At first I tried to tolerate it – the repeated mixing of metaphors, mischaracterizations of the facts, and misstatements by people interviewed in the news trying to spin the Zimmerman case like he was OBVIOUSLY a racist, when everything about the facts of the case DOES NOT obviously point to that being true at all.

But in no time, my strong efforts to tolerate this knee jerk overreaction were overwhelmed with the huge extent of false spin by both the liberal media and private individuals, engaging in a RATINGS MOTIVATED cable news orgy driven by gross exaggeration of the facts, to make it fit the false narrative of a racist neighborhood watch captain who killed a black male simply out of ‘malice’. If you believe that, simply put, you are either on drugs or have such a gigantic axe to grind from historical true racism, that you are incapable of being objective.

First of all, let me preface this for some that don’t know me by saying that I have been a tireless champion for minorities all of my life – especially for African Americans. When I had my daily radio show in Central Florida in the town of Sanford, and then subsequently just up the road in Brevard County for three years, I was demonized by white members of the listening audience for my constant focus on the widespread bigotry I witnessed and exposed on a daily basis. People are so tired of the racism that continues to this day, that they have been way too quick to try to make this case fit that paradigm.

Even the main prosecutor in the Zimmerman trial had to admit to Anderson Cooper on CNN last night that there was clearly NOT a race factor present whatsoever, with regard to Zimmerman’s actions that culminated in Trayvon Martin’s death. She looked hard and heavy to find one, as that would have helped her to most assuredly win the case. Ironically, it is the lack of that race motivation that lost the case for her. She had nothing to prove ‘malice’…NOTHING. She would have loved to be able to introduce a race, hate crime angle, but she couldn’t find it anywhere.

If you didn’t know, let me inform you that George Zimmerman has a long history of life experience that shows more compassion and empathy for the black community than most if not all the main talking heads leading the crusade to demonize him. He has reportedly been a mentor for young black youths. Growing up there were African American children periodically sharing his home. Even the African American intern volunteering for free on his case was interviewed on CNN and adamantly stated it was obvious right away that he was absolutely not a racist.

So all those who are piling on now, lashing out and saying that this case is like the Rodney King case, you people should be ashamed – especially those of you who are in the media trying to fuel that message, without necessarily having your anchor person actually say it’s the same as the Rodney King case. They are as similar as Hitler and Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. King being my all time hero.

Like I said in my first editorial on this topic, as a private investigator with prior law enforcement experience, most juries would likely feel there was an element of excessive force used by Zimmerman. Even this jury felt that way, as revealed by the one juror so far who has given an anonymous interview, stating that they tried but couldn’t find anything in the law presented to them from which to charge Zimmerman, that would provide some reasonable punishment for his perceived lack of judgment.

The problem is, this juror doesn’t even accurately see where the lack of judgment was with Zimmerman, and the race baiting media circus has tried to capitalize on this. In her anonymous interview, she refers to how wrong it was for Zimmerman to get out of his truck, and try to keep an eye on Trayvon. Yet, the dispatcher who asked Zimmerman not to ‘pursue’ Trayvon, also asked him to try to keep a visual on him. On the one hand, Zimmerman was asked to stay in the truck, but on the other hand the same dispatcher was asking him to continue to advise them about Trayvon’s movements.

Let me skip forward to the shooting, and return to this point in a moment. Even if one is a police officer, one NEVER wants to be in a situation where just because you are in a fist fight with a suspect, you would feel that you needed to pull your firearm. You are taught NOT to do so in an effort to control a physical altercation, as it just makes it all the more possible the suspect will disarm you, especially if they were getting the best of you to begin with to make you want to pull your gun.

This is partly why police officers dearly love the TASER now. It gives them the tool they often need in such a physical fight. Simply put, you never, ever want to bring a handgun to a fist fight. That is, to use the hip, young pop culture lexicon of today, “HELLA” UNREASONABLE. Bringing a handgun to a fist fight is what happened in this horrible tragedy, that ultimately led to the commonly perceived use of excessive force.

