trumpmouthI’m sure you’ve noticed this “through the lookinglass” trend we are seeing from Trump supporter pundits in the media since his election, it goes like this: Host mentions (Enter CRAZY Trump behavior) and Trump spin-meister says “Well you just don’t understand Donald Trump’s ‘STYLE’, I mean you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette right?”

ihopeggspicYeah, that’s fine if you’re the manager of the FREAKING INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES! But not when you’re running the WHITE HOUSE in charge of the delicate INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS OF OUR COUNTRY! Talk about dumbassery on steroids!

trumpbileAnd it is a very subtle dishonest spin tactic the way we are seeing the word ‘style’ substituted for the proper word being ‘character’…Trump continuously acts like a dishonest. egotistical ass, and his pundits spin his low character behavior as “STYLE”…It’s the opposite of style folks, its “BILE” (which may also explain his orange skin tone).

To say it is an embarrassment to have a President who constantly acts like he has a ‘size’ complex, whining and tweeting like a 12 year old girl, blaming it on the MEDIA that ‘made it look like’ he had a small turnout to his inauguration is a huge understatement. It is beyond embarrassing…it is an utter disgrace that this idiot has been allowed to pervert the highest office of our country.

inaugcomparisonpicI have attached the side by side comparison picture of the two respective inaugurations…President Obama’s first inauguration in 2009 and, sorry I can’t even write the word President in front of this clown’s name…Trump’s inauguration is next to it, both taken at close to the same time of day.

trumphandgestureDespite this documented proof and evidence, what does this con-artist-in-chief do? He tweets that the media not only made it look like he had a small turnout, but that actually he had the BIGGEST TURNOUT of any inauguration EVER! And Sean Spicer, his White House Press Secretary came out and told that to the press. I’ll tell you what he does have that’s bigger than anyone else…his ability to tell the biggest lies with a straight, albeit orange face.

andersonconwayNews Anchor Anderson Cooper: As our viewers can all see the comparison pictures here from the same time of day respectively, how do you explain Trump claiming that he had the largest turnout EVER for a Presidential inauguration?

Kelly Anne Conway: Look Anderson, you and most Americans still just don’t understand Donald Trump’s unique ‘style’…That is how HE SEES IT, that is HIS ‘perspective’ and he’s not going to be shy about saying what he believes.

Anderson Cooper: Excuse me, saying what he believes is one thing, but if it contradicts the FACTS, that by definition is called a LIE.

Kelley Anne Conway: We disagree with those facts, because we have our “ALTERNATIVE FACTS” we are bringing forward for the American people. I mean, if you and I were to look at comparative pictures of the night sky, and started counting the stars, I bet we’d come up with different, “alternative facts” about the number of stars we saw.

This is not “style” folks…Style cannot be substituted for what this is, that being inconceivably fraudulent, low character behavior that has been the hallmark of Trump’s legacy long BEFORE he ever reached the White House, and that isn’t going to change.

conniebrainwashmar16It is insane, the number of American’s who have had a hand in enabling this dishonest, unPresidential trash to the highest office of our land. And as a result, as I say in my standup comedy act, we are not seen by the rest of the world as the 50 States of America anymore…We’re now the 5150 States of America!

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer and comedian in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her blog and website at