ConnieHdshtSmallFile1Just what is your real “core”?

In my last oped, “An Overdue Conversation of Healing for our Time”, I wrote about how to begin to create healing where it is needed in your life, and how our purpose is not found in the world’s values, but in realizing that WE are to be the love and healing of God that others need. I asked if some of my readers would join me each day and spend a minute or two seeking to be that love and healing of God that others need. I also wrote about the importance of forgiveness toward anyone you hold a grievance toward, and how any lack of forgiveness is a source of health problems and major negativity overall in one’s life.

When someone talks about one’s “core”, what do you think of? One’s core is commonly associated with physical conditioning. But your real core is not in the physical realm, it is your HIGHER SELF in the spiritual realm, existing simultaneously here in your temporary physical body, which as I described in that last oped, the body being like the light bulb analogy, and your spirit or consciousness being the energy or “electricity” within it that never dies.

Now, while it is a good thing to strengthen your physical core, you could be a marathon runner or triathlete, etc…and you might as well just be a couch potato addicted to fast food every day, without learning how to be in shape with your spiritual core.

Your spiritual core, which is the only part of you that really matters, is desperately trying to get your attention in order to guide you while you are here on this physical plane of existence. It takes effort on your part to “condition” yourself, not unlike someone who works out regularly, in order to get in shape and in tune with your spiritual core. There are things that your higher self requires in order for your life here to be healthy and joyful, with all your dreams coming true.

Guess what the first and most critical requirement is?…Complete FORGIVENESS of all those you feel have wronged you or hurt you in your life. And here’s one that can be even harder than that sometimes…Your higher self requires that you learn to forgive YOURSELF and understand that you and all others are all a part of what is holy and Divine.

You cannot have health and joy in your life, and you prevent healing and miracles from happening for you that should be happening, if you refuse to completely and unconditionally forgive yourself and others. You create a block between your lower self and your core higher self that generally leads to a harmful physical life experience. You need to learn that we are here to learn by making mistakes…mistakes are just that…mistakes. They are not mortal “sins” that will damn you unless you adhere to a specific religious doctrine, etc.

This world’s values constantly distract you, and instead of focusing on being the love and healing of God that others need, you focus on the values this world teaches which are all based in negativity and a lack of real love. The world’s values are always “conditional” and based on a competition in which there is a winner and a loser…

The world’s values are sick, and it is ironic to even call them “values” at all. They are based on dishonesty, hypocrisy, man-made religious bigotry, critical comparisons that put others down, fraud, vengence, selfishness, material obsession, on and on. These things are MAJOR DISTRACTIONS that the majority of people here are wrongly focused on. ESPECIALLY the man-made religious distraction that has taught the upside down fraudulent message that God is somehow completely EXTERIOR to what you are.

This is a man-made lie. Spiritual truth is that you…your CORE, and that of all your fellow humans sharing this planet, are all an eternal part of what God is, never having been separated, never having been lost…only distracted temporarily.

Are you ready to bring healing and miracles not only into your life as they were intended, but also into the lives of others as you were intended to bring to them? Remember above I said that your core…your higher self…requires some things of you? The other thing it requires of you is your committed, stated desire on a daily basis to seek only the plans that it wants for you.

All the problems you have in your life are being created by you at your lower self’s level, because you are making “plans” based on the values of this materially obsessed world, and not seeking guidance and asking for the plans of your higher self based on its WISDOM from BEYOND this world.

You exist primarily and eternally BEYOND this world…everything ultimately is going to be OK, but you can create such unnecessary suffering and misery during this physical experience by not learning this important truth while you are here.
And it’s sad enough when we aren’t bringing healing to our own lives, but it is even sadder when we let others down by not learning to bring the love and healing of God that they need into their lives as we were intended to do for one another. Since we are a part of what God is, salvation comes from us to one another.

Our purpose here is to create heaven on earth, not to preach condemnation for those who don’t believe exactly the same as us, and to just sit back and believe that a “savior” is going to ride down on a fluffy white cloud with an army of soldier angels and destroy everyone who doesn’t share our belief, and fix everything for us. That is, once again, based on the sick and vengeful “values” of this world.

Realize that what you are is a spirit, temporarily in this physical existence, and that your core being is eternally in the non-physical, trying to guide you.

Realize that this world’s values are trying to distract you.

Start on a daily basis letting your higher self know that you want it to show you the plans you should be making and the goals you should be seeking.
And then as you trust in the present for that guidance which will come, get ready to be shown something totally different than what you may expect, and get ready for powerful healing change to begin happening in your life that will bring you indescribable joy as it was always intended.

Remember also that the purpose of this not just being for you only, but to enable you to bring that same indescribable joy and powerful healing into the lives of everyone you interact with. You need to remind yourself every day that this is your reason for being here. Reminding yourself of this every day is what clears the block you have been building for so long, that has prevented you from receiving this physical healing, wisdom and life guidance from your higher self.

This is how we collectively save each other, not by organized religion’s (Christianity, Catholicism, Islam) lies that teach condemnation in the name of God of all those who don’t convert to their specific beliefs. That is not unconditional forgiveness, that is “conditional forgiveness” with the result being eternal vengeance against the perceived violator…that being one of your fellow spiritual brothers and sisters.

It is unconscionable that this lie has fraudulently been perpetuated by the Christian church and Islam for thousands of years. It is way overdue that it be entirely exposed for the fraudulent teaching that it is, so that we can finally get about the true process of unconditional love and saving one another, without any form of condemnation whatsoever. That is true spirituality…and the understanding of this is the only source of healing for mankind, the opposite of which is taught by the “Big Three” organized religions.