TrumpPutinHorse  It’s funny how you often see a couple and you think, “How did they get together?”, or “She’s way out of his league”…Like Hillary and Bill Clinton. (What did Hillary EVER see in that guy??) But then you see another couple and you just know, “Wow, they were made for each other!”…”They’re a match made in Heaven(or should I say Hell)”…Like DONALD TRUMP & VLADAMIR PUTIN!

And maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am utterly AMAZED at the lack of integrity and dishonest spin that comes out of the woodwork by angry Trump supporters when I write about his corruption and toxic character. And even beyond that, I am noticing a somewhat more surprising trend…

It’s people who may not necessarily be supporting Trump, but who can’t stand up and do the right thing – they are unwilling to speak out about this low class, ugly, hateful and racist candidate, and it is largely because they are afraid it might “OFFEND” one or more of their facebook “friends”, etc.

But that isn’t even the full extent of it…Not only can’t they stand up to and hold their hateful, angry Trump supporting ‘friends’ accountable,but when they see you do so very strongly and effectively, they then instead want to lash out and call YOU the very thing their “friends” are…’hateful’, ‘ugly’ and ‘racist’, just because you are pointing those things out effectively.

They try to spin it with their hypocritical ‘righteous indignation’ that you are the bad person, and try to spin it that you are unfairly “attacking” their friends, simply because you are strongly speaking out against those who embrace such ugly, vitriolic, race-baiting behavior in Trump. This is of course totally absurd, and it is a very sad commentary on our society here in America today.

But the good news is, truth be known, that Donald Trump doesn’t have a prayer in the upcoming election. The media is avoiding making this obvious fact clear to the public, because to do so would be to shoot themselves in the foot…

The media has learned a long time ago that it is in their interest to always present Presidential elections as a ‘horse race’ in order to boost ratings for ad dollars, and even many of the “polls” work in tandem with the media, with how they creatively word their questions, perfecting the art they have learned that ‘guides’ the numbers and the results to reflect a closer race than it is.

But the truth is, Trump is so clearly hateful and toxic to the majority of a very diverse cross section of Americans, that he is going to lose by a very large margin, probably more than 10 points in November.

As I headed my last oped, DON’T BE THE EMBARRASSED IDIOT who has to spend the rest of your life ashamed to admit you were one of the low class, low character individuals who supported such an angry, hateful, race-baiting candidate. It will speak volumes more about YOU for doing so, than about Trump. He is just a con-artist, very adept at telling hateful people like you what you WANTED TO HEAR!

Back to my GOOD NEWS of how badly Trump is going to have his vulgar orange ass handed to him in November…It is common knowledge among political strategists that any candidate for President CANNOT win the general election without at least a significant contribution from the Black and Hispanic vote.

First on the Black vote…Even though they are a minority in America, the Black vote matters that much in every general election. But the numbers consistently show that Trump has alienated the black community so badly that he can’t even get a fraction of ONE PERCENT of their support! NOT EVEN ONE PERCENT!!

Didn’t Trump say, “Look at my ‘African American’ ” at one of his rallies during the primaries? Yeah, he has maybe one, and that guy’s mother will smack some sense into him before November 9th, TRUST ME!

And on the Hispanic vote…It is common knowledge among political experts that any candidate for president will lose by a HUGE landslide without the Hispanic vote. But with Trump’s constant race-baiting rhetoric and angry hate-speech he so frequently spews, specifically toward Mexicans as part of his stump speeches (which he does because that is the foundation of his appeal to the angry white voters he does have) in which he vows that he is going to DEPORT ALL “illegals” (approx. 11 million)…

Not to mention his shameful statement he is most known for, saying that the Mexicans coming to America are all just “rapists and violent criminals” – those statements alone have so alienated the Hispanic community that Trump has less than 5% of the Hispanic vote….

I know, I know…How could there be that many Hispanics voting for Trump, right? Mexicans who are angry that Mexicans are taking their jobs in the strawberry fields and at the Ramada Inn??

Well look, doesn’t that just clearly show us how badly we need to spend more on mental health issues in America? Because if there are a small percentage of Hispanics voting for Trump, clearly mental health is a serious crisis in all demographics!

And lastly, here’s another interesting, sort of unintended ‘admission’ by a big Trump supporter…Last Sunday I was watching one of the Sunday morning news programs (I think if was Meet the Press). They had the head of Donald Trump’s big SUPERPAC on the show (I don’t recall his name). He was trying to make a case that Trump was somehow strong, but he ended up revealing the opposite.

The topic came up about the importance of a Presidential candidate winning Pennsylvania, and the host indicated that was highly unlikely for someone like Trump.

But the head of Trump’s superpac fired back, out and out admitting that ‘Wait a minute, remember Trump’s strength is with angry white male voters’, and he proceeded to point out that there are a lot of angry white males in the Pennsylvania coal mining and blue collar sector.

By admitting Trump’s foundation is the ‘angry white male voter’, he only underlined Trump’s doomed campaign for that very reason…Angry white voters ARE UNDOUBTEDLY his base. And the fact is, angry white voters’ numbers PALE IMMENSELY in comparison to the combined, wildly dominating numbers of both the Black and Hispanic community.

Oh and by the way…that is the case even when you add in those angry white male voters’ ANGRY WHITE WIVES…It still doesn’t even make a dent…It doesn’t make a dent even if you add in those weak-minded “friends” of these angry white male voters who don’t have the courage or back bone to stand up and do the right thing, and who might possibly be influenced by them as well. Trump still loses by a HUGE margin without the Black and Hispanic vote.

Once again, remember that the media always wants to influence and manipulate the polls to make Presidential elections look like a horse-race. It is absolutely critical in their ratings interest to do so, so don’t be surprised if you hear CNN and FOX often trying to spin it that the candidates are ‘neck and neck’, etc.

Rather than a horse race, it is actually a crock of horse manure, which is fitting since that is the majority of what we hear coming from Trump, day in and day out. (Matter of fact it would be pretty funny if someone would start making it their mission to follow Trump’s campaign around the country with a “pooper-scooper” like they are cleaning up the manure all over the street after the horses in a parade.)

In closing, let me just say that even a 6 YEAR OLD can see the truth that Trump is a hateful, ugly person…Why is it that a 66 YEAR OLD CAN’T? It isn’t that they can’t see that…IT IS BECAUSE HIS UGLY CHARACTER COMPLETELY REFLECTS THEIRS!

Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento…Check out all of her material on her blog and website at