Zimmerman told the police that he got out of his vehicle to keep an eye on Trayvon. What do you think the police train neighborhood watch people to do?( especially neighborhood watch captains as was the case with Zimmerman). Law enforcement routinely attends neighborhood watch groups and tells them to always be exceedingly vigilant. They are encouraged by police to report anything and anyone in their neighborhood who appears suspicious that they don’t recognize WITHOUT FAIL. They are never told they shouldn’t be outside of a vehicle. They are routinely cautioned about contacting or confronting a suspicious person. But they are primarily advised to do what they can to observe and report, and this is never followed by any instruction to do so only while inside their home or vehicle. 

A dispatcher, for the record, does not have the authority to order or demand that Zimmerman not get out of his car. Like I said above, it is now a known fact that the dispatcher even contradicted this request by asking Zimmerman for information on Trayvon’s movements after asking him not to get out of his vehicle.

It was not at all excessive or unreasonable in the slightest, for a neighborhood watch captain to get out of his vehicle and try to maintain visual on a suspicious person that fit the ‘young male’ profile of those who had been burglarizing his neighborhood so very often on recent occasions. Neighborhood watch members are encouraged to maintain visual if possible. That is what Zimmerman was doing. That is the obvious definition of ‘neighborhood watch’…keeping watch on suspicious individuals in your neighborhood.

Let me briefly cover the question of what is suspicious. Is it suspicious that a young black male is walking through Zimmerman’s complex in Sanford, Florida? That fact alone is of course not suspicious. But, after having the rash of burglaries committed by young males, and often young black males specifically – to then observe a young black male walking slowly and in a clearly wandering and ‘non determined’ direction as though checking out residences after dark and in the rain, while wearing a hood over his head?  

If you don’t understand that is obviously suspicious, maybe it’s best that you go back to watching Sesame Street and let the adults continue the discussion. It is the overall behavior, and the prior history of who the burglars repeatedly were in their neighborhood, not just primarily the race of Trayvon or just his wearing of the hooded sweat jacket, that makes it clearly suspicious.  

Zimmerman told the police he was surprised when Trayvon jumped out and confronted him.Let’s not forget who had ALL, not just some, of the physical injuries prior to the gun shot to Trayvon’s chest. This clearly points to Zimmerman telling the truth that he was confronted by an attack from Trayvon.

The medical examiner could find no physical bruising or other such injury on Trayvon. Zimmerman had significant bruising, swelling and cuts to the back of his head, and a very bloody nose. This strongly indicates that Trayvon was the main physical aggressor. Zimmerman’s nose was never x-rayed, so it is not likely that it was broken. (One would assume if there was a fear it was broken, it would have been x-rayed)

Still, if you are Zimmerman, and you get pounded in the nose, and it starts bleeding, and you are having your head pounded on some rock or solid object…at a minimum what main thought is likely going through your head? No, it shouldn’t be “OK, now I get to shoot this attacker!” The thought you’d naturally have if you are the neighborhood watch captain is this: “I’ll be damned if you are going to get away with this!” Can we all agree that is what most people would think at that point?

And with that being the natural tendency, this is where the EXCESSIVE behavior likely occurs. This is where one can make the excessive force mistake of bringing a gun to a fist fight. The juror was 100% wrong that Zimmerman was showing bad judgment to get out of his vehicle to try to simply keep an eye on a suspicious person that he had reported via 911. That was “Good Samaritan”, good citizen behavior, not ‘vigilante behavior’, and not irresponsible behavior whatsoever.

No one should fault a neighborhood watch person for such a ‘guardian’ act to help the police and their community in the wake of a boatload of ‘young male punks’ repeatedly burglarizing and robbing their homes.

I’m sick and tired of people villainizing Zimmerman for doing what neighborhood watch people are routinely to this day told by law enforcement to try to do. Again, he was trying to keep watch, not to confront. And then Zimmerman ends up being the ONLY one with significant injuries from a physical fight that ensued. So that clearly indicates Zimmerman was attacked, and not the other way around.

But for me and I believe most people, the extent of his injuries do not readily translate  to being life threatening, or so severe that he would reasonably need to shoot Trayvon in such a fist fight. What likely happened in my opinion is that he introduced a gun as a result of the fist fight that he did not suspect was going to occur. When it did occur, someone in such a situation carrying a firearm might easily be tempted to think, “I’m going to put a stop to this and hold him at gunpoint until the police arrive any minute!”

