TrumpPicNBCWORD OF CAUTION…Don’t be the embarrassed idiot a year or two from now who has to spend the rest of your life afraid to admit you actually tried to elect Donald Trump to the highest office of our land. You will be forever reminded that just like Trump, YOU TOO didn’t appear to have an OUNCE of good character and integrity, and were nothing but a conforming sheep being led about by his angry side show, low class, fear-mongering and often racist script. One absolutely does not have to be a Hillary fan to understand that.

Example One: CLEARLY you don’t have an ounce of character and personal integrity if you don’t care when Trump said Senator McCain is not a war hero because he was captured as a prisoner of war for several years…adding, “I like people who DON’T GET CAUGHT!” You are nothing but just as much of a low class idiot as Trump when you ignore this…there is no denying that truth.

Example Two: CLEARLY you don’t have an ounce of character and personal integrity if you don’t care that Trump has a long, detailed history of close business connections and involvement with one of the five main mafia/organized crime families in New York and New Jersey, in building his Trump casino empire.

If that was the case with Barack OBama that would have been ALL WE HEARD from you non-stop for the last 8 years…But the truth is, you are just as prone to being criminally corrupt as Trump when you ignore such a thing.

Example Three: CLEARLY you don’t have an ounce of character and personal integrity if you don’t care that Trump tried to force an elderly woman in New Jersey out of her home…tried repeatedly to force her to sell her property to him using IMMINENT DOMAIN – Not for public use, but for his private profit and use in order to personally build a LIMOUSINE GARAGE for his casino.

Thankfully, by some miracle, despite how ‘connected’ he was, he did not succeed in that effort. He has been quoted more than once since then saying that the woman would have been better off, and would have received a very fair sum above market value for her property…as though that is all that matters!

These are only three of many more such examples showing the low class corruption that is the hallmark of Donald Trump. I haven’t even gone into his fraudulent “Trump University” that defrauded so many people of their savings, or his filing for bankruptcy not once or even twice, but SIX TIMES, using the fraudulent practice of loading up his companies with extreme debt on credit, then filing bankruptcy using tax payer/public sector money and then repeating the corrupt ‘game the system’ practice over and over.
Obviously, a zebra doesn’t change his stripes.

And here’s the rub…It says something much more damning about YOU, when you as an American voter overlook such consistently ugly, corrupt facts about someone, and choose to support them like they are the “Second Coming”. You aren’t doing so unaware…You are aligning yourself with those same extremely corrupt, UNAMERICAN, UNDEMOCRATIC, lack of character qualities.

That speaks much more about YOUR low class lack of character and values actually.

Hindsight will be better than 20/20 when it comes to looking back on the 2016 Presidential election. Don’t be that embarrassed idiot a year or two from now trying to scrub all social media of all your stupid posts praising such an adept con-artist who dishonestly told you everything you wanted to hear, and played you like a banjo at a Ku Klux Klan Blue Grass Trump fundraiser.

And in closing I’d like to share my new lyrics to Buffalo Springfield’s big classic hit
“For What It’s Worth”:

There’s somethin’ happenin’ here… And what it is is exactly clear
There’s a man with orange hair over there
Sounds like a ‘carnie’ who WORKS AT THE FAIR…
I think it’s time we STOP HEY, WHAT’S THAT SOUND,

There’s a fake weave being combed, It just ain’t right, and everybody knows
Young Bernie fans speakin’ their minds
With the con artist talkin’ FROM HIS BEHIND…
I think it’s time we STOP HEY, WHAT’S THAT SOUND,

Paranoia strikes deep, Into your mind like a sheep
Trump wants you always afraid,
That the Mexicans are coming, TO TAKE YOU AWAY..

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Catch all of her material on her blog and website at