First off, just because one is a Conservative does not mean they support this disgrace of a human being in the White House any more than if one is a Liberal or Progressive means they would support tax revenue from legalizing recreational drugs. Morals, values and character are found ON BOTH SIDES of the political aisle.

Accordingly, you Liberals who go around ‘celebrating’ abortion rights, rather than soberly recognizing there is an unfortunate need for it on occasion and we hope that it is both rare and early…you have the very one and the same bad character that someone has who sees and hears all the vulgar, ugly, corrupt and dishonest things we’ve seen and heard from Trump, and says “Hey, I like that guy!”

As for the Conservatives who voted for Trump…You know you wouldn’t buy a used car from a ‘player’ as fake as he obviously is.  Just that ‘cirque de TOUPEE act’ on top of his head is a dead giveaway. But you voted for him and continue to ignore both his constant lying, his growing profit-motivated, unethical conflict of interests and his clear corrupt connection with Vladimir Putin…You ignore it all because you only care about holding him to his promises to kick out millions of Mexicans and Muslims, build a wall and give you an $80.00 per hour COAL MINING JOB…

But the truth is, all of those things were also ‘used car salesman’ lies. They aren’t going to come to fruition. And if you have an ounce of good character somewhere deep down below all that selfish angry white hate, pretty soon you are going to start feeling something coming on worse than a cold or the flu, that you haven’t felt in a while.

It’s going to make you feel like you just want to avoid people for weeks at a time because you know that THEY KNOW who you voted for…Do you know what it is I’m talking about…It’s called SHAME. What we are witnessing from this joke of a President is nothing short of the epitome of shame, and it speaks much more about YOU CONSERVATIVES who voted for him than it ever will of Trump.

Conservatives also usually love to remind people that they are so called “Christians”. Well, I was raised in the Christian church. I cut my teeth on the Bible. I have since learned the truth that the Bible is a very fraudulent book full of man-made politically motivated bigotry…However, I do know that the purported teachings of Jesus in the New Testament are in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the main desires that are motivating all of you Trump supporters.

Jesus would rebuke each and every one of you…He would SHAME each and every one of you, just like he did the hypocritical Scribes and Pharisees, for your desire to build a wall around our nation of immigrants, for your hate toward Muslims and your vitriol you expressed for those desperate Syrian immigrants who needed asylum, and you loved how Trump refused to help them…

Based on all of the supposed teachings of Jesus, if you really are a so called “Christian”, you would know that Jesus would SHAME each and every one of you for all your anger that you daily express among your like-minded Trump supporters toward Mexican immigrants, and your deep desire to have millions of them deported.

And what did Jesus teach about the love of money? What did he say about giving money to the poor and those in need…i.e. social programs and welfare? When he was asked by the ‘rich young ruler’ how he could ensure he would go to Heaven when he died, what did Jesus tell him?

That’s right…Jesus told him he must GIVE ALL HIS MONEY TO THE POOR. And all you Trump supporters love Corporations, the rich and the wealthy SO much, while you harbor an equal measure of disdain for social welfare programs targeted for the poor that come from your precious tax dollars.

Ironically, Jesus’ teachings are in most cases in strong alignment with the equality for all, non-elitist, ‘arms wide open’ desire to help the poor philosophy of Liberals and Progressives. Notice I said in MOST cases.

I’m going to get very real and unpopular with my fellow Liberals and Progressives now, because there is shame on both sides of the aisle, and if the Democratic Party really wants to heal this country and be strong again, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GET OUR MORAL FIBER BACK!

You want to criticize all the current hypocrisy you see from Conservatives? Good, but you can’t do that while you run around smoking your dope and setting such a sh#tty example for young people. Do you have kids? Do you have grandkids? Do you want them to smoke pot and do other drugs?

If you have a shred of good character and common sense, of course the answer is a resounding NO! So live by example, don’t go around living like a freaking hypocrite, like we see from many Trump supporting Conservatives!

Same thing when it comes to other issues like I mentioned above. Sure, there needs to be the option for women in desperate situations to have the choice to have an abortion. But abortion is nothing to CELEBRATE! It is a horribly unfortunate last resort. It is the ending of at least a ‘potential life’ no matter how you try to spin it.

And this is very important: Democrats have to understand something very key to why many Conservatives aren’t Democrats. It is SOLELY because of their perception that Liberals have lost their moral fiber, specifically on the issues of abortion and recreational drugs.

We have to ‘turn on a dime’ very soon on such topics, and once again embrace morals and human values in order to be the party of healing leadership that our nation needs.

Certainly our nation does not need a hypocritical Republican Party that gives its middle finger to the fundamental doctrines in our Constitution that protect equality, immigrants and freedom of religion. Our nation needs a party that understands and respects those things, seeks to raise awareness that love and real spirituality have ZERO to do with organized religion, BUT ALSO a Party that understands the need to set the right example for young people…the need to teach HEALTHY LIVING, meaning ‘abstinence IS COOL’, abortion is legal but it IS NOT COOL, and it certainly is not to be ‘celebrated’ or just seen as a ‘simple fix’ or ‘green light’ enabling one to ignore the serious adult responsibility and consequences that come with sexual activity… And certainly this need to teach healthy moral living also includes teaching that smoking marijuana IS harmful, REGARDLESS OF DEGREE compared to other recreational drugs, etc., etc.

Turning all this ignorant, disgraceful hypocrisy around is going to require serious ‘heavy lifting’ from the Democratic Party. One of the heaviest parts of that lifting is going to require facing such hypocrisies that have been unaddressed for far too long, and that have significantly contributed to the weakening of the Democratic Party.

If we celebrate freedom without responsibility…without community morals, not necessarily religious morals…then that freedom will not be there eventually. That is because freedom requires responsibility. For too long Democrats and Liberals have ignorantly and irresponsibly sent the message that you should do WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD, deep down knowing that if we are any kind of decent parent, we seek to teach our children the opposite.

We want our kids to know that there are very bad consequences for having sex too early before they are old enough to handle the adult responsibilities that come with it, right? OF COURSE.

We want our children to know the dangers of smoking, and the dangers of using marijuana and other recreational drugs, right? OF COURSE. But still for too long we’ve tolerated this over-arching hypocritical Liberal platform in our Party that has created the impression in the media of just the opposite.

If we want to be the healing change our nation needs right now more than ever, then ENOUGH IS ENOUGH folks. If the Democratic Party is going to be strong again, we have to ‘turn on the dime’ of embracing strong morals again. If we don’t do it, what other Party is going to step up and do the right thing, and show the Conservatives how it is supposed to be done?

There are a lot of members of the Conservative Party who are only in that party because of these unhealthy, irresponsible and immoral aspects I am referring to, that have for too long run rampant within our Democratic Party. Again, those moral hypocrisies have zero to do with ‘religious morals’ and everything to do with ‘community morals’ and ‘family values’, which have been seen by many who would otherwise be Democrats, as having been kicked to the curb in our Party.

If we as Democrats are going to lead by example, and bring about the desperate healing change that our nation needs right now, we have to clear out such hypocrisies in our own house.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at