MotherOfPeaceDon’t you think it’s time that we moved on by now to the NEXT LEVEL as leaders on this planet? Are we EVER going to set the example, carrying a torch of “America the PEACEMAKER” instead of “America the WARMAKER?”

This is a little bit longer oped than I usually write, but there is no more important topic facing mankind today. So I hope you won’t let the length deter you, as there are a lot of very important specific points that need addressing here, in showing how peacemaking is achievable and NOT just pie in the sky “rainbows and unicorn talk”.

Recently, our military used the largest conventional (non-nuclear) bomb in our inventory in Afghanistan. They seemed outright celebratory and giddy in their desire to tell us about the bomb’s ‘name’, strangely attaching the counter-intuitive loving term “Mother” to it: “The MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS”…

MoabBombThey even proudly provided pictures to the press of the ‘mother’ bomb, with those actual initials “MOAB” painted on the side, and told us that was the bomb’s actual name, “Moab”.  America has always loved to name our bombs. We proudly announced the names of the atomic bombs we dropped on Japan, and had them also painted on the side of those atomic bombs. Even as a little kid, when I first learned that, I intuitively knew that was really sick.

Obviously it is important for a free nation to have a strong military. I am a former Security Police sergeant in the Air Force…I actually guarded our nation’s priority A nuclear weapons systems for my entire term of enlistment, including the ICBM Minuteman missile system and the B-52 and B-1 bombers. I believe in a strong military as a deterrent.

But there is a huge difference between that and the widely known, longstanding reputation for America’s “Mother of All Love Affairs” with war, and the selfish profiteering we obsessively seek from it.

But that isn’t what mankind and the world in general needs…What the world desperately needs now more than ever from America’s leadership as the strongest nation on the planet, is that we be the “Mother of All Peace” instead of the “Mother of All War”.

For the overwhelming majority of all the years we’ve been a country, we have been making war anywhere we could in a posture of imperialism, which some history scholars say really took off during and after President Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency.


KimJongUnIf our goal is to see just what a nuclear holocaust might be like, then we should just continue with the status quo of the reputation we have built in the minds of the rest of the world, especially since we have the perfect storm for that now, with such an ego-maniacal, napoleon complex, wanna-be dictator with the weird hairdo…But enough about DONALD TRUMP!! (Insert drum rim shot)

You thought I meant Kim Jong Un…Yeah, so with two highly unpredictable, egocentric world leaders who both appear to be competing for the title of the “Mother of all Weird Hairdos”, is the answer what Trump has been doing?…Ramping up the war rhetoric as though we are happy to be off to the ‘mother of all nuclear races’?(It is simply mind-blowing, the absurd ignorance of it all.)

trumpputinbarechestBut it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time for a change to be demanded from honorable Americans who knew better than to vote for this Putin-loving, fake-haired, used car salesman on steroids.

We need to change direction in a major and effective way, and reverse course from the centuries old warmongering, imperialistic rhetoric that has caused so much deep-seeded fear and nuclear posturing from many other countries, such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, not to mention Pakistan… just to name a few.

We need a few national leaders to get to a microphone in front of the press…and regularly at the United Nations…And the new United States message to the world needs to be drastically different in tone: “WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO MAKE FRIENDS AND HELP EACH OTHER?”


THAT is the message the world is waiting on overall…THAT is the “next step” in humanity’s ‘spiritual evolution’ if we are going to survive.

NukeMushCloudHere’s the thing…Precisely BECAUSE we claim to believe in such humanitarian values per our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, WE need to be the ones to begin beating that drum, challenging all the other countries to try coming together as friends.

WE need to lead and champion that message of universal friendship BY EXAMPLE…Not by increased ‘nuclear posturing’ (Remember Trump’s comments during the campaign saying words to the effect that it doesn’t make sense to have nukes if you aren’t willing to use them, etc?)…and we certainly don’t lead in that example by electing the “MOTHER OF ALL LIARS” or the “MOTHER OF ALL FAKE-HAIRED REALITY SHOW HOSTS.”

Trump is just turning up our age old war maker rhetoric to “11” on a amplification dial that is only meant to go to “10” (If you’ve seen the movie “Spinal Tap”, that has more comic effect) To former President OBama’s credit, he sought to tone down such war maker rhetoric, while effectively taking out many, many terrorists with drone strikes and Navy Seal Ops like the ballsy one that he ordered in taking out Osama Bin Laden.

BibleKoranThisMeansWarPicMajor organized religion on all sides, Judeo/Christianity and Islam, each ignorantly teach of an end times holocaust of sorts, in which each of their respective “SAVIORS” come to destroy all of the “UNBELIEVERS,” and bring in “heaven on earth” for only their religion. If you are a Christian who doesn’t believe that, you clearly haven’t read your Bible much…The book you claim to believe in is replete with such condemning teachings and end times mandates.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…The next step is needed now…it is WAY overdue…That step is understanding that we are CITIZENS OF EARTH, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, all of us an EQUAL PART of what we refer to as “God”.

And if the United States has ANY “EXCEPTIONALISM” left to show the world, WE NEED TO BE THAT CHANGE, and we need to be that change NOW! We need to be that change, before this Bill OReilly loving, “Napoleon-Concept-In-Chief” keeps freaking everybody out worldwide, with one of his orange fingers near the nuclear button, and the others God only knows where.

BernieSandersThis solution isn’t going to come from Trump…It will have to come from some other leaders like those of us who understand how to properly communicate this message to our brothers and sisters in China…Our brothers and sisters in North Korea…Our brothers and sisters in Russia…Our brothers and sisters in Iran…Our brothers and sisters in Israel…Our brothers and sisters in Palestine…Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan…Our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan…

But we have to set the example by SENDING THEM A FRIEND REQUEST! Is it as simple as that? Well it has to be REAL one, not a “FAKEBOOK” friend request… A sincere request to come to the table and join hands as brothers and sisters, with a sincere change of heart demonstrated first from us as the most powerful nation, seeking to help each other and respect each other mutually. So no, it requires the real thing…I guess maybe a COKE AND A SMILE would be a nice touch.

But in other words, the solution is NOT to keep ramping up the nuclear war rhetoric! There are many of us who know how this can be done, that being the creating of peace on this planet that I am writing about here. The problem is, those of us who know how to approach WORLD FRIENDSHIP and help to create it, are kept from having that opportunity by the powers that be, whose selfish profiteering, world domination agenda stands to be DEFEATED from such a world peace leadership model.

mikepenceFirst and foremost, as I said above, you don’t do as Trump and his administration are currently doing…you don’t play “nuclear chicken” with ramping up the war rhetoric…You don’t keep tweeting and announcing to the world, in response to North Korea’s awareness of our “Mother of All Flaky Presidents,” that “ALL OPTIONS REMAIN ON THE TABLE!”…That is the exact opposite of what is needed now.

Instead of that reckless, egocentric bluster, a responsible leader sees the