As previously stated, that is the worst mistake one could make in such a situation, especially if one is getting the raw end of the deal in the fist fight. In such a situation, Trayvon would then ironically now be in fear for his life as well. So he likely would try to get control of the gun, as Zimmerman actually told the police DID occur during the fight.

Zimmerman told the police that Trayvon saw his gun at one point and tried to get it. That fits with what I surmise is the likely chain of events that unfolded. If Zimmerman pulled his gun after being attacked, and decided he wasn’t going to let this attacker get away, and if Trayvon did what most would do and tried to protect himself by trying to disarm Zimmerman, ironically they BOTH would then be in fear for their lives at that moment.

THAT and only THAT, is where the excessive behavior would come into play. To repeat, there was a history of young males, specifically young BLACK males, burglarizing and robbing residences in that neighborhood. Zimmerman’s neighborhood had so much of a problem with ‘young male’ burglars that they formed a neighborhood watch group. It is NOT racism to ‘watch’ for the specific profile of those most often responsible for the crime in your neighborhood. Does everyone understand that? Apparently not. OH LOOK, BIG BIRD is on Sesame Street!  Go do the alphabet with Big Bird, and we’ll go to Chuck E Cheese for dinner if you’re good.

The media, and I’m just going to come right out and say this, though it isn’t going to be popular or politically correct…The media and sadly much of the black community in America seems to want to bury their heads in the sand, and not discuss the uncomfortable truth that a disproportionate amount of those kinds of criminal behavior are being engaged in by young black males, often who are members of growing numbers of street gangs.

 Where I live in Sacramento, I try to keep an eye on our complex when I can, as we have had very similar crime problems. Not surprisingly, most often the burglaries and thefts are committed by young black males. We are not racist to face the truth about that and try to work toward finding a lasting solution to change that fact.

We know there are many historical and present day socio-economic challenges for the African American young male in this country, that contributes to this disturbing fact of life. But practically NO ONE seems to have the guts to talk about this truth in the media of late. They would rather engage in fueling division and race baiting for ratings with half truths and false accusations, instead of discussing this politically uncomfortable reality.

And then attorney Mark Geragos as a cable news commentator tries to say it was a racially empathetic, all white jury just itching to side with Zimmerman. Last night he makes the idiotic ‘apples to razor blades’ absurd comparison of saying, “If Zimmerman had killed a young white female instead of a young black male, that white jury would have locked him away and thrown away the key”…or words to that effect. This is a horribly erroneous ‘mixed metaphor as they say, meaning the two are not a fair comparison.

Of course the all white jury would convict Zimmerman if it had been a young female that he had shot in a fist fight. Of course they’d have done so even if it had been a young black or hispanic female. That’s not because of race, but because then it would be more clearly obvious he used excessive force worthy of at least a manslaughter charge.

The “gender equality” factor with respect to the comparable physical strength of two relatively strong young males, even if Trayvon was 17, was what made it not seem completely unreasonable that Zimmerman might have felt in fear for his life, and thus brought enough of a presence of ‘reasonable doubt’ to the jury’s mind that they simply could not go with even a manslaughter charge. What a ridiculous thing for Mark Geragos to say, but he has a reputation for saying ridiculous things. He has been an ongoing part of the race baiting media circus orgy trying to compare this to the Rodney King beating.

The only thing more ridiculous than Mark Geragos making such a stupid analogy is the State of Florida wasting millions of tax payer dollars bringing an unfounded, ludicrous 2nd degree murder case against Zimmerman, when the head prosecutor has admitted on CNN they absolutely knew it had no racism component whatsoever FROM THE BEGINNING! Their entire case depended on one thing, and that was George Zimmerman’s INTENT. They knew, and have admitted they knew, that it wasn’t ‘racist intent’.

They knew he was the neighborhood watch captain…furthermore they knew Zimmerman’s neighborhood he was ‘watching over’ had an epidemic of burglaries and robberies by ‘young males’, and specifically young black males had been previously identified with that crime problem there.

So what ‘malicious intent’ can you point to? NONE. You can point to a likely excessive overreaction due to bringing a gun into an unexpected fist fight in which you are taking a bit of the worst of it. That would be obvious to “Honey Boo Boo”. But hey, unless we could get Honey Boo Boo to debate Mark Geragos on CNN, that truth just wouldn’t create enough ratings right?   Well, stay tuned now that we’ve given them the idea.