally, you can’t say pot is not a poison, or toxic to your system. More and more studies are proving it causes serious brain damage when used while the brain is still developing, and we now know the brain is developing up to age 25 (Unless you live in southern states, and then it is apparently up to age 5, as we’ve recently seen with Honey Boo Boo)

This week on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”, while interviewing a vegan author of a new holistic and healthy diet book, Bill obsessed over his personal concern and opinion that wheat, yeast and even dairy are all ‘bad’ and ‘poison’ for your body. This from a guy who frequently laughs about his being a big dope user, and who crusades regularly for the legalization of drugs in general. This is hypocrisy to a monumental proportion. The expert did not agree with his characterization of those foods as ‘poison’. Bill is obsessed with some things that might be unhealthy about MILK, while he loves to promote getting high on dope. This is the perfect example of what is wrong in our society today.

Later in the program, Bill’s guest was Zachary Quinto, the actor who plays “Spock” in the new Star Trek movie “Into Darkness”. They touched on the topic of gun control and violence in America, and Zachary brought up the example of the parents who gave a 5 year old a rifle designed for children, and the 5 year old promptly killed his 2 year old sister. Bill was of course totally emphatic about the need to prevent such further tragedies, as Zachary made the statement, “We are responsible to each other as human beings”.

Yes, but the ironic monumental hypocrisy is, Bill Maher doesn’t understand that at all, on something as critical as the issue of ‘recreational drug use’. If we have a responsibility to each other as human beings, certainly the biggest responsibility we have is toward young people…to set the right example for them! They may not pay attention to everything we SAY, but trust me, they watch and see everything we DO like a hawk.

If you do drugs, they see it and they will follow your example. I shouldn’t need to remind anyone that ALL DRUGS, even marijuana, have serious toxic effects beyond that of MILK!

We are responsible to each other as human beings, but especially to young human beings trying to learn how to live a healthy life. To obsess over dairy as a ‘poison’ one minute, and promote recreational drug use the next, is beyond shirking that responsibility…it is beyond irresponsible, especially when you have your own show on HBO. We have a responsibility not to be monumental hypocrites on such important topics.