trumpflynnDid I miss a memo or something? Is this some kind of agreed upon ‘emperor has no clothes’ thing? Are we all going to just ignore the 300 pound ‘hairpiece in the room’ with this firing of General Mike Flynn?…Even Trump supporters can’t be so dumb as to think that General Flynn would have had such sensitive discussions with the Russian ambassador WITHOUT being ASKED to do so by President Trump.

This whole affair is utter pretense and stagecraft by Donald Trump and one of his closest advisers, Steve Bannon…the more important and relevant lie is that they are now branding Gen. Flynn as the ‘lone liar’ who has ‘victimized’ the White House.

Trump’s chief liar, I mean adviser Steve Bannon understands this, and has masterminded this charade…Both he and Trump know that if they didn’t ask for Flynn’s resignation once this was exposed(we now know that Trump KNEW about it for weeks before it was finally exposed in the media) it would look even more obvious that he was covering for him because he felt ‘guilty’, since Flynn would only do such a thing(contact the Russian ambassador and talk about the sanctions) at Trump’s bidding.

If we have any honorable politicians left in Washington, this level of lying to the American people by this ‘Looney-Tunes-in-Chief’ con artist is not going to last, Republican majority controlled Congress or not.


putintillersonLet’s take a little closer look at the unconscionable behavior we are witnessing daily from the Trump administration…The lying is just unbelievable, and at a fever pitch. In the midst of the gravity of all of this, the media is dropping the ball worse than the Cleveland Browns.

As mentioned initially above, the most recent gigantic lie was the revelation from top Pentagon intelligence officials that Trump’s National Security Adviser General Flynn flat out lied when he said multiple times that PRIOR to Trump’s inauguration, he had not been in communication with Russia’s ambassador regarding our sanctions against Russia.

Intelligence officials have come forward to the press, revealing that Flynn had been having discussions with Russia’s Ambassador, specifically on the topic of sanctions. And in addition, it was exposed that multiple calls were made by him to the Russian ambassador even back during the general Trump campaign, Flynn as you know being one of Trump’s closest campaign advisers.

Everything I’m hearing in the media is only addressing FLYNN as the person who is entirely to blame and should be fired. This is unbelievable. Even a public school educated 3rd grader can obviously noodle it through that both the talking to the Russian ambassador period, plus whatever Flynn discussed including the topic of our sanctions, WOULD HAVE ONLY BEEN AT TRUMP’S DIRECTION! Flynn getting caught is synonymous with Trump getting caught for this lie and effort to undermine U.S. policy toward Russia.

That is absolutely the only point, not that Flynn must be fired and that would somehow be the end of it. We have a crisis of journalism folks, precisely at a time when we cannot afford such a thing.

What has been confirmed by our nation’s top intelligence officials, who were routinely BUGGING the Russian ambassador’s phone, is that ON THE SAME DAY in December of 2016 that then President Obama instituted additional harsh sanctions against Russia in retaliation for their interference in our Presidential election to favor Trump, General Flynn (Trump’s eventual pick for National Security Adviser) engaged in phone discussions with the Russian Ambassador.

When this was discovered, he repeatedly denied that those discussions had anything to do with sanctions. Now that the truth has shown that he did discuss sanctions, Flynn is now maintaining that he ‘cannot recall’ if he did or he didn’t.

TrumpPutinHorseWe have seen that Donald Trump has not been able to say a critical word about Vladimir Putin, a murderous war criminal, human rights violator, former KGB agent, and responsible for the carpet bombing of tens of thousands of innocent Syrians, which is a huge part of the CAUSE of this Syrian refugee crisis that Trump wants to use as an excuse to institute a Muslim travel ban.

To make it even worse, Putin’s indiscriminate bombing of those innocent Syrian refugees was all in an effort to PROTECT a junior murderous protege, that being Syrian’s President Assad, who has himself also committed untold war crimes against his people.

When asked by Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor about how he could respect and be so friendly with such a ‘killer’ like Putin, Trump replied, ‘There are LOTS of killers…Do you think the United States is so innocent?’

All of this is clearly indicating major collusion between Trump and Putin, and now it has been exposed that Flynn, Trump’s appointed National Security Adviser, lied to the American people when asked if he discussed those recent punitive sanctions with the Russian ambassador PRIOR to Trump being inaugurated.

Now that this lie by General Flynn has been exposed, it has become very obvious that Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador was in the context of UNDERMINING President O’Bama’s punitive actions as a response to the Russian interference in our election, now known to be designed and crafted BY VLADIMIR PUTIN to favor Donald Trump.

Journalists and the news media have an obligation to the American people not to drop the ball, and not to get distracted from remaining focused like a blood hound on the obvious fact that Flynn would NEVER have made the call to the Russian ambassador, let alone discussed those sanctions that he then lied about, UNLESS TRUMP HAD DIRECTED HIM TO DO SO.

This is beyond a smoking gun for Flynn…Donald Trump clearly directed Flynn’s actions to have such discussions with the Russian ambassador in the interest of his ‘quid pro quo’ collusion with Putin.


obamacampaigningFinal thought…Just imagine if this were reversed, and President O’Bama had done such a thing PRIOR to his inauguration, in undermining then President Bush’s punitive sanctions against Russia. What do you think the Republicans’ response would be?

Let’s take it a step further…Just imagine that President O’Bama, in response to Bill O’Reilly’s questioning him about his coziness with a ‘killer’ of the likes of Vladimir Putin, had said the same thing Trump actually said: ‘There are lots of killers…Do you think the United States is so innocent?’…

What do you think Republicans would have done? That’s a rhetorical question, because you know he would not have lasted his first year in office. Honorable Americans know that you don’t get to act in such a dishonest and dishonorable way and be allowed to remain Commander-in-Chief. But of course, honorable President O’Bama never had even ONE scandal during not just one but BOTH of his terms in office.

Trump hasn’t been in office for a month, and we not only have discovered the aforementioned undermining of American policy to favor the leader of another nation who interfered in our election ON HIS BEHALF, but we have seen one of his top spokespersons, Kelly Anne Conway, blatantly violate major ethics law, going on the media and telling Americans to ‘go out and buy Ivanka Trump products’ in retaliation for Nordstrom’s deciding not to continue to carry her merchandise!

Again, if this behavior had been engaged in by the O’Bama administration, Republicans would have been having a never ending orgasm in their zeal to remove him from office, and rightfully so…So tell me what is different now?

TrumpWallCrowdCould it be that to a great extent, hate of Mexicans and Muslims, and angry white American’s unbridled desire to ‘build a wall’ has something to do with such unconscionable hypocrisy?

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at