jimkramerpicJust one brief line today from Jim Kramer’s show “Mad Money” on CNBC really sums up much of the scary, dangerous and damaging direction in which our country is turning, as a result of the election of Donald Trump and his “good ole’ billionaire boys club” cabinet appointees…

Yes, I know he appointed a couple of token women to his administration, but they are the lower profile posts, they serve the need to satisfy his naysayers who would otherwise have a legitimate gripe if he didn’t, and let’s be honest, they are basically appointed to make the coffee and answer the phones.

Back to Jim Kramer’s pithy dead-on remark that was made in passing on his show today…While talking up the energy sector and promoting the stocks of Chevron and Exxon and the like, Jim quipped that after all, this new Trump ‘regime’ (yes he used that word) was “going to be VERY oil friendly”…after which he matter-of-factly threw his arms up in the air while saying, “This will surely be BAD for the environment, but it will be GREAT for job creation and the economy!”

See, this is one of the biggest and clearest differences between most Progressives and most Conservatives. And it’s a huge ETHICAL difference that most Conservatives always try to hide under their ‘POLAR BEAR THROW RUGS’… Progressives care MUCH more about job growth for the working and middle class hands down, but they care to do it RESPONSIBLY and MORALLY where both the environment and the economy is concerned, in the interest of ALL Americans, both present and future generations.

“This new Trump regime is going to be VERY ‘oil friendly’…This will surely be BAD for the environment, but it will be GREAT for job creation and the economy!”

Conservatives hear that from Jim Kramer and their thought is either “So what??” or “Fantastic!” Seriously…those are the only two responses they’d have.

Yet honorable, responsible Americans have known for DECADES now that our excessive, reckless, profit-at-any-cost, ‘environment LAST’ form of industry is UNSUSTAINABLE. Just the raping of our beautiful lands and the astounding degree of toxic pollution are unsustainable – forget that the overwhelming majority of reputable scientists all agree that it is causing a major threat to our planet and our oceans with climate change.

Think about just the egregious toxic pollution and all the progress we’ve made over the last 10 to 15 years in improving on this rape of our country, not to mention our progress in scaling back our countries longstanding practice of exploiting 3rd world countries for their resources. We have made some responsible, ethical and moral progress for mankind and Mother Earth in these critical areas.

But thanks to a level of stupidity that defies description from those who supported this apparent lifelong fraudulent and corrupt business person Donald Trump… an admitted ‘gamer of the system’ with his not just one or two…but SIX bankruptcies at tax payer expense…

Thanks to such an unbelievable number irresponsible and shockingly stupid voters, we now face not only losing that healing progress, but rapidly going backward FAR BEYOND the degree of pollution and the damage that existed when we first began those healing efforts and policies.

DON’T GET ME WRONG…I am a firm believer in Capitalism…But it must be ETHICAL, MORAL CAPITALISM…And that is NOT what Trump’s lifelong legacy has ALREADY DEMONSTRATED…a shameful, shady and vulgar legacy he already has consistently demonstrated with both his words and his business practices (not the least of which is all the fraud surrounding his “Trump University”) all BEFORE ever stepping into and perverting the office of President.

Ethical and moral Capitalism is what Progressives believe in…Conservatives always try to blow up a smoke screen to distract from that truth, with their frequent B.S. propaganda, falsely asserting that Democrats are trying to replace Capitalism with “Socialism”.

But the truth is the opposite…Democrats and Progressives are trying to bring back RESPONSIBLE Capitalism to what Conservatives have replaced it with and all but destroyed it with…Something called “CORPORATISM” that has all but destroyed the common man’s ability to ever achieve the “American Dream”.

Democrats and Progressives believe strongly that profit is a good thing, BUT that it must be ethical and moral in its pursuit.

Is it ethical and moral to so excessively pollute and ravage our environment in order to make a profit and ‘create jobs’? That is a rhetorical question…The answer is an obvious ‘NO’…

But to many Conservatives, they wouldn’t have read that as a rhetorical question…They would have thought the answer was “Yes” to that question! This is one of the biggest and destructive differences between those who have supported the ignorance and corruption of the Trump movement, and those honorable Americans who saw it for the ethically and morally bankrupt, corrupt con act that it was from the JUMP.

The stock market has taken off in anticipation of this new trend that Trump enthusiasts have taken to spinning as ‘PRO-BUSINESS’. Let me ask you, are you going to conform to this, and not speak out against this immoral business corruption now because you may stand to make money on a bull market? Because the future of our country…the future for our young people depends on you having more of a backbone than that…

Our country’s future depends on honorable Americans not tolerating this regressive, unethical and corrupt movement we are seeing. Our country’s and our young people’s healthy future here depends on your understanding right now that making money is GOOD, but ONLY if it is made morally and ethically.

And that is NOT the legacy and foundation of the Trump name. On the contrary, we are seeing nothing but fellow like-minded BILLIONAIRES being appointed by Trump to his top cabinet positions, especially the one’s dealing with the economy.

There are so many corrupt areas encompassing the name and legacy of Donald Trump that it is hard to keep track of them all, both past and present. Honorable Americans cannot sit quietly and allow this unethical movement to go unchecked because of their claim that they are ‘PRO-BUSINESS’.

As we have clearly seen from recent history, what many ‘wealth-obsessed’ Conservatives call “PRO-BUSINESS” is not “PRO-AMERICA”…and even when they claim to be ‘creating jobs’…it is never really “PRO-WORKER” with the ‘cheap-as-we-can-get-by’ treatment of those they employ, while raking in billions for their CEO’s and stockholders, all accomplished on the backs of those cheaply compensated workers, seen largely as a sort of grudging ‘cost of doing business’ at best.

And ironically by the way, that is WHY we have the huge undocumented worker population that has grown in America…It ironically isn’t because of Progressive Democrats fueling the hiring of those undocumented workers over the last few decades…

IT HAS BEEN THE INVITATION AND DESIRE FOR THAT CHEAP UNDER THE TABLE LABOR BY LARGELY REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE CEO’S AND STOCKHOLDERS! THE “PRO-BUSINESS” PARTY! All while out of the other side of their hypocritical mouths they have simultaneously pretended and feigned outrage, demanding deportation and the building of a wall with a wink and a nod of understanding from their elected Republican Senators and Representatives in Congress…

And yes OF COURSE this includes hypocritical, lying Donald Trump, whose empire building of his own included not only admitted ties with businesses run by ORGANIZED CRIME (just Google “Trump and Organized Crime” for yourself to see the widely documented reports on this) but also his documented practice of using undocumented workers in the past.

This direction we are currently seeing is a very immoral and unethical direction, presented in the name of ‘pro-business’. Are you part of that unethical and unAmerican crusade, or are you determined to expose it for what it is, and preserve the integrity of what our forefathers intended? I guarantee you they would see Donald Trump as the total destruction of that ethical integrity.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at www.conniebryan.com )