ConnieHdshtSmallFile1The answers you need in life, the happiness you need, the truth you need…they don’t lie in legalizing or using recreational drugs anymore than those answers and truth are found in religious beliefs. The Big Three organized religions(Christianity, Judaism & Islam) and their elitist, fraudulent ideologies are basically just another kind of man-made ‘drug’ or ‘escape mechanism’ for the masses that teach condemnation for non-believers as does both Christianity and Islam.

As I recently wrote, what you are is not your ‘body’…The entire essence of what you are is ‘thought’. Nothing exists, not your body, not your Facebook page, not the entire perceived world around you…none of it exists except for by your thought. And the most important thing to remember about that truth is that your thoughts CREATE!

If you embrace a belief that you can withhold forgiveness from anyone, you are withholding forgiveness for yourself. If you embrace the Christian teaching that only those who believe like you are ‘Children of God’, and only they are forgiven, and those of other faiths are condemned…if you embrace that thought, you are condemning yourself and PREVENTING healing for yourself, creating and attracting a seriously unhealthy path for your life.

We are a part of the mind of “Creation” or what we like to refer to as “God”…we are all brothers and sisters, and we are an eternal part of the thought/mind of creation. That is the definition of “spirit”, in case you have ever wondered how to define “spirit”. Spirit is the non-physical aspect of what life truly is, not this temporary physical incarnation we are experiencing.

Spirit is what we are at our essence, and it is the eternal energy of creative thought. It does not condemn, and those who try to use their creative thought to help further beliefs that DO condemn will only create a lack of healing and a lack of happiness in their experience UNTIL they learn that this is unproductive and unholy.

When you forgive others, you forgive yourself…Who are you currently refusing to forgive? When you believe others are unholy and damned in the eyes of God, you condemn and damn yourself…Who are you currently believing is condemned and damned by “God”?

When you give healing to others, you heal yourself…Who are you not seeking to give healing to? As a part of the ‘thought of God’, our purpose here is to be the love and healing of God that others need. When you approach each day, do you go out into the world seeking to give healing and love to others the same way you would want them to give healing and love to you? That is what the Golden Rule teaches, of course. And the Golden Rule was around thousands of years before the Big Three religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

As long as you refuse to see others as a spiritual part of yourself, regardless of their diverse thoughts, you create a lack of healing and happiness in your life. It is as though you spend your whole life trying to paddle UP a heavy stream of rapids. The beliefs that lead you to live your life that way are unholy, man-made beliefs crafted by unholy institutions motivated by greed, power and ignorance, not unconditional love and forgiveness.

Even the holiday of Christmas is a huge lie. In the coming months I will be writing more specifically of the fraud of Christianity and the Catholic Church, whose early founders were the fraudulent writers and organizers of the Bible, and more specifically the New Testament.

It is becoming widely known now, factually researched and documented by many leading Bible scholars, that most if not ALL of the major “miracles” and precepts of Christian teaching, such as the concept of the “God-man savior” that must “die for the world’s sins”, the “virgin birth”, the “Eucharist” ritual of believing that the wine is the actual “blood of Christ” and must be consumed, the “crucifixion” and the “bloodletting sacrifice” required by God for atonement, and the “three days before resurrection of Christ from the dead” just to name a few…ALL of these were CO-OPTED MYTHS and holy precepts already held sacred and widely taught by many other faiths/beliefs LONG BEFORE…that is to say thousands of years PRIOR to Christianity!

Did you know that the Pope and the early Catholic Church, the founders of the Christianity, banned the reading of the Bible by their parishioners for hundreds of years at the onset of this new religion they created…requiring that the only reading of ‘scripture’ from the Bible had to come from the Priests only? This is because they knew they couldn’t succeed at the early stages if people were allowed to read what it said for themselves, so instead they were only given bits and pieces that the church leaders approved for mass consumption.

The major foundational and cornerstone beliefs were simply ‘recycled’ and COPIED by the founders of Christianity, partly because they were deeply rooted in mankind’s collective mind. They are all fraudulently taken from the Egyptian and Greek ‘Mystery Religions’ and used for their popularity to create the new religion of Christianity at the time.

Generally avoided, although not always avoided by the media because of its unpopularity with advertisers to criticize religion, it was admittedly known even by the Catholic Church(their excuse when they admitted this is that ‘the Devil knew what was going to happen, so the Devil actually copied it first, BEFORE it eventually happened later…You can’t write this kind of comedy)

You can read all about this, along with the Catholic Church’s acknowledgment/admission, if you do a little research online about the fraudulent origins of the Bible. To list just a few of the very good books on the topic, they include Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of the Myth”, followed by “The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S., and I highly recommend reading “The Jesus Mysteries” by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.

In the months to come, I will write about this in more detail. But for now, just to touch on Christmas, Jesus’ birthday was known to have not been ANYWHERE NEAR December on the calendar.

But the early founders of Christianity, along with the political rulers working together with them at the time, decided that in order to better recruit ‘non-believers’ to their new religion (simply an effort to control the masses) they would CO-OPT the current pagan celebrations, such as the “Festival of Lights” and “Winter Solstice” celebrations, which celebrated the triumph of Good over Evil at that time of year. They decided they would accomplish this by fraudulently replacing them with a decree that this was Jesus’ birthday. How can a religion be respected when the biggest holiday it is known for, the birth of it’s “savior”, is proven to be a fraud?

If you want to heal, and be a healer…and if you seek spiritual truth and not “blind social conformity”…you don’t embrace such a sick ‘security blanket’ as this that teaches condemnation in the name of God for non-believers… All the while its founding institution for hundreds if not a thousand years or more, looked the other way while countless numbers of its children were being molested by its PRIESTS! How much more proof do people need to wake up and realize this is not a holy institution?

And when you realize this, it is no longer such a shock, the degree to which it was a ‘ripped off’, copied religion from much older myths to begin with.

In order to be ambassadors of spiritual truth…in order to be healers, and to be the love and healing of “God” that our spiritual brothers and sisters need, we cannot just be blind conformists to ‘thoughts’ that teach such unholy concepts. “OH, but this is what my family believes…We are CHRISTIANS and we are DALLAS COWBOY FANS, ain’t nothin’ gonna change that!”

OK, but ain’t nothin’ gonna change that you and your family embrace a legacy of lies and fraud in the name of God…(C’mon, do you really think the Dallas Cowboys have a prayer? Just a joke…but sports IS much like an irrational religion to a lot of people ironically) And those are the kind of ‘thoughts’ that create negativity and major problems and unhealthiness in your life.

We cannot align ourselves with teachings masquerading as “God’s Word” that withhold forgiveness or condemn anyone based on a condition of ‘faith’. When we do that, we only condemn ourselves in the process, and create a block in the way of healing for ourselves in our lives.

But we find and create the healing and forgiveness we need in this scary world when we seek to GIVE IT UNCONDITIONALLY to others on a daily basis with no thought of withholding it from anyone for any reason.

Healing and forgiveness comes to you when you GIVE it to others, respecting all others as an equal part of what “God” is along with you, and when you learn that spiritual truth has no fellowship with any form of damnation or condemnation in the name of “God”.

Connie Bryan
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