doperIf we hope to teach our children how to avoid destructive, unhealthy behavior and bad choices in their lives (key word here “IF”)…Then HOW ARE WE NOT HYPOCRITES if we seek to minimize the dangers, while simultaneously promoting the using of marijuana and other recreational drugs as ‘responsible’ adult behavior in our society?

The degree of potency and/or ‘addiction’ related to different recreational drugs is IRRELEVANT. The use of recreational drugs at all, often beginning with cigarettes, alcohol and/or marijuana, is what we need to prevent BY EXAMPLE, PERIOD. We don’t accomplish this monumental task by saying, “Well alcohol is legal, so why not start legalizing more!”

Make no mistake, young people make bad choices and engage in destructive, unhealthy behavior for ONE REASON…Because they see influential adults in their lives inexcusably setting that bad example for them.

People love to scoff at and make fun of the “Just Say No” to drugs campaign made famous by Nancy Reagan back in the 1980’s. But how sick is that, to belittle such a needed moral example for young people to learn? Yet so many of you who are reading this right now, have likely been one of the millions who routinely make fun of that example.

There is a proposition on the upcoming November ballot that seeks to make marijuana legal for recreational use in California. Proposition 64 celebrates this effort partly by pointing out how much revenue will come from the legal taxing of the purchase of this recreational drug. It is bad enough that we profit as a society from the destructive, dangerous use of alcohol.

But there is no arguing that at least alcoholic beverages are able to be consumed without getting drunk, and the majority of those who consume alcohol are doing so moderately without seeking to get ‘stoned’. It is a reckless minority of alcohol consumers who consume it for the purpose of getting drunk or ‘buzzed’.

OBVIOUSLY, and on the contrary, apart from the ‘medicinal application’ of marijuana, cannabis and all other illegal recreational drugs are used for the explicit singular objective of GETTING HIGH, period. Even the effort to make pot legal for ‘medicinal reasons’ was a Trojan horse initiative hypocritically pushed through mainly by dopers who used that as an excuse to get high.

The long lines that were routinely seen at ‘marijuana clinics’ were 99% full of dopers who did not have glaucoma, leukemia or cancer and needing marijuana and THC to help their eyesight or alleviate their severe nausea and hold down their food.

The idea that our motivation to legalize recreational drugs is largely due to a desire to profit from the tax revenue is not only inexcusable, it is beyond reprehensible…Talk about Hillary Clinton’s reference to a ‘basket of deplorables’ who are voting for Donald Trump.

StonedBabyThose who would advocate sending a message to young people that using recreational drugs is OK for “RESPONSIBLE ADULTS” is beyond deplorable. Understanding this has ZERO to do with religion and/or the Bible. Most Atheists understand this truth I am writing about. Such community morals are COMMON SENSE to a healthy, responsible society of people with good character.

But between this issue, combined with all those who are ignoring the vulgar, racist and sexually predatory character of Donald Trump, our culture in America appears to have a fast growing tumor of hypocritical, unhealthy irresponsibility that doesn’t give a damn about setting any kind of right example for young people.

Just say ENOUGH, and set the right example for young people as a responsible adult who DOESN’T use drugs for “RECREATION”, and who doesn’t advocate getting high on dope, and say no to Proposition 64.

Connie Bryan

Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at