RalphPetersPicLast week, Fox News commentator Ralph Peters, a retired Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army, showed extreme lack of character by calling the President of the United States a ‘total pussy’ on national television. I am not going to get bogged down describing and listing all the many things President OBama has done that clearly reflect his effectiveness and strength of character in dealing with fighting terrorism, etc. It is sufficient to say, like him or not, there are many such examples.

He has been very tough in fighting radical terrorists across the globe, increasing the use of military drone strikes 600% more than even his predecessor George W. Bush. (Not to mention his daring approval of the Navy Seal mission to take out Osama Bin Laden…Pundits on both sides of the partisan isle have gone on record to admit this was a very gutsy call)

But people who hate President OBama use such inaccurate and inappropriate terms to express their irrational partisan hate. They wouldn’t listen to reason no matter how many such examples I list here of the strength shown frequently by President OBama during his tenure as President of our nation. And besides, that isn’t the purpose of this oped.

My purpose is to specifically address the growing inappropriate and ignorant use of the word “pussy”, and what it reflects about the user of the term. Despite Mr. Peters being retired from the Army, any man who uses such a term, which is meant to say ‘you are weak like a woman’, is always revealing more about their own “compensating” and weak character than anyone else.

It is overwhelmingly a term that men use to harass other men they perceive or want to characterize as ‘weak’ or ‘soft’, and the purpose of using the term is absolutely meant to embarrass them by comparing them to a woman. After all, what man in his right mind wants to be compared to a woman? What man in his right mind would ever think that women can be feminine and strong at the same time?

This mentality, like many things in our culture that I write about that need to change, is deeply rooted in the sick, man-made, bigoted and false teachings found all over the scriptures of both the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) and the Koran.

One of the most disturbing things about those who continue to proudly remain members of the Catholic church, despite its unending shameful history, including its most recent cover-up of child molestation by countless numbers of its priests, is the willingness of WOMEN to support the church’s fundamental doctrine of oppression and demeaning of the female sex in the name of God.

As we know, the Catholic church has always taught that women were not equal with men in the eyes of God, and absolutely forbidden as such to be priests in the church. They have always been told that this was God’s will, and that they could only serve in a lesser capacity. This is a very sick and bigoted teaching created and sustained by men in the name of God. The craziest thing are all of you women who conform to this bigotry and help to sustain it by going along with it.

While the P-word certainly is not limited to being used by men, it IS used by men the vast majority of the time. There are occasional uses of the term by the occasional female who thinks it’s ‘cute’ to call another girl a ‘pussy’, but by and large the term is MUCH more commonly used by men as the ultimate put down of another man.

Here is what is very interesting though, and this might be the most important thing I can write about this topic…

As soon as a man becomes a father of a little girl, and experiences both the beauty AND strength that he sees in her every day as she grows…As soon as he has to face every day the cultural and religious-based trend in the world to demean women and treat them less than equal with men, that man virtually ALWAYS hits the ‘delete’ key and permanently dumps the P-word from his vocabulary.

WHY? Because he quickly realizes that just because one has a vagina (pussy) does not mean they are weak or ineffective. He teaches his daughter(s) to be both ‘all girl’ and ‘all strong’ in all things. When he hears the ignorant use of the P-word by someone used to attack another man, he immediately feels the pain that his daughter would feel if she were to be present and hear it.

He immediately recognizes that the individual using the term was trying to say the recipient of the descriptive was ‘ineffective and effeminate like a girl’. As the father of a young girl, he immediately recognizes this is a false, prejudicial analogy at women’s expense, BECAUSE he raised a daughter and experienced this bigoted tendency of men toward women even now in our modern society.

Ironically, virtually all of the violence contributing to all the major problems we see in the world, everything from domestic violence, to gang violence and the vast majority of all violent crime in general, to school and work place mass shootings, to radical terrorism, etc. etc…it all is rooted predominately in TESTOSTERONE.

If you can’t plainly see that on your own, just look up the statistics on violence and gender, and they overwhelmingly bear this truth out, that it is MEN and the constant violent contributor of testosterone that is at the root cause of the overwhelming amount of violence in our society.

This has been the case over the same time frame as Judaism, Islam and Christianity have been the false models of ‘things spiritual’. This false, patriarchal, man-made bigotry in the name of “God” also went out of its way to describe God as of course having to be MALE, when it is pretty obvious to even a child that any accurate concept of “God” would need to be inclusive of BOTH genders. And in describing God as only MALE, the men who fraudulently created this religious lie had the demeaning of women as second class citizens at the top of their priority list, as they ‘created’ a patriarchal God in THEIR image, rather than the other way around (mankind created in God’s image).

