CNN, I’m sure many of you have heard, is making this huge sensational deal out of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s mini-doc “WEED”, mostly because he showcases a little girl with a possibly fatal seizure condition as being saved by an ingredient in marijuana. But you have to be living in a religious cult in Idaho or a cave in Afghanistan not to know that marijuana is medicinal for some very specific chronic diseases.

But CNN and Dr. Gupta are using this story to tell everyone that he has done this huge 180 degree turnaround on pot, the huge implication being he is leaning toward wanting it to be entirely legal. Yet, stories like the one he features in his documentary are generally not new information – Gupta had to be aware of all the ways pot helps people with cancer, aids, leukemia, glaucoma, etc. Now they use this little girl with seizures as a poster child to say Gupta has CHANGED HIS MIND on pot, no longer thinking it is unhealthy. They never come right out and say it, but they infer left and right that because he has seen it help this little girl, well MY GOD, why can’t it just be legal overall??

Pot is already legal for medicinal use in twenty states. If CNN’s documentary was just trying to bring home the point that it should be legal for medicinal use in every state of the Union, I would be on board with that. The problem is, 99% of the people in line for it at medical pot dispensaries in states where it is legal like California are just druggies and dopers, not patients with severe medical issues. This is the bottom line: 99% are wanting it just to get high.

Let me ask you a question. As an adult, what is the most important responsibility you have? No, it isn’t to maintain your pot, meth or heroin stash. No it isn’t to keep up with the latest Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo episode. Your most important responsibility is to SET THE RIGHT EXAMPLE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.

We have lost our moral compass in America…not religious morals…I’m talking about community morals. Getting high on any kind of drug…is that what you want for your kids, for your grandkids or nieces and nephews? If not, THEN DON’T FREAKING DO IT OR ADVOCATE FOR IT!

FYI: More and more studies are showing marijuana (which is like 30 times more toxic and strong than it was in the 60’s) causes serious, not just mild brain damage when used while the brain is STILL DEVELOPING. And doctors tell us the brain is still developing up to age 25. Dr. Sanjay Gupta even admits this in his documentary at least.

Let me ask one other question: How many pot users do you suppose BEGIN using marijuana to get high only AFTER age 25? Pretty close to ZERO.

If your issue with marijuana being illegal is that you don’t want to see low level users imprisoned for simply using pot, I would absolutely AGREE with you. But that is a completely DIFFERENT subject than sending a message that it is just fine to do “recreational marijuana” and other drugs.  Just the expression “recreational drug use” itself is retarded on its face.

And I have a newsflash for you: That’s why the castaways from “Gilligans Island” got lost on the USS Minnow. It wasn’t because of a storm. C’mon, they had weather reports back then, they wouldn’t have taken tourists out in such potentially bad weather. Get real, it was the 60’s – they were STONED!

In closing, dopers who advocate for legalizing weed love to say, “Dude, no one has ever O.D.’d on marijuana”. Wait, are you telling me no one has ever O.D.’d on STUPID?” And we know a LOT of people die from overdosing on stupid every year. And that isn’t even including all the dopers who O.D. on BAD PARENTING and role modeling.