• In case you likely missed it due to the “major news coverage” of the royal baby, it came out in the news last week that the military is coming under significant pressure by its atheist members to provide ‘atheist chaplains’. I’m not making this up. (They want someone they can go to on Sundays to sit and watch Real Time w/Bill Maher for their ‘chapel service’ and confess their hatred of religious people…kidding about that) What this does seem to point to is the psychological need even with atheists to seek a higher authority to talk to about problems and struggles in their lives…answers to life’s tough questions like ‘when did television and the broadcast news go from MUST SEE TV to MUST HAVE A TRAILER and KY JELLY TV?” (I have to be careful or I’m going to go off on a rant and get way off topic here, sorry.)

    Atheism is often its own kind of religion. I’ve found most atheists to be as close-minded if not more so than those in organized religion. They work overtime to protect their close-minded resistance to everything about the energy of life that points to the spiritual nature of reality and all things. When you contemplate ‘consciousness’, you are contemplating ‘spirituality’. You have to work very hard to constantly keep your mind from seeing the truth about that. But here is where the real similarity and fundamental flaw comes in between Atheism and Christianity, that hit me very strongly today as I was thinking about this:

    Atheists always love to rant about how humans are just ‘animals’ (they refuse to understand that there is an energy…a consciousness beyond the ‘animal body’ that is obvious) Atheists insist that human nature is ‘animalistic’ and can never be ‘good’. This equates to a major cop out of sorts… A way of not having to face mankind’s responsibility to be better and learn to love and create heaven on earth. 

    INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, this is the SAME fundamental flaw of Christianity and organized religion. Christianity teaches the same thing, that mankind is fundamentally ‘bad’ . They recognize a soul, so they call man’s nature ‘sinful’ where the atheist says it is ‘animalistic’ by nature. The Christian loves to hide from responsibility to be good by saying that ‘Satan’ or ‘the devil’ is causing the sin in the world, and only Jesus Christ can defeat it when ‘he comes again riding on a white horse from a cloud in the sky from heaven’. Then once ‘saved’, still the Christian believes their nature is to ‘sin’ and that they can still do so and just ask for frequent forgiveness, because their nature is to sin because of SATAN being ‘in charge’ of this world until Jesus comes on the horse from the clouds.

    The TRUTH that neither of these groups can see from their fundamentally flawed belief is that we are all WHAT GOD IS…we are right now eternal spirits living in a material world ( to steal lyrics from a Madonna tune I like a lot) As such, we are not by nature ‘bad’ or ‘sinful’. We are by nature good and loving, and things like bigotry and hate are LEARNED and TAUGHT, ironically often BY RELIGION and THE BIBLE! (Southern Baptists used many Bible scriptures to justify their slavery of blacks and the forming of the Ku Klux Klan, were you aware of that fact?)

    Those beliefs keep mankind from realizing part of the answer to WHY ARE WE HERE?…We are here because CNN and Wolf Blitzer need “sheep” and the royal baby needs subjects…Seriously, we are here because life is an eternal state of adventure and creation…We are co-creators in this place called earth, this physical existence where we are SPIRITS residing in a physical (or animal) body, and we are here because it is TOTALLY UP TO US, not some exterior God on a white horse coming from the sky, it is completely up to US to learn to take responsibility and CREATE HEAVEN and PEACE ON EARTH. 

    But, atheists and Christians alike have beliefs that actually teach the exact opposite, and both create a cop out mentality and major distraction that says “We can’t or aren’t responsible…it is our nature to be bad”, when the opposite is true. We are responsible. We’ve been wrongly taught and CONDITIONED that we are sinful and bad. When one learns that they are not sinful, when one learns that they are a part of what is Divine, they ACT THAT WAY. But if you are constantly lied to by people you think you can trust like family members or leaders of the church that you are naturally bad or ‘sinful’, you would NATURALLY ACT THAT WAY wouldn’t you? 

    There is a Higher Power that we are all a part of, we are not separate from it and we never could be separate from it…we are a PART of what is Divine…and it IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to create love, peace and heaven on earth right now. And if you look at the last 100 years, you can even see evidence and a lot of progress that has already been made in that vein, showing our nature to strive for that. But we still have a very long way to go, and organized religion’s bigotry and hate that detracts from real unconditional love and forgiveness is the biggest obstacle that we must start addressing very loudly and assertively, just like the very good and dedicated people did during the Civil Rights Movement. 

    Christianity and atheism both teach a lie that man’s nature is not good, and that makes one think that mankind does not have the responsibility to create good things with their lives and be loving. Christianity even takes it so far as to chastise those who are good but don’t believe just like them, by saying ‘being a good person isn’t enough’, etc. And as I’ve mentioned before, the condemnation that is a hallmark of organized religion and Christianity is the biggest lie of all. 

    Unconditional love and forgiveness CANNOT EVER CONDEMN. But the verses right after John 3:16 actually has Jesus saying that he came to bring condemnation, just like all the many, many other passages in the Bible that say everyone who doesn’t believe Christianity is going to Hell. This is not love – it is only hate and bigotry written by men seeking to control the masses. 

    It is time to do a better job of addressing these religious lies that are holding humanity back from a spiritual renaissance and keeping many from realizing it IS ABSOLUTELY OUR RESPONSIBILITY to create ‘heaven on earth’.