CosmosPicWhat is the nature of everything? Seems like a daunting question doesn’t it? Actually, it isn’t. The nature of everything is simply “THOUGHT”.

Nothing exists without thought. Thought is the origin of all that exists…Thought is where creation happens….it is what creation IS…Thought is your unseen, eternal consciousness…in other words, thought EQUALS consciousness, and it is everything that you are. Thought is what creates everything, and it is your eternal spiritual nature.

If your thoughts get ‘polluted’, you will make unhealthy, polluted life decisions, and overall you will create pollution (bad, painful circumstances) in your life. And polluted thinking makes healing, peace and harmony unattainable. Conversely, if your thoughts are healthy, and centered in unconditional love and forgiveness (APART from ANY religion or politics’ elitist or condemning dogma), then those healthy thoughts will naturally create healing, peace and harmony not just for you, but for others you focus them on as well.

lightbulbpicYour ‘body’ is not what you are, it is merely a temporary ‘shell’…a ‘vehicle’ of sorts…It is like a light bulb which is powered and lit up by your thought and unseen energy. It is a tool for your temporal adventure that you are a part of creating here in the physical dimension.

Organized religion falsely emphasizes your identity as a body, and falsely teaches that what you are is separate from what the Creator (“God”) is… when in reality, we are ALL PART of the THOUGHT OF GOD, and as such, we could never, ever be SEPARATE from what “God” is.

EarthSpacePicWhen we realize this spiritual truth, we can fulfill our purpose here of creating peace and unity with all of our diverse brothers and sisters. We of course must begin with the divisions caused by religion and politics right here in the United States, but much more importantly, this is the KEY to healing and coming together as GLOBAL CITIZENS, not just UNITED STATES CITIZENS…NOT JUST JEWS…NOT JUST IRANIANS…NOT JUST RUSSIANS…NOT JUST CHINESE, or PAKISTANI, or AFGHAN or INDIAN, etc…

ReligionPoliticsFlagSignUnderstand this, no matter how politically incorrect it may initially sound: Religion and culture, and their respective religious and cultural beliefs, are NOT ALWAYS HEALTHY and SACRED! They are often UNHEALTHY and DESTRUCTIVE to the extent that they are divisive, bigoted and elitist toward others they see as ‘apart’ from them or ‘inferior’ to them.

BibleKoranThisMeansWarPicAs a matter of fact, the “Big Three” religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) have by man-made design been the MAIN ROOT CAUSE of all the hate, division, violence and war for thousands of years. That is entirely because of bigoted, selfish, elitism caused by “polluted thought”.

And to the extent that any ‘culture’ embraces and ‘cherishes’ such divisive religious beliefs, that aspect of said culture is a pollution of thought as well, and as I mentioned above, is making healing, peace and harmony unattainable.


earthoceanpollutionBut just like our society has IGNORED THE OBVIOUS, and placed its excessive greed driven priorities in the wrong place by recklessly and selfishly polluting our PLANET and its precious oceans and resources, the same has been the case for much longer with mankind’s unhealthy, culturally elitist pollution of thought, originating from its various selfish and divisive man-made ‘institutions of religion’.

Religion has been what has been polluting our thinking for thousands of years, as cultures sought to control their members from an alliance between religion and politics, teaching that they each are the ‘preferred race’ or ‘only true believers’, etc…and using fear and ‘holy elitism’ to divide them off from all others.

Those are the hallmark fundamental elitist teachings all throughout BOTH the Bible and the Koran. If you think they aren’t, you haven’t read the Bible or the Koran, or you read it ‘selectively’ and just ‘cherry pick’ what you like from it and bury your head in your religious sandbox about the rest.

And all this has done is pollute our thinking and understanding about REAL SPIRITUALITY… that we are all a part of the thought of God…that we are all EQUAL SPIRITUAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS…All this religious thought pollution has done is divide mankind, shamefully done ‘in the name of God’, instead of bringing us together as it is intended.

Evangelicalpic2Are you willing to fulfill your purpose here?  Are you willing to stand up and do your part in your walk of life to clean up this thought pollution? Or, are you like so many conforming sheep, preferring to embrace such a divisive mindset, and without the courage to let go of your selfish religious ‘security blanket’.

