TrumpWallCrowdI’ve noticed that Trump supporters have a habit of telling those who effectively criticize them that we are “judging” them and “condemning” them. Of course that is very ignorant and childish. While our criticism DOES JUDGE them as in “discerning” that their views are bigoted and do not reflect American values of equality and justice for all, our criticism in no way “condemns” them. This is nothing but childish hyperbole to distract from the hate and bigotry from Trump that so resonated with them.

Another HUGE red flag of dishonesty from Trump supporters is their tendency to ridiculously try to characterize Trump as somehow being the “lesser of 2 evils”…There’s no truth, no connecting those dots of dishonest and convoluted ‘logic’ in ANY universe my friends.

Despite some of her growing and somewhat concerning issues, people who try to compare someone like Hillary, whose constant message and priority centered around EQUALITY, and more specifically around caring deeply about helping all diverse people meet their basic needs, especially in the area of basic healthcare…People who seek to compare her to someone who openly, daily and proudly spewed the OPPOSITE – Repeated hate and bigotry toward many minority groups, especially Mexicans, are only LYING TO THEMSELVES in order to rationalize their own similar hate.

When we shine a spotlight on that, we are not ‘condemning’ them, we are making it clear as a bell to them that HONORABLE AMERICANS by definition, do not EVER vote for someone of such constant, never ending obvious hate and unAmerican bigotry, as we ALL heard coming from Trump’s campaign DAY IN and DAY OUT.

While many of us agree there were some concerns surrounding Hillary, and the possibility that she was dishonest regarding her emails, and from her position of Secretary of State, she may have enriched herself through the Clinton Foundation at times in some rather unethical and non-transparent ways, Trump’s egregiously larger unethical legacy is indisputable…

trumpunivEndless corruption and fraud investigations, too many to list here, and many that are still ongoing, not to mention Trump’s widely reported business connections with ORGANIZED CRIME FAMILIES in the building of his casino empire in New York and New Jersey (PLEASE Google it!)…All of it indisputably carries much more weight to anyone with a shred of good character. But Trump supporters didn’t give a damn.

There’s no way an honorable, non-racist American looks at and listens to both, and comes away thinking that Hillary was the worst of the two! I’d like to give you an example, looking back on our American history in the Civil Rights era…

wallaceforpresDo you remember racist Alabama Governor George Wallace? Saying Donald Trump is more honorable than Hillary is akin to those who, in the face of all the bigotry constantly spewing out of Wallace’s mouth, tried to spin it that Wallace was in fact the “patriotic American” because he was a POPULIST GOVERNOR standing up for the “voice of the people” and for “STATE’S RIGHTS” (dog whistle talk for maintaining popular Southern prejudice such as voting restrictions and segregation that discriminated against Blacks)…And that President Lyndon B. Johnson, who so effectively shut Wallace down, was the corrupt politician.

lyndonjohnsonThere were issues with Lyndon Johnson for sure, but honorable Americans knew he was clearly on the honorable side of standing against racism and unAmerican bigotry. The same is the case with Hillary Clinton, compared to the daily, real time, constant hate-speech and bigotry we heard from Trump.

trumpwallacepicLet me speak strongly and directly to those of you who voted for Donald Trump, with of course no ‘condemnation’ intended. The bottom line is, you made a HUGE mistake in judgment in supporting such a vulgar and bigoted disgrace of a man for the highest office of our land. If somehow you are not a bigot or a racist yourself, then at a MINIMUM, you let a con-artist reality show host PLAY YOU FOR A FOOL!

Again, IF somehow you are not also a bigot or a racist, your conscience will begin to realize that fact, and likely you will feel pretty ashamed. You may not see it just yet, but IF you are an honorable American, you will soon. In the meantime, the rest of us remain busy and tirelessly engaged in limiting the damage, and in the process of cleaning up this embarrassing national disgrace.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out her recent short film mini-documentary of the Sacramento Women’s March: And check out all of her material on her website and blog at