Will You Re-Light Dr. King’s Torch With Me For As Long As It Takes?

In case you haven’t heard, an honorable American by the name of Mr. Robert Tessler in New York led a successful effort to REMOVE the Trump name today from the exterior of no less than THREE New York high rise buildings. He co-founded a petition signed by many other honorable Americans who lived in the three buildings, who all said they did not want to live in a building with Trump’s name on it.

trumpbldgIf like me, you feel the same about our country, then we cannot normalize this perversion of our nation’s highest office. In explaining why he took on this project to remove Trump’s name, Mr. Tessler listed all the ugly, deplorable, bigoted and womanizing character traits we all constantly WITNESSED coming out of Trump’s mouth for over a year during his hate-based campaign that won the hearts of like-minded white Americans across our nation.

TrumpWallCrowdBut Trump and those like-minded Americans DO NOT represent American ideals and values. They love to tell you that we are missing the point, and how this just shows how much they demanded CHANGE in Washington D.C. But we didn’t miss that fact AT ALL…We all want to see honorable and ethical change in government…The deplorable truth that we all clearly see is that so many angry white Americans demanded Trump’s disgraceful and bigoted brand of ‘change’.

Since then, even President Obama who I have always been a fan of, has begun to sideline his previous repudiation of everything Trump stands for, and has been reticent about it, going on the media and encouraging everyone to ‘give him a chance’. That is inexcusable, and I never thought I’d have to call him on such a thing. He apparently feels he has a Presidential ‘protocol obligation’ to not just keep his views silent, but to even actively give at least a modicum of ‘support’ to Trump.

obamatrumpcharlatanAgain, that ‘support’ is hypocritical after only two weeks ago he championed the truth about Trump, calling him out for having an entire campaign based on hate and bigotry, and specifically saying he is ‘uniquely unqualified to be Commander-in-Chief’…It doesn’t get much more repudiating and totally rejecting than that from the current Commander-in-Chief than to say a candidate for his office is ‘uniquely unqualified for the office!’

notmypresFriends, we need to follow Mr. Tessler’s example, but on a national level. We can’t get lazy and distracted, and we can’t allow the media to get away with putting their finger up to see which way the wind is blowing, as they decide to go with the flow and try to normalize this, probably the most disgraceful Presidential election we will EVER have in our nation’s history.

bigotvoterDon’t forget…WE ARE IN THE MAJORITY…The sad reality is that even though Trump did not win the popular vote, he did receive an unbelievably large number of votes from people who heard all the deplorable and hateful things constantly coming out of his mouth toward others in our nation, and that was EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR…THAT WAS THE CHANGE THEY WANTED…HATE AND BIGOTRY.

hillarydeplorablesWe cannot, as honorable and moral Americans, now just stand by and allow this to go unchecked. If you understand this, join me…help in this effort by letting your voice be heard along with mine, both here on social media and out in public and on the streets with weekly or monthly marches as we follow the example Dr. Martin Luther King showed us, as he began that effort against this very cancer in our country back in the 50’s and 60’s.

trumpwhitehatWill you re-light Dr. King’s torch with me for as long as it takes? We have not made the progress we thought we had made since then. This disgrace of an election…the tens of millions of hate-filled white voters who elected this ‘bigot-in-chief’ have shown us that we still have a lot of work to do.

bernietrumpbigotryTogether we can turn this on its deplorable, filthy and racist head. But conforming to the result of THEIR MOVEMENT – because mark my words folks…THEY SHOWED THEY HAVE THEIR MOVEMENT already with this election result – Conforming to their movement is what you are doing by giving in and/or being apathetic or silent in the face of it. We cannot just go about our daily routines in sad resignation that it happened.

notmyprezThe media has to see clearly and hear loudly that we have OUR MOVEMENT…One that will not be ignored…One that is even BIGGER and on the HIGH ROAD of true American values! If the media doesn’t continue to see that, you can bet your bottom dollar they will only default to the ‘popular winds’ and seek to normalize THEIR MOVEMENT.

makeamerwhiteagnAre you going to allow that to happen? Or will you pledge to join me and others in an honorable FOUR to EIGHT year sustained initiative, REJECTING the unAmerican, hateful vitriol that elected such a candidate? Will you join us in the name and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King and many others who gave their lives to stop the very thing Trump and his many voters are all about?

drkinglegacyIs that so much to ask, that we pick Dr. King’s torch back up now, and hold these dishonorable Americans to the flame, sustaining the message for Trump’s entire disgraceful term that such a person who campaigned on hate and bigotry will NEVER be our President? That’s actually very little to ask of honorable Americans. And if this isn’t the time, pray tell, when would it ever be?

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, Ca…Check out all her material on her website and blog at www.conniebryan.com )