ConnieHdshtSmallFile1I happened upon a CNN interview today with U.S. women’s soccer champion Abby Wambach. While it was fantastic to hear her passionate championing of gender equality across the board, I was more than disappointed to hear how clueless she apparently was regarding her knee jerk support for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

We can be passionate about women’s equality and long for a female Commander-in-Chief without being “value-blind” in the process, ignoring the 800 pound gorilla of corruption that daily accompanies Hillary everywhere she goes like some kind of “comfort pet” or animated bladder control pharmaceutical commercial.

When the interviewing reporter asked the appropriate question of why she supported Hillary instead of someone like Bernie Sanders, with his specific track record of supporting women’s equality in sports, Wambach’s response was, “Well I’m a Democrat”, and that Hillary “clearly represents my VALUE SYSTEM.” REALLY??

I so wished at that point in the interview that the CNN reporter could have asked her some kind of followup question like, “So Abby, I’m a little confused…Are you saying your values, or at least those of Democrats are unethical, dishonest and corrupt?”

Because honestly, the term “value system” and the name “Hillary Clinton” are at least opposite ends of a SOLAR SYSTEM apart! No matter how many times Abby may have been hit in the head with a soccer ball, there’s no excuse for not recognizing that fact. (Hopefully some friend of a friend will share this with Abby to help bring her up to speed.)

Hillary Clinton is currently embroiled in the middle of a huge and expanding FBI public corruption investigation into her “erased emails” and “private server” she insisted on using, along with related alleged misconduct and corruption of power while Secretary of State.

While strangely not being discussed much in the mainstream media, this expanding FBI investigation threatens to derail her presidential candidacy at a minimum, and could result in major criminal charges. This investigation has been expanded to look into possible bribes from foreign nations and corporations that ‘cozied up’ to the Clintons, allegedly seeking to influence favorable U.S. foreign policy decisions and lucrative government contract consideration, using very large so called “donations” accepted by Hillary while serving as Secretary of State, under the guise of her “Clinton Foundation”.

To learn more (but don’t forget to come back), check out this article reporting on these facts by Sarah Westwood of the Washington examiner, in which she quotes a former U.S. Attorney who stated that Clinton’s case has been expanded to the point that it is now being investigated by no less than 150 FBI agents!…/…/2580136

But way before her effort to ‘hide and delete’ her public office emails erupted into yet another scandal (I’ve lost count now) exposing those alleged things, there was the dishonesty and corruption (not to mention unexplained reckless professional negligence) on Clinton’s part with respect to the attacks on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

Many of you may not have heard the groundbreaking news that was discovered from some of Clinton’s emails in recent past, showing that ON THE NIGHT of the Benghazi attacks, she specifically emailed her daughter Chelsea. In that email it has been found that she specifically told Chelsea that the attack on the embassy was committed by an “Al Qaeda – like group”, i.e. a terrorist group.

As you should know, contrary to that email to her daughter, Ms. Clinton was part of the White House’s sustained and concerted effort to tell the American people a different version of what happened. We were told that the violent embassy attack in Benghazi, resulting in the death of Christopher Stevens our Ambassador to Libya, along with three others, was simply a result of a “spontaneous protest” caused by regional anger due to an “offensive video” posted on the internet.

If you will recall, Secretary of State spokesperson Susan Rice went on all the talk shows the following week and repeated this false narrative over and over…the complete opposite of what Ms. Clinton reported to her daughter in the email. Rice went out of her way to characterize the violence as absolutely not carried out by any terrorist group. For more detail check out this link (But don’t forget to come back)…/hillary-told-daughter-chelsea-tha…/

Question: How could you be the Secretary of State, in charge of all the embassies and all the ambassadors, with their safety and security being one of the things that would presumably keep you up at night as much as any other reason… and with that authority and responsibility, how could you decide it is even REMOTELY acceptable to place your ambassador and State Department personnel in harms way in the middle of such a volatile civil war war zone as Libya was known to be at the time (and still is for that matter)?

