If you haven’t yet found the revolutionary spiritual guidebook “A Course In Miracles”, you owe it to yourself to run out and get it at Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore, and see how a real understanding of spirituality rapidly comes into focus, rather than the false understanding taught by mainstream religion. Miracles will begin happening left and right in your life, to a degree that you can’t imagine.

The key is found in learning what mainstream religion tries so hard to keep you from knowing… that you ARE what “God” is…Your ‘world’ DOES in fact ‘revolve around you’…You have NEVER been separate from that which is Divine. Let me repeat that line for its full effect: There is no separation between you and God, there never ever has been…You have NEVER been separate from that which is Divine. The big lie of all major religions is that you have been. But the truth is, your nature is NOT ‘sinful’…

Your true Divine nature is only good. And when people learn that truth, they begin behaving that way. People often question this wondering how can our true nature be good when they see so many people acting so badly. Those individuals are doing so because the are that far out of sync with their Higher Self’s guidance and direction. They are in deep ignorance, and most in need of the salvation that their brothers and sisters can bring to them with the correction of forgiveness.

In other words, when people are told over and over by the main FALSE religions that their nature is ‘evil’ and ‘sinful’, guess what? Not surprisingly they start to act that way, and as time goes on the act that way more and more as it snowballs. This changes on a dime when they learn that they are Divine, a part of what God is.

This changes like a light switch turning on, when they learn that peace and happiness depends on a lifestyle of forgiveness and love in all things, beginning with forgiveness of their own mistakes and missteps – When they learn that our existence in the physical is a ‘lower’ manifestation of our Holy Higher Self… a forever and eternal part of that which is Divine. When you learn that, it brings a miracle of change, and you no longer act ignorantly in ways we describe as ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. You begin being(not acting) the Holy sinless part of what God is that you are…that you can never be separated from.

Happiness and harmony is found only by seeking what I like to call “Highest Wisdom”. This world is so rampant and obsessed with unhealthy things that are the opposite of what your Divine Inner Voice is trying to tell you to do. And that Inner Voice does not depend on being a member of any specific religion. Everyone has that Inner Voice always!

And, it isn’t hard to hear that Inner Voice of your Higher Self. You just have to decide you want to trust that, and then decide to listen to it, and then decide to follow it. THAT is where happiness and SALVATION is found. And here is the beautiful part. We are all brothers and sisters, all a part of what God is, and we SAVE EACH OTHER by forgiving one another of any perceived conflict or misdeed.

An easy misinterpretation of the Course in Miracles’ teaching is to think that this physical world is all ‘bad’ or entirely ‘illusion’ and created by our ‘lower self’ in ‘wrong thinking’. The Course teaches the truth that we create everything by our thoughts. It says the world we see is an illusion, and it must change through our learning to return to our Divine thought of our ‘Higher Self’. But what this means is not that this physical world is all “wrong” or doesn’t exist. It is teaching something deeper than that.

This physical plane we are on is a real experience in eternity…in the eternally changing NOW that is all that exists, and it is just as real as the spiritual plane where our ‘Higher Self’ is co-existing SIMULTANEOUSLY. We are forever a part of our Higher Self (The Divine), and our Higher Self has decided to create this ‘Creation’…Our Higher Self has ‘thought’ this physical ‘adventure’ into reality, and we are part of our Higher Self, the part that is experiencing this physical Creation.

The problem is created when we in the ‘lower self’ plane of this “physical reality” stop seeking to always listen to our Higher Self, or Highest Wisdom…When we selfishly choose to ignore the guidance of our Inner Voice from our Higher Self.(One example being use of recreational drugs, or irresponsible casual sexual behavior, or greedy selfish obsession with material gain at expense of others)

As I said above, it is not hard to listen to it…we easily know what the ‘right thing to do is’…what the healthy, moral, ethical direction is…We know what our heart is saying is best, but when we decide to act otherwise for material obsession and greed, we abandon that guiding voice…that spiritual compass.

When we don’t listen to that voice and that Highest Wisdom (God’s Will is another way to put it) then we are not in what I like to call ‘spiritual homeostasis'(homeostasis meaning ‘balance’) in this physical existence. That is when what you are creating becomes like ‘illusion’ as the Course refers to it.

Simply put another way…there is no Heaven way off in the sky somewhere, or Hell deep in the earth where the Devil comes from. We CREATE Heaven or Hell for ourselves as described above. This physical plane can be a Heaven on Earth, or it can be a Hell on Earth. It is up to you, and the Course In Miracles is the best guidebook I’ve found to quickly reset you with your Higher Self and bring you the healing, happiness and harmony you were meant to have as a Holy eternal part of what God is, even here in this physical experience.

Another common misnomer often adopted by those who read “A Course In Miracles” is that ALL CONFLICT IS BAD. This couldn’t be more wrong. After all, the Course in Miracles announces to the reader that it intends to initially cause conflict itself for its students, in helping the reader to confront what needs to change in their lives.

What you need to remember is, there are two kinds of conflict. If the conflict you feel is coming from a lack of forgiveness and an ego desire of yours to attack and fight with another, that of course is wrong.

But, if the conflict is something you encounter as a result of standing up for Love and forgiveness…If it is conflict you come across in the name of correcting a LACK of LOVE, it is meant to be for you to encounter it as a teacher bringing healing and Divine correction, just as the Course admits it is designed to do. We can change this world, and we can bring about world peace. But to do so we will encounter conflict from those who are in dire need of correction in the name of unconditional love and forgiveness.

As you learn about your true Divine nature, you begin acting Divine. You become a teacher, reflecting what needs to change. You will inevitably encounter conflict that requires correction from those who have yet to learn what you have about Love and forgiveness. Simply put another way, in order to be an effective parent, discipline is necessary. Not abuse, but stern effective discipline to bring proper correction when our children misbehave or are engaging in dangerous or unhealthy actions. This is conflict, but it is conflict in the name of Love, not ego.

Strangely, many I’ve met who study “A Course In Miracles” misunderstand the teachings in the Course about ‘avoiding conflict’, and they use it as a ‘cop out’ to not have to stand up for anything anymore. They begin to learn what their brothers and sisters need to learn – they learn the key is unconditional love and the Golden Rule, but they imagine that they don’t have to be a healing voice of correction when they are in the presence of ignorance and condemning, unloving behavior of others(Ironically often from people in one of the main 3 religions).