People often see what they WANT to see, and it is OFTEN WRONG…Mexican Immigrants are not “abusing U.S. welfare”…
LAZY WHITE PEOPLE are the vast majority on welfare and unemployment. (See Below)

You will often hear people spouting off the unhealthy fallacy, “It’s human nature to be evil and bad… just look at how little children treat each other on the playground” I just shake my head at this, because the vast majority of the time I witness children playing on the playground, they are not being mean-spirited to each other.

We choose to see the world we want to see. If you want to believe that people are ‘by nature’ bad, you will look for that and remember those very rare instances that little children act very badly to one another, when the huge overwhelming percentage of the time children play wonderfully with each other, unlike adults. Little children reflect the environment in which they are raised. They are innocent and loving and begin losing that year after year in the sick adult world they are trying to understand. The same is true for bigotry and racism. If you want to believe something, you’ll look for the exception to the rule to justify your prejudice.

That said, here’s another common misnomer: Immigrants and minorities are exploiting U.S. Welfare. The truth is, there are more white American’s exploiting welfare programs in the U.S. than immigrants and minorities. The truth is, whenever you see someone standing on the off ramp or at an intersection with a ‘please give me money’ sign, they are almost ALWAYS LAZY WHITE PEOPLE looking for handouts. You virtually NEVER see a Hispanic or Mexican. 

Now that I’ve pointed that out, take note this week as you are driving around’ll find it to be absolutely true. And many will be HOPING every day to see a Hispanic or Mexican to prove me wrong, and keep being angered when it is constantly a WHITE person.

Then finally one day about a year from now, by some miracle as they are STILL looking,  they finally see a Mexican holding a sign – the one exception to the rule (and probably the ONE person who really WOULD ‘work for food’), and then they will be like, “AHA! I knew it, all the Mexicans are ruining this country!!” And this is a big example of people wanting to believe something, so they decide to state it as a fact when the opposite is true. 

Back to my original point, as long as you believe that human beings’ nature is ‘bad’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘evil’, etc…it is a HUGE COP OUT that takes away all of your responsibility. Because everyone continues to act badly since, “Hey, I’m told it is my nature, so if I’m good, well that’s just your lucky day baby!” And organized religion, especially Christianity, is the biggest source of this lie.

But when we learn the truth that organized religion does NOT teach, that our nature is NOT ‘sinful’ or ‘evil’. that our nature is loving and good because we actually ARE a part of what God is…When we learn that truth, it causes us to realize it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to create peace and harmony…it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to create heaven on earth. 

It isn’t up to some “savior on a white horse riding in on a cloud with trumpets blowing”. I’ve always felt like trombonists and saxophonists must feel discriminated against from all the passages in the Bible that show God’s prejudice in favor of trumpet players. I played trumpet growing up in school band, and I’ve always found trumpet players to be kinda stuck up. And besides, I think the younger generation would really think it was much cooler if “Jesus” rode down on a BLACK cloud with lightning flashes, as opposed to a white fluffy one, while riding a ‘crotch rocket’ motorcycle and playing “GUITAR HERO”.

Man has the responsibility to realize it is up to us, not some imagined “Jesus riding in from the sky on a Unicorn some day”…To believe that stupidity is to not take responsibility for our actions and our future on this planet. It is up to US to create heaven on earth and love one another IRRESPECTIVE of diverse beliefs and religious creeds. Ironically, the big religions are grossly impeding our realization of this truth!