BiblePicPeople love to post on social media about their “faith”, and in the U.S. this is typically coming from the “Christian” dogma that I cut my teeth on. The uncomfortable truth is that such a faith based on “exclusivity” and “we are the ONLY true faith” is what is at the root of what has been standing in the way of world peace for EONs with humanity. It is the exact replica of the the problem with Islam, and to some extent (though more pronounced in the past than in the present) with Judaism.

Just like we had to challenge a similarly rooted cultural and psychological “thought disease” in the 50’s and 60’s with respect to the Civil Rights movement in exposing the bigotry of racism polluting our nation and the world, we CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER to do the same in exposing the even more widespread and damaging “thought/belief disease” of the Big Three religions.

Exposing racist bigotry was never a popular topic, and as such it resulted in a lot of violence and assassinations of those who brought that message to bear on an ignorant, elitist nation…Exposing the bigotry rampant in each religion that maintains THEY have the only “TRUE GOD” will be even more unpopular.

NukeMushCloudBut it is just this psychological practice of adopting such an elitist security blanket of “FAITH” that is the biggest risk factor we face in leading to nuclear war, which experts admit is a serious threat today. One recent expert, a former Clinton administration cabinet member, stated in an interview with Charlie Rose last week that in his opinion, it is more of a threat today than it was during the Cold War with Russia.

One of the primary reasons we face a nuclear threat today more than ever is partially due to the growing “self fulfilling prophecy” concern…meaning large numbers of both Christians and Muslims who strongly believe in such “Armageddon” required prior to their “Savior” coming down on a horse in the sky to “solve everything” and punish all those who didn’t believe their “faith”.

And to be clear, I’m not saying the U.S. will likely be the one to use nuclear weapons first in the near future (though we are the only nation to have ever used not just one, but TWO in the second world war…but I am pointing out the undeniable reality that we contribute vastly to the problem with our huge nuclear inventory, arrogant imperialism, frequent meddling and our common, manipulating foreign policy actions that increasingly foment divisiveness in the Middle East and other hostile regions. And ‘faith’ is unavoidably central in the mix creating that hostility on ALL SIDES (“Christian and Jew” vs. “Islam”).

True spirituality and true understanding of “God” goes beyond these divisive,
man-made religious ‘faiths’ that only set us apart and at odds from one another.

And this is really important to understand: Just because a topic is not “politically correct” or because it may “offend” many people DOESN’T mean we need to avoid it. On the contrary, it absolutely means we need to confront it with courage! We weren’t confronting racist bigotry in the Civil Rights movement just to be adversarial and contrarian with others…We weren’t exposing that because we just wanted to be “offensive”.

No, good people were living an unpopular example, speaking out loudly and frequently to expose unconscionable ignorance that was standing in the way of equality and liberty for all…This was only accomplished by people who understood that we are ALL spiritual brothers and sisters, no matter our diversity, and that no one is above anyone else or ‘preferred’ by God more than anyone else.

And don’t forget that some of the biggest resistance and strongest hate encountered during the Civil Rights movement was from many southern Christians who used many Bible verses to point out that the Bible portrays God ordaining slavery and supporting the belief that races can be “superior” to other races, etc.

Hellpic“Faith” that has even an ounce of elitism and damning of others is “spiritual FRAUD”.

Faith is not automatically a beautiful thing, just as “belief” is not automatically a beautiful thing.

I have personally witnessed and experienced this truth first hand, growing up around the truth about Christian beliefs, and witnessing first hand how condemning, elitist and bigoted toward others I was taught to be, using the majority of scriptures in the King James Bible.

Evangelicalpic2Obviously, the problem I am describing is not limited to Christianity. It is astounding to me how many people recognize what I am writing about when applied to the model of Islam’s “faith”, and the dangers associated with such a fraudulent, elitist belief that teaches “we have the only true God”, but then those same people turn a blind eye to the very same bigotry taught all throughout their ‘faith’ in both the Old and New Testaments.

To be fair, this same “we are God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE” belief is at the fundamental core of the teachings of Judaism, even though a lot of non-orthodox, “progressive” Jews will often deny this. It doesn’t change the fact that those beliefs are fundamental cornerstones of the Jewish teachings found in the Torah(first 5 books of Bible), and most if not all of the Old Testament.

EvangelicalWarpicMake no mistake, it is this “false faith” psychology that has to be confronted and overcome for humanity to ever find the peace we were meant to find in the name of God. When you invoke the name of “God”, what you need to understand is, you are invoking YOUR NAME…But not only your name, you are invoking all your diverse brothers’ and sisters’ names…all who live now and who ever lived, and who ever will live after you…

ALL of us, ALL of our diversity here…We are all diverse ASPECTS of the Divine, and as such we are all co-creating and co-experiencing this physical world. Part of our purpose here is to learn to love UNCONDITIONALLY…and at a minimum, learning that lesson means learning NOT to have an ‘elitist’ faith or belief, and to learn to see all things as a Holy part of ‘Creation’.

When we RESIST learning this, it only leads to harm and bad things, not just for society and the world as a whole with violence and endless wars, but also for each of us individually. The healing, guidance and miracles you need in your life only fully begin to manifest when you open up to the spiritual truth I’m sharing here.

PopePicAll that the Big Three religions do is create man-made DIVISION, fraudulently using the name of God to divide us off from each other. If you call yourself a Christian and you claim not to believe that you are part of the ‘only true faith’, and you claim your religion does not condemn, then you are lying to yourself and others, OR you haven’t read more than maybe the generally soothing and poetic book of Psalms in your Bible, if you have even read that book.

And I would easily find evidence even in the book of Psalms, of scriptures that teach that ‘non-believers’ are condemned, because that is such a bedrock teaching of Judaism and Christianity in every book of the Bible, Old and New Testament.

But so many turn a blind eye to this truth because what is more important to them is the psychological comfort zone of conforming to family beliefs, regardless of how condemning or elitist and bigoted those beliefs are to others outside their ‘faith’, and to protect their fragile psychological ‘house of cards’ they have been conditioned to believe in, at threat of ‘going to Hell’ if they don’t.

There is no ‘love’ found in such a belief that looks at others as ‘damned’ for not having your same belief, no more than there is love found in any form of elitism or bigotry. Such a belief practices ‘conditional’ love, if the word can be used at all.

But love is not ‘conditional’, and love must always FORGIVE. Love must treat others the way YOU want to be treated, and if you would not want to be condemned by your brother or sister who has a different idea of things spiritual, then you must not adopt a belief that does so. To do so is to condemn a part of yourself, since the eternal spirits of your diverse brothers and sisters are a PART of you, all of us being aspects of God experiencing the physical right now in eternity.

With the United States recently announcing that its current arsenal of nuclear weapons is becoming obsolete and old, and expressing the plan to spend ONE TRILLION dollars on creating a large, newer replacement arsenal, this is causing major upheaval in our relations with Russia, China, Iran and other countries, not to mention radical terrorist groups motivated to obtain a nuclear weapon in order to fulfill their respective religion’s end time prophecies, etc.

We cannot ignore this topic that you see me often writing about any longer. I am not writing about this because I like to ‘offend’ people or because I ‘enjoy conflict’. I am writing about it continually because this is THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC of our time, in the interest of healing humanity in the true name of “God”, of which we are all a global part, UNCONDITIONALLY.


Connie Bryan

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