It’s a big mistake to follow the “conventional wisdom” of avoiding discussion of religion and politics…There is no more important topic we must confront openly, because that is PRECISELY the source of much of the sickest and most violent hate-based behavior in the world today and throughout history.

The “Big Three” religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) have been the origin, cause and rationale for most of the racism, bigotry and ethno-centrism that have caused and continue to cause most of the wars in mankind’s history. Similar to the “Civil Rights Movement”, it’s beyond time for a “Spiritual Rights Movement” of sorts…We are long overdue for a new renaissance of true spiritual understanding, that at a bare minimum includes mass intolerance toward the false, man-made teachings of the most dangerous form of “mass media”, that being organized religion and its man-made, fraudulent fear based teachings of condemnation for “unbelievers”.

All I care about in my life is changing this sick world by bringing a healing energy with me everywhere I go and in everything I do. Make no mistake – As a result, many people frequently choose to misinterpret that as “weakness” on my part, and frequently try to take advantage or manipulate me, generally with no success.

Living by forgiveness, healing and love in all things does not mean that one must be a “doormat”, or able to be easily pushed around for others’ conflicting agendas, or most importantly that one must be silent toward religious lies. It doesn’t mean we must collectively “respect” others beliefs when the origin (the Bible and the Koran) of those beliefs aggressively teaches hate and condemnation toward other faiths and beliefs. On the contrary, love and forgiveness seeks to root out and finally expose such religious lies in order to eradicate and heal it for the cancerous disease it is in our society.

To give one of many examples…There is absolutely no excuse at this point in human history…NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER, for this ongoing tit-for-tat bombing of each other in Israel and Gaza. The innocent people being killed as “collateral damage” should have made that obvious decades, if not centuries ago.

It doesn’t matter who is perceived to be the one who started it each time. The source of it is man-made bigotry in the Bible and the Koran. What one must realize is both of these books are jammed full of stories claiming to be “God” AUTHORIZING this very kind of killing of “infidels” and “unbelievers”…yet you say the Bible is about “God is Love”?

The Bible and the Koran are about “God is CONDITIONAL love”, not unconditional love. God or Allah, in the Bible or the Koran, only loves “believers” of the man-made “scriptures” listed there. In a nutshell, what one must understand is, the writers of both of these “teachings”…(in most cases no one even knows who those actual writers were, names on almost all the books not at all being who wrote them)…these writers were creating a “God in THEIR image”, not the other way around.

They wanted to control the masses by creating a belief system that instilled fear in their society and ultimately the world at large. So they “created” a God that fit their ethnic hate, racism and bigotry toward those who were different. (Read Joshua chapter 6 for just one of hundreds of examples just in the Bible alone, of God supposedly ordering and ordaining the Jews to commit mass genocide of all countries they conquered – men, women and children were ordered by God over and over again in the “scriptures” like this one in the Bible, to be killed because they simply were “unbelievers”. This is of course also found in the “holy scriptures” of the Koran.

This is not “holy scripture”. This is man-made lies and bigotry MASQUERADING as “God’s Word”. Now, more than ever, those of us who truly live by and believe in universal love and forgiveness have got to be more vocal in exposing religion for the “MASS MEDIA LIE” that it has been, if we want to ever have a hope of creating peace on this planet for mankind.

Normally we think of the media just in terms of television and the news, etc…but when you understand that “mass media” refers to the ability of an institution to exert powerful influence over the masses, then you begin to see how organized religion has been one of, if not the most powerful institutions of mass media for thousands of years, resulting in endless genocidal wars that dwarfed what Hitler did to the Jews in comparison.

Its lies have resulted in atrocities that are too lengthy and horrendous to describe here, all “justified” by men (interestingly not so much by women…almost always justified by a patriarchal system) based on the hate-filled, vengeful examples set supposedly by God or Allah in the Bible and the Koran, commanding the Jews or the Muslims to kill “unbelievers” or “infidels” under their right or their “mission” as true believers.

I don’t like to use the word “retarded” normally. When I do use it, please understand I am not using it in the context of someone who has a legitimate medically recognized mental handicap. I only use it in the TRUE sense of the word, and here it is:

# 1) It is utterly RETARDED to believe “scripture” that teaches that YOU are a child of God or Allah, and anyone who doesn’t believe like you is condemned by God and deserves to go to Hell, etc.

#2) It is utterly RETARDED for wars to continue to the present day in 2014 based on such religious beliefs, and that also are based on “land entitlements” by God or Allah for your belief system.

Those are the only politically correct, proper uses for the term “retarded” today.

True spiritual understanding is what will finally bring healing and peace. And true spiritual understanding has nothing to do with a sick belief in a “BLOOD SACRIFICE” of a human being (Jesus), or the “blood sacrifice” of animals for “God’s pleasure” as found all throughout the Old Testament and the Koran. Religion that even remotely is based on any form of “blood letting” should immediately cause some sort of red flag for you, and should be obvious that it is a sick and man-made lie.

True spiritual understanding is simply this: That we are ALL spiritual brothers and sisters, no matter our diverse differences on this planet. We are all a PART of what “God” is, NOT SEPARATE from what “God” is…As such none of us can ever be “condemned”, only FORGIVEN in all things. This is what “unconditional love” means. Love by nature can only forgive, and cannot ever condemn. Any religion that says it can is a false teaching written by hateful men seeking to create God in their image, not the other way around as I said above.

Heaven and Hell are only real in the sense that we all collectively have the spiritual power to create Heaven or Hell. Right now ironically, Christianity, Judaism and Islam have only been collectively helping to create Hell on earth, not Heaven.

All of us are a part of the Divine Spiritual Universe. When we understand this, we begin to CREATE LOVE and PEACE. When we DON’T understand this, we constantly create HATE and FEAR, and war against each other out of ignorance.

That and only that is what continues to go on in the Middle East today. But it also is going on here at home in the United States, even if we aren’t actively “shelling and bombing” each other inside our borders or beyond at the moment. Just the simple religious belief in condemnation of your brother or sister because they believe differently or live differently than you is just as bad if not in some ways worse than physical bombs directed at them, and that is because it is what endlessly feeds the religious lies at the root of endless wars that should have ended a long time ago.

Don’t forget that Christians actively teach their children today from the book of Revelations, that this MUST happen in the “end times”…that “Jesus” must return and commit mass genocide once and for all of all those who aren’t Christians, and ironically Revelations specifically includes the Jews to be included in this genocide.

Does the term “self fulfilled prophecy” come to mind? If it doesn’t, it should.

Connie Bryan