It was later reported that we had something like 10 times more embassy security at our embassy in BRITAIN than we did at Benghazi, and we’ve since learned there was only a handful of private security officers protecting Ambassador Stevens there in that WILD WEST war zone. (For crying out loud, even “Honey Boo Boo” or any of the “Duck Dynasty” cast could have known better!)

Some have strongly speculated that there was some connection with CIA activity, and in fact there was a CIA annex near the Benghazi embassy. But oddly there were more security members there than there were protecting the Ambassador at the actual embassy! If you are Secretary of State and make the ludicrous decision to place an ambassador in such harms way, how do you not make sure they have 10 times the amount of security we have at our British embassy, and not the other way around? And if that wasn’t bad enough, when the Ambassador announced they were under attack, word came down the chain of command that told all potential rescue teams to STAND DOWN, at least initially, and that order lasted for some time.

Clinton “sympathizers” want to try to say that you can’t hold her accountable for that order…that someone else must be responsible for that. WHAT?? OF COURSE we can hold her accountable! You would have to have her approval to make such a stand down order when it involved an emergency need to protect one of her ambassadors coming under attack.

Once again, how are you the Secretary of State, and you aren’t the one who is responsible for such a significant delay in the regional rescue unit deployment from the closest American military base?? Ultimately, as you may know, a few private, highly trained, former military security personnel finally went AGAINST that initial “stand down” order and went to the aid of the embassy staff, arguably way too late. Cutting to the bottom line, there’s no way you are Secretary of State, and you don’t have any connection to such a delayed, initial lack of rescue response as was the case when those attacks initially occurred.

There is NO EXCUSE for such a level of professional negligence, and I guess because of how stupid one would have to be to be guilty of such negligence, I have a hard time thinking that it was entirely just negligence. Hillary may be many things, but stupid she is not.

It would seem there was some level of effort involved to allow the events to unfold as they did with the long delay in sending the regional rescue unit from a nearby base. Again what really annoys me is how much of a “lapdog” the mainstream media is in not digging deep, holding Clinton more accountable, and exposing more of the truth behind the events of Benghazi. But we seldom get real objective “news” anymore. We get info-tainment masquerading as “news” by partisan funded cable channels.

The Clinton’s have been described by many a political pundit as having major clouds of ethical concerns around them at ALL times, frequently operating at the very least in major gray areas. And when they more than occasionally come under scrutiny for it, they are extraordinarily adept at finding creative legal language to try to spin or characterize the corruption other than what it was. They used to get away with it more…But not as much anymore, as more of us are getting hip to their unethical games.

So I ask you, is this what we want in our Commander-in-Chief?  And I say this as a DEMOCRAT myself… As we continue to make great progress for gender equality in America going forward in 2016, Hillary Clinton does NOT deserve to be seen as what many have tried to call “inevitable” or “finally deserving” of her chance to be elected President. She has NOT EARNED it, and the reason she has not earned it is because at a minimum, if you are being honest yourself, and if you have been paying any attention at all…her actions have consistently NOT EARNED OUR TRUST.

On the contrary, as we seek gender equality in our country, it is critical that ethics and character values must be FRONT AND CENTER in that effort. As such, the huge and ever growing corruption concerns, scandals, negligence and major unethical track pattern that accompany Hillary everywhere she goes like the 800 pound gorilla I described above, is the very thing that should wake us up to the fact that as strong, patriotic women of America, we absolutely do not want her representing our cause and our gender in the highest office of the land. And that is because at a minimum, from her repeated historic track pattern, she clearly DOES NOT represent women’s ethical values, nor our Democratic party’s ethical values.

That said, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see ethical and honest Bernie Sanders passing her up and making incredibly strong strides in some of the recent polls recently, as we get closer to the Democratic primaries. If you are like me and you crave a proven, trustworthy ‘anti-establishment’ candidate, you don’t need to look any further than Bernie Sanders.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at