ConnieHdshtSmallFile1There is no more important question you should be asking…Nothing else has real value in this experience we call life than this topic, and nothing else is more important for you to pursue and understand. So, if you are even just MILDLY interested in this question, you are on the right track to healing…strive to remain on that track.

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t choose to take this topic seriously in their life, preferring to preoccupy themselves with valuing worldly material gain interests and popular organized religious ritual…They are consumed with shallow, pretentious conformity to pop culture, and in that blind conformity, they ironically choose to take other fraudulent, man-made religious topics seriously instead, that are on par with believing the Easter Bunny is real.

They won’t admit this to themselves, but they mainly do this because they see that it is popular…because of social and family conditioning, etc. That is more important to them than the real healing power of seeking real spiritual truth. But thinking with a mindset that values conformity and thinking in the ‘POPULAR’ direction rarely if ever equates to thinking in the ‘RIGHT’ or ‘HEALTHY’ direction.

Still at least MILDLY interested? Good for you! Read on…

Healing, love, peace and real abiding happiness come from a mind that ‘thinks in the right direction’, as I have written about in a recent post. ‘Thinking in the right direction’ means a mind that has learned THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION…ALL life is equally forgiven WITHOUT CONDITION.

The Bible, the Koran and organized religion are all about ‘conditions’ for “God’s love and forgiveness”. Make no mistake, your thoughts create! A mind that thinks with such a belief is perpetually creating an UNHEALED, divisive world that lacks the healing, love, peace and real abiding happiness they were not only meant to have for themselves, but that they were meant to daily bring to others!

‘Enlightenment’. You hear mystic new age types tossing that word around, and the more they use the word without powerfully and practically defining its truth, the more the term understandably causes people to roll their eyes. For the New Year 2016, I would like to help my readers better understand the powerful spiritual truth of enlightenment, because this is the ONLY thing that has real value for you in this unhealthy world obsessed with physical material gain.

Enlightenment is simply a fancy word for ‘waking up spiritually’…It means awakening to the knowledge and wisdom that your real identity is nothing whatsoever to do with  a ‘body’, but that what you are right now, even though you are experiencing a physical universe, is ‘spirit’.

You are an eternal mind or consciousness, currently inhabiting a temporary shell of a body, and that spirit that you are is a PART of what we call “God”, NOT SEPARATE from it as religion and the church’s fraudulent fear-based teachings would have you believe. Again, your thoughts create…And when you continually choose to think in the ‘wrong direction’, you will continually be creating a lack of healing, peace and happiness, and an unhealthy path overall in your life. The reason for that is because it is consistently out of alignment and ‘against the grain’ of Highest Wisdom for you.

All organized religion has effectively kept humanity ‘asleep’. But every year millions and millions of us are finally waking up from that man-made ignorant dream which has only caused division, fear and violence over the many centuries we have been asleep as a human race.

The word ‘enlightenment’ is very similar to the word ‘salvation’, the buzz word that organized religion and Christianity love to toss around. And knowing the elitist “we’re right and all others are damned to hell” context they use it in, talk about the need to roll your eyes! It is just that very false, fraudulent conditioning that they begin brainwashing CHILDREN with (like tobacco companies try to get customers started as children) that keeps people ‘asleep’ and resistant to true spiritual understanding for much if not all of their lives.

I said it is very similar to the word ‘salvation’…This is because enlightenment makes you aware that you could never NOT be “saved”. You awaken to the awareness that no one is ever condemned…You awaken to the wisdom that such a belief is a belief from the world’s man-made bigoted ignorance, and that seeks to create division and elitism, totally depending on its fundamental divisive scriptural teaching of viewing others as ‘evil’ or ‘damned’ (Matthew 10:33,34 for one of many such examples) for their differing diversity of thought.

This is nothing but religious bigotry, just like racist or sexist bigotry…and ironically the Bible and Koran are replete with racist and sexist bigotry as well (designating “God’s Chosen Race” and constantly designating women as unequal with men in God’s eyes, etc). People have to awaken to the choice NOT to continue to perpetuate that learned ignorance from church and family popular conditioning.

With enlightenment, you are awakened to the truth that Christianity and Islam work overtime to KEEP you from learning…That forgiveness has NO CONDITIONS for it to belong to you. The only distinction between the two words is, the salvation of enlightenment is not dependent or CONDITIONAL on your having to believe ONE WAY or be damned to an eternity in Hell for your diversity.

You are here for a purpose that many have yet to learn. You are in this place and time we are jointly creating with “God” right now, to be the love and healing of God that others need. Not “God” in the Christians’ or the Muslims’ definition, which is a God that will condemn you if you don’t believe ONE WAY, etc.

You are here in this creation we have made called “Earth”, in this physical universe right now, to become “ENLIGHTENED” to the fact that we are ALL a part of what “God” is…Put another way, DIVINITY equals HOLY DIVERSITY.

You are here to become aware of the fact that ALL LIFE is HOLY! And with that enlightenment or understanding, it is extraordinarily HUMBLING. Because now you realize YOU have the responsibility, not some EXTERIOR imagined being or entity in the sky, but it is YOU who have the responsibility…the commission to be a minister as a part of what God is, to be the HANDS of God…

Once again, your only purpose is to seek to be the love and healing that others need…and to do so UNCONDITIONALLY, without any Bible or Koran “conditions” for the salvation of others. When you awaken, or become ‘enlightened’ to that truth and that purpose, you will be astounded at the healing, peace, joy and indescribable happiness that will begin to flood into your life like never before.

And there is a good reason for that…It is because waking up to your being a part of what Creation is, you are finally swimming WITH the current of Creation’s will (“Gods” will), not AGAINST it anymore. Anytime you are embracing a doctrine of belief that thinks you are somehow ‘saved’ and forgiven as a ‘child of God’ and you believe there are others who are not saved, and are somehow not equally children of God along with you, and are somehow deserving of condemnation as a result, you are creating nothing but a LACK of healing power in your life that causes nothing but fear and unhappiness overall.

Eventually everyone will find enlightenment, even if it is only after they pass from this earthly plane. But think about all those you could have helped, and all the happiness and healing you should have been a part of creating while you were here! I don’t want to finally wake up after I leave this place, and have that feeling.

I want to be about the healing, peace making, happiness and loving acceptance of my diverse and Divine brothers and sisters NOW…Not about fear mongering that is created by the religious dogma of both Islam and Christianity. That is the cornerstone teaching in both the Koran and the Bible. If you are not aware of that, no wonder you are spiritually ‘asleep’…You need to go and actually READ the many, many condemning, damning, “We are the Chosen Ones” scriptures all throughout the book you claim to believe in.

That is what the word enlightenment means. We need to collectively be rolling our eyes where it is deserved…at all those who continue to embrace such a harmful religious doctrine that THEY are the ONLY saved children of God/Allah. This is the next movement we need world wide in order to solve the hate and violence we’ve seen over 2 thousand years in the name of God or Allah.

In case you weren’t aware, EACH of the Big Three religions have engaged in such genocide and violent terror in the name of God equally, but at different times in history. Regardless of who is currently the most violent, the similar “Godly ordained” elitism, hate and divisive teachings at the root of it is always present within each of those false man-made religions. THAT IS HOW YOU CAN KNOW THEY ARE FALSE.

Whether it be among organized religion and their fear-based model of ‘salvation’, or the commonly referred to “Eastern Philosophies” of enlightenment, there are NO GURUS or ‘specially enlightened’ priests that you need to follow their teachings or depend on for ‘absolution’, etc.

That is all a fraudulent scheme by men to take advantage of your fears. Anyone who calls themselves a guru and such, they may have learned how to act and say the ‘right words’, but EGO is the proof that they are complete frauds. Also, follow the money. Organized religion works so hard with what I have described, in order to profit from your fears that you will be damned by God if you don’t ascribe to their elitist beliefs, rituals, required ‘tithing’, etc.

Time to wake up and join me for the New Year in an enlightened movement to heal our brothers and sisters in the name of unconditional love, free from ANY religious dogma. Enlightenment is the ONLY New Years resolution worth your time. (OK, a resolution to quit smoking or stop eating at McDonald’s is maybe a close second)

Let me repeat that: Waking up and fulfilling your purpose to be the love and healing hands of God, free from any religious dogma or ‘conditions’, is the only thing worth your time. It will create the miracles you need, beginning with showing you where and what you need to be doing with your life, not only for your greatest happiness and healing wherever you need it, but also for the greatest happiness and healing that you will then begin bringing to others wherever they need it. They deserve the same miracles, healing, love and forgiveness as you, regardless of any perceived difference in beliefs or ‘faith’. This is because they are an equal part of what God is, along with you. When you finally begin waking up to that, healing and happiness will begin flooding into your life.

And that, my friends, is the REAL MEANING of the Christmas holiday season that was around a LONG TIME before the Roman Catholic church co-opted the celebration, and hijacked it in the name of Christianity’s ‘one way or be damned’ teaching.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…With a little less FEAR MONGERING and a lot more universal love, healing and CHEER MONGERING!!

Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a freelance writer in Sacramento. Check out all of her material on her blog