melanianudeDrum roll please…Introducing our new FIRST LADY!…Yes folks, this pic attached from the cover of The New York Post IS none other than Melania Trump herself…playing with, or should I say ‘grabbing her own p**sy’.

I’m sure her mother is so proud! But I never thought I could be so embarrassed as an American, and not so much toward her…but more toward such a large number of disgraceful excuses for American citizens who were foaming at the mouth to elect this reality show ‘Trump trash’ to the highest office of our land.

Time for some hard truth, as the mainstream media is already just turning into quiet, obedient lemmings after this inexcusably corrupt national tragedy…

The truth is, we are no longer the “50 States of America”…We’re now seen worldwide as the “5150 STATES of America!”

Understand this…No matter how many conforming, talking head ‘sheep’ in the media now try to tell you we need to ‘support Trump’, and tell you we need to ‘come together now’, the one long lasting, honest fact about the disgraceful election of Donald Trump last night is this…

duckdynastyHe is NOT and will never be America’s united and recognized President. He is DUCK DYNASTY’S President…He is APPALACHIAN INBRED INLAWS’ President…What’s another of his supporters’ favorite reality shows…Oh yes, he’s ALABAMA ANTIQUE ASS PICKERS’ and SWAMP PORN STARS’ President.

With everything his life’s legacy already represents like a walking ‘soft-porn’ Sunset Strip billboard, and with the constant racist and hateful things that have continually come out of his orange mouth, he will historically remain one of America’s biggest national embarrassments, possibly second only to the Civil War and our legacy of slavery.

trumpunivAlso understand this…Trump ALREADY HAS a legacy. We are all aware it is a disgraceful and fraudulent one, with his history of being under investigation for defrauding thousands with his shady “Trump University” (the word ‘shady’ is being kind) and his being successfully sued and under investigation not once but TWICE for specifically discriminating against African Americans in housing projects he built…

Not to mention his admitted history of close business ties with companies owned by top organized crime families in New York and New Jersey(Google Trump and organized crime for plenty of facts on this)…It goes on and on and on, his disgraceful, corrupt legacy long BEFORE he steps into the White House.

Trump is now, and will always be is nothing more than a Presidential ‘mockery’…an orange, side-show perversion of the highest office of our land. And with such a long, well known corrupt legacy, it takes the same kind of disgraceful, low character voters en masse to put him there.

Donald Trump and his nude porn-posing, unbelievably pretentious, Russian ‘mail order model bride’ will always be seen as nothing but a vulgar, fake and bigoted, ‘steaming dump’ examples of the SAME large block of vulgar and bigoted, angry white racists and their angry white racist wives – ALL who couldn’t get to the polls fast enough to elect the same in a President.

As such, he is NOT America’s President. He is THEIRS…and that isn’t going to change for his entire 4 year term. Their “Race-Baiter In Chief” is not just a national laughingstock, he is a world-wide laughingstock, and he may be the first President ever to enter office with that legacy ALREADY BRANDED into his name.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at