If you are the latter, you are not a peace maker. On the contrary, you are a part of what has been impeding peace and unity for our global brothers and sisters. But the good news is, such religious, conformity obsessed polluted thinking is not the future…Many are waking up to this real spiritual truth now more than ever.

Last night during a break at my band’s concert performance, I had someone ask me about the ‘peace bracelet’ I was wearing. Ironically, they had a little bit of an aggressive, non-peaceful vibe to their question, like they were trying to start something, and asked me rather sarcastically, “Is that working for you?”

I just kindly answered that yes, I seek to create peace and healing everywhere I go. I added that all we can do is create peace in our corner of the world, and I try to bring that peace and healing to others through the music that I make as well.

TrumpWallCrowdAnd I would like to add here that one is doing the opposite of creating peace when one is screaming “BUILD THAT WALL”, full of vitriol and hate toward undocumented immigrants, calling them largely ‘rapists and felons’ and all that goes with that mentality we are sadly witnessing from a strongly polluted mindset in our country right now. (And it is often that kind of person who wants to go out of their way to scoff at someone wearing a peace sign on their clothing or jewelry.)

If you are one of those types, chances are you also ironically consider yourself a Christian. And I’ve found that many Christians like to be dishonest and not admit how full of condemnation and division their Bible’s scriptures really are. I was raised on the Bible, and I pretty much cut my teeth on it.

HellpicThe fundamental teaching of both the Old and New Testaments is that they are the only true religion, and all others are damned to Hell. This is of course false, and an example of the polluted thought that it is now time to expose. So here’s Jesus, SUPPOSEDLY quoted in his own words, saying that he came NOT TO BRING PEACE, but the opposite:

Matthew 10:34 (King James Version) “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

There are countless other such passages in both the Old and New Testaments that repeatedly state the same kind of elitist division and ordained violence in the name of God…In the case of the Jews in the Old Testament, over and over again stating that they are the “Chosen Race” of God with countless examples (such as Joshua Chapter 6) of God ordering them to commit genocide of all ‘unbelievers and heathens’ that they conquer, killing all men, women and children of those races…

jesushorseOr all throughout the New Testament, that Christians are the only ones who will be saved, and all others condemned and destroyed when Jesus rides down on a cloud from the sky with his warring angels to wipe out all unbelievers…But all such teachings, just like with the Koran and Islam, are nothing but polluted thought.

This is where you can ALWAYS see that a religion is fraudulent and man-made bigotry…Anytime it has ANY such divisive element of “we are the only true believers and all others are not”…And that fundamental doctrine is present in the scriptures and church teachings of each of the world’s Big Three religions.

PopePicThere is no excuse for this historical violence and war-causing thought pollution to be ignored any longer. Just like it is time to clean up our environmental crisis of pollution on this planet, IT IS TIME TO CLEAN UP THE RELIGIOUS THOUGHT POLLUTION that is the primary factor impeding global unity.

What is shameful is that deep down, people who read this…something in their spirit tells them it is true, but they PREFER to remain polluting their thoughts just like an ADDICTED CIGARETTE SMOKER. As such, those polluted thoughts not only continue to create horribly bad circumstances, pain and sickness in their lives, but they collectively continue to be a part of the thought pollution that has been preventing REAL spiritual understanding, unity and GLOBAL PEACE for too long.

When you wake up to this spiritual truth that we are all a part of what God is, you realize an awesome responsibility to love and forgive others unconditionally, and as such you begin to fulfill your function here, becoming part of the healing of God that others need. In a nutshell, you realize it is up to us to create heaven for one another.

noahsarkIn other words, IT IS UP TO US, not some imagined separate being in the sky, who might condemn us if we don’t ‘think or believe the right way’…First, that is more of a fairy tale than anything we read to our toddlers today at bedtime. And second, it is just bigoted division created by polluted thinking to control the masses that has only been creating hate and war for EONS…

When you finally wake up to this spiritual truth, you realize it is up to US to SAVE ONE ANOTHER…How do we save one another? We do that simply with the same unconditional love and acceptance WE ALSO NEED from others, and that has ZERO to do with any religious dogma.

There is no other more important issue of our time…Recognizing our shared “connectedness in Creation”…Recognizing the pollution of thought of organized religious dogma that seeks to divide and prevent that shared awareness…And creating peace and a united global community in the name of unconditional spiritual love.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, Ca…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at