TrumpBibleCouldn’t we AT LEAST make sure the hand Trump put on the BIBLE was not the same hand he bragged about using to ‘GRAB WOMEN BY THE P**SSY’??

TrumpWallCrowdAs we face this orange “inflammation”, sorry I mean “inauguration” of Donald Trump, I would like to share a couple of important things. First of all, as we all witnessed, Trump’s entire campaign was so greatly fueled by constant hate-speech and anti-minority sentiment that it brought on strong acclaim and endorsements from EVERY white nationalist organization in the nation, including a personal endorsement from none other than “David Duke” himself, one of the most well known and notorious white nationalist leaders.

(REMEMBER Trump initially lied and tried to pretend he didn’t know who David Duke was, didn’t know he was affiliated with the Klan, and then finally had to ‘retract’ that and admit he did know who he was)

But there is a much more sinister truth going on with the greater masses of angry white Trump supporters celebrating his orange inflammation…sorry, again meant “inauguration”. I’m referring to the majority of his supporters who are not a part of the far right or alternative right KKK loving crowd. But despite their not being that outward with their “white superiority” views, the vast majority of Trump supporters RESONATED with someone like Trump and those hateful views he constantly spewed from his little orange mouth, and they did so because THEY TOO share those angry white elitist thoughts…the key being they are very SUBTLE about how they share and express them.

bigotvoterOf course, the one thing that they could not be subtle about was initially voting and supporting someone who had so OBVIOUSLY said so many hateful things on a daily basis about so many minority groups and women. Now they want to lie and pretend, as Trump routinely tries to do, that he never said any of those things. Lying about that is another of their masquerading attempts to “camouflage” the subtle, deep seeded racism and bigotry that was undeniably behind the vast majority who would find Donald Trump’s campaign APPEALING to them.

It is sad and seemingly very inaccurate to hear the term “populism” so widely tossed around in the mainstream media to refer to Trump’s appeal to so many low character, bigoted and angry white Americans. Keep in mind that if “populism” primarily means appealing to the will of the majority of a nation’s people, Trump never accomplished any such thing!

Hillary Clinton received the majority vote…the “populist” vote, with approx. THREE MILLION more votes nationwide than Trump. And if you count Hillary’s AND those who voted Green Party, Libertarian and other than Republican, the “populist” vote TRUMPED Donald Trump’s angry white supporters by SEVEN TO EIGHT MILLION VOTES. That is a lot.

trumpwhitehatAnd I want to make another even more important point…To any honorable American, you couldn’t get around the fact that virtually everything that came out of Trump’s mouth was beyond just low character, but gave the middle finger to all the things we as Americans hold dear with respect to Civil Rights, equality and justice for all. (Please read that paragraph at least one more time to let it sink in). Are we REALLY appropriately applying the word “populism” to a sad number of low character Americans who shamefully resonated with such disgraceful hate-speech toward many ¬†minority groups that was the overwhelming foundation of Trump’s campaign?

Trump supporters want to pretend that they could not possibly be racist or bigoted, and that is nothing but a masquerading lie.

UNDERSTAND THIS IMPORTANT POINT…The racism and bigotry we fought against in the 50’s and 60’s with the Civil Rights Movement is still very much alive today, it just moved more “underground” so to speak. That is what I mean by saying it is “subtle”, other than the obvious sign of it when you vote for someone who day in and day out said all the racist and bigoted things he did to FUNDAMENTALLY UNDERPIN his campaign.

trumpklanToday’s racism and bigotry is not so “in your face” like it was in the 50’s and 60’s as much as it is displayed in what is often referred to as ‘dog whistle’ form. Ironically, as much as Trump supporter types love to denigrate “political correctness”, they have learned to use political correctness as a tool in public to camouflage their “angry white elite” mindset that looks down on minorities and still largely objectifies women, all while they often hypocritically and proudly claim to be Christians, etc.

I would like to give you two good RECENT EXAMPLES of where I witnessed this, and as the weeks progress, you will most assuredly begin to see many more such examples from these dishonest low character members of our nation.

The reason these two examples are good ones, is because they both occurred two days in a row from a talk host on a very popular conservative radio talk show that appeals primarily to Conservatives and Libertarians, and has a very pro-Trump daily narrative.

drkingThe first example occurred on Martin Luther King Day. After one of the two hosts sarcastically referred to how he could not possibly comprehend why anyone would take the day off for the “holiday”, he later made the somewhat condescending comment, “Darn it if someone didn’t shoot the guy” referring to Dr. King.

If you were listening and didn’t immediately pick up on his subtle sarcasm and tone in how he delivered that phrase, it became a bit less subtle in what he followed up with…He then added, “You people who assassinate people, don’t you realize you just LIFT THEM UP HIGHER and help to PROMOTE their cause?? If you hadn’t assassinated the guy, he would NEVER have had NEAR the impact he ended up having!”

Now, do you see/hear the subtlety behind this?…The important point I want to make about this here is that this 40 something angry white radio host probably didn’t even realize at that very moment how much hatred he was revealing within himself, specifically regarding the powerful success that Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement had in America. And that is LARGELY the kind of subtle hate that is behind the Trump supporters…make no mistake, it is largely and primarily a major backlash against their having had to abide a black President for EIGHT LONG YEARS.

The other example was from the same talk host a day or so later on the same Conservative radio program. His co-host on the show was discussing a new book by a hospice worker that describes the top things that the dying say they regret looking back on their life.

His co-host described one of those things being “not holding back on sharing your true thoughts and feelings in life”. In other words, the dying had shared to this hospice worker that looking back, one of their biggest regrets was not being honest about their true thoughts and feelings, but instead HIDING them.

Guess what this Conservative radio host’s first and ONLY response was to that example? It was to say out loud, “I HATE YOU!”, as he imagined allowing himself to follow that advice. Expressing his HATE toward others was so foremost on his mind, that was what came out of his mouth when he heard that the dying wished they had been more honest about their feelings in life.

This is important, because it so clearly reveals the commonly seen hate-based mindset from the Trump supporter movement…People who so often seek to hide, hypocritically lie and deny that this hate is at the core of their unhealthy angry thinking.

It is very possible that a significant number of them are in active denial, lying to themselves about this reality. But lying to themselves is NO EXCUSE for such hate and disgraceful, unAmerican behavior that contradicts our nation’s most cherished Constitutional precepts about equality and Civil Rights FOR ALL.

hamburglerSo as we move beyond Trump’s recent orange inflammation…very sorry, again I meant to say “inauguration”(It’s just that it’s like inaugurating “Ronald McDonald”)…and as we take our Pepto Bismol, and do our best to control the nausea brought on by the degree of such an inexcusable national disgrace to our nation’s highest office, remember the very SUBTLE bigotry and racism that is widely at play here, underpinning all of it.

Congressman John Lewis is to be commended in how he has spoken out in calling Trump “illegitimate”. He used that word mainly due to all the growing signs that point more and more to Trump’s likely COLLUSION with Vladimir Putin, regarding Russia’s hacking and intended interference and influence in the election outcome.

People like to criticize Congressman Lewis’ use of the word “illegitimate” because of Trump’s technically winning the required electoral college votes, though not winning the popular vote by a longshot.

But as the investigations into possible collusion between Trump and Russia continue, with what our intelligence agencies have already uncovered, Trump is looking less and less “legitimate” all the time.

TrumpPutinHorseSo, that word will most certainly apply if it is ultimately determined that Trump was colluding with the Russians in that election interference. After all, we ALL WITNESSED TRUMP stand there during one of the Presidential debates and call out to Russia, asking them to CONTINUE THEIR SPYING AND HACKING EFFORTS ON HIS BEHALF AGAINST HILLARY.That is pretty damning and indicative of collusion in and of itself.

Maybe a bit more accurate of a phrase would be, there clearly remains a “DARK CLOUD OF ILLEGITIMACY” over Donald Trump as he prepares to “put his hand on the Bible”..the same hand he proudly told the Access Hollywood reporter that he used to ‘grab women by the p**sy’ with when he met them and found them ‘hot’…

Back to Congressman Lewis…His words calling Trump ‘illegitimate’ and Trump’s subsequent personal attacks toward him for those honest words have resulted in more than FIFTY other democratic Congressman and Congresswomen to refuse to attend the orange inflammation…damn it! Very sorry, can’t get that ego-tripping, sick Trump image out of my head…I again of course meant “inauguration”…

makeamerwhiteagnThe “inauguration” of an individual whose main concern is “making America WHITE again”, and SUBTLETY has now become the name of the game in that ongoing shameful effort, after the obvious nature of it during his campaign captured the hearts of so many low character angry white voters to get him the required electoral college votes.

Now that he so disgracefully managed to pervert our nation’s highest office, he and his supporters have shifted back to SUBTLETY and dishonesty, trying to now PRETEND that none of that took place.¬†You and I know otherwise…And the TRUTH is, you and I represent the “POPULIST VOTE”…the vast MAJORITY VOTE of honorable Americans who DID NOT shamefully vote for such a disgraceful, bigoted con artist.

As such, in the interest of our nation and in the interest of our children and grandchildren and all minorities present and future, we have an obligation to keep a spotlight of truth and justice focused on such disgracefully dishonest subtlety for the next 4 years, until we can finally clean up this mess and truly make America GREAT again for all of the POPULIST DIVERSITY of our American citizens, not just the angry white ones!

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at