Over and over and over, they portrayed God in the Bible and the Koran as ORDAINING and commanding them to commit horrid acts of genocide against ‘unbelievers’ whose countries they conquered (read Joshua Chapter 6 for one of hundreds of examples in just the Bible alone). They characterized God as telling them to kill every man, woman and child of countries they conquered who were ‘infidels’, and this was not just in the Koran, but all over the Bible as well.

That history in the Bible and the Koran is the history of male-oriented violence that continues to be rampant in our modern society. Keep in mind this important point also…JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS VIOLENT OR PRONE TO FIGHT DOESN’T MAKE THEM STRONG!

There is a time when one has to fight, but reasoning and mutual respect combined with wise diplomacy is where the REAL STRENGTH is found. This is the strength of wisdom that knows there was a huge failure somewhere, if we get to the point as an unavoidable last resort, that we have to start physically HARMING one another.

And like I have written in many of my opeds prior, the biggest failure contributing to our frequent harming of one another is the man-made fraudulent teachings of the Big Three organized religions that have not by their nature embraced diversity of humanity, but on the contrary have caused only war and division, and have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with God or true spirituality.

Next time you hear a man call another man a “pussy”, stand up for the beautiful healing strength of women and shut him down. I had this exact experience in a police academy class I was in not long ago. My background is law enforcement, and I was going through a refresher course here in Sacramento.

The instructor showed very weak character in the class when he responded to a recruit’s point of view on a certain topic by saying, “C’mon, don’t be a PUSSY”. He absolutely wanted to compare the possible point of view of the recruit as being ‘weak and effeminate like a female’.

Being the only person in the room with prior experience as a police officer, I raised my hand to address the inappropriate use of such a term in an academy class. I politely explained to the instructor, for the entire class to hear, that to compare weakness and ineffectiveness to someone who has a vagina, i.e.someone who has a “pussy”, is grossly wrong, inaccurate and inappropriate.

Just to add a little more context, after this instructor made that inappropriate slur, he amazingly continued more of the same. Later in the class in discussing race in relationship to criminal justice issues, he made the assertion that in his opinion”there were Blacks, and then there were Niggers”, meaning he would stipulate that not all Blacks were Niggers. How noble.

Yes, uncomfortable as it was, up went my hand from the back of the class once again! And once again I found myself alone, correcting this ass of an instructor in front of what I’m sure was a stunned class of recruits. The majority of the recruits were young males, at least one of which I would later learn tried to go behind my back to others at my expense and on behalf of the instructor, and sought to characterize me as ‘disruptive’ for having taken the brief effort to correct the instructor’s slurs. I did have ONE female recruit come over to me on a break to personally say thank you for what I had said in response to the use of the P-word by the instructor.

If the above wasn’t enough, this male instructor thought it would be cute to end his academy course with the use of a comedy video of Chris Rock telling other black men how ‘not to get their ass kicked by the police’. The repetitive content of this video is Chris Rock characterizing all black men as being the entire CAUSE of their getting abused by the police. I am not exaggerating. You can google it and watch it for yourself.

It seeks to get all of its ‘comedic’ nature from trying to say that black people who don’t just say ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’ are the CAUSE of the abuse they receive, and it shows the police officers beating them “Rodney King style”, as though they deserved it and brought it on themselves. This was played at the end of this instructor’s course in a Sacramento police academy class, to huge laughs by most of the recruits.

I’m sure you are wondering if I reported this…Yes, I did make a formal complaint to California Police Officers Standards and Training, the oversight agency for all police academy training, letting them know about the specific unprofessional and bigoted content/comments made by the academy instructor. After a couple of my attempts to follow up later regarding the outcome, to my knowledge little to nothing was ever done about it.

Back to my main point…Women are not weak because they have a vagina and ovaries, anymore than men are strong because they have a penis and testicles. For that matter, ovaries ARE what testicles are, just not descended. So when men think they are joking to say, “WOW, that girl has BALLS!”, they don’t realize that it isn’t a joke at all…Your ‘balls’ as a man are not unique at all compared to women…we have them too, and they are called ovaries. A man’s ‘testicles’ are nothing but ovaries that descended.

Ironically, what our society and this angry violent world needs is more women in positions of government and leadership. We need less volatile and aggressive testosterone, and MUCH MORE calm, reasoning, nurturing, mutually respectful, diplomatic but strong estrogen in world leadership. The next time you hear a man call someone a “pussy”, ask him what’s wrong with having a pussy?

Ask him if he ever experienced going through childbirth, and the strength that would require… Ask him if he has any daughters…most likely the answer will be no. See what he drives, and chances are it is a giant SUV or 4X4, because those men who feel the need to demean women by using such a term are only compensating for something they want to hide from everyone else that is very weak and ineffectual about themselves.

Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a writer and comedian in Sacramento, CA. Check out all of Connie’s material on her blog at www.conniebryan.com)