ConnieHdshtSmallFile1I don’t normally post much about politics on Facebook, but I made an exception in this case and put it on my timeline. As I write this, I am watching Jeb Bush officially announcing his candidacy for President of the United States, and I can’t believe all the people screaming their blind support for someone who is CLEARLY a glaring example that we no longer have anything EVEN CLOSE to a democratic electoral process in America.

Bush 3.0? REALLY?? (If you are a very young person, don’t forget it was George W. Bush’s dad, “George Senior” first, and then it was George W. who brought us the war in Iraq, and now JEB his kid brother?? This is not democracy, and it is absolutely not the electoral system that our forefathers intended…that system has been hijacked for some time now, and we need to wake up and react the way those brave passengers did on one of the hijacked flights on 9/11.

We can’t stand by, distracted by our i-phones and personal lives, and ignore this. The same is true for those of you screaming your blind support for Hillary Clinton. Are we so blind that we can’t see the PEOPLE are not selecting the candidates for President of the United States, the “candidates” are being selected for us, and it has become so corrupt that those doing the selecting are no longer even trying to make it look like a democratic “people’s” selection. (It was just a rare fluke, and somewhat of a brief revolution of its own, that Barack OBama was able to garner the surprising winning support of the people out of left field to defeat Hillary’s candidacy in 2008.)

If there was any call for us to take to the streets with pitch forks, or at least with our cell phones, this is it. This issue and the issue of the Supreme Court not supporting campaign finance reform to prevent wealthy lobbyists and the 1% elite from “buying” politicians, presidential and congressional races are what we need to be screaming about in a people’s revolutionary movement today, not our support of two PUPPETS from two political insider “institutional” families (The Clinton’s and the Bush’s).

Those embarrassing simpletons jumping up and down in their glee for Hillary and/or Bush right now are, simply put, sorry excuses for American citizens, and that is putting it nicely. They are like weak, empty-headed little “Sesame Street” sheep, distracted and led by the mainstream media hype, clueless about the corrupt dismantling behind the scenes of everything our forefathers intended for this country.

The powers that be who are pulling the strings and financing the “show” to bring you the Clinton and Bush “puppet monarchies” could just as easily be running “Miss Piggy” vs. “Kermit the Frog” instead, and I’m not even sure very many of those brainwashed sheep would finally bolt awake in protest even then.

They would be fooled by Kermit claiming to be a “Green” candidate, and they would be fooled by Miss Piggy “claiming” to be all about “women’s issues”, and they’d be enamored by the idea pumped by the mainstream media of electing the first “female pig” for president (PLEASE, I saw the opportunity for a HUGE shot at Hillary right there, and I exercised some restraint, so give me some credit)… And they’d never think for themselves about how clearly these are puppet candidates being selected not by the people, but by a corrupt elite political machine whose continued success DEPENDS on the American people being “Sesame Street Sheep”.

They are so convinced that is what we all are now, that they are re-running the same family’s members THREE times, that being the Bush family with George Bush Sr. in the 80’s after Reagan, then George W. Bush after Clinton in the 90’s, and now brazenly backing JEB BUSH for 2016! COME ON AMERICA, GOOD GRIEF! What more evidence do we need to rise up and realize we have to take our country back?

If you needed more evidence, you have it with the only real alternative being the SAME THING happening with the Clinton “brand”… After 2 terms of Bill Clinton, now the alternative to the Bush “brand” is another Clinton?? This stinks B.S. to high heaven!

Are we just going to be content to be sheep led around by our cell phone apps, YouTube cat videos and facebook candy crush saga games, putting Hillary and Jeb bumper stickers on our driverless cars? Or are we going to wake up and realize it is time “We the People” took a stand in the streets? We can’t keep hitting the snooze alarm. It is time the giant was awakened.

If you won’t join me in the streets with a pitchfork, or at least a Microsoft “Surface” tablet, then at a minimum will you make a sincere pledge with me that you will NOT vote for either of these “establishment” candidates under any circumstances?

Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a comedian and freelance oped writer in Sacramento, CA. Check out all of her editorials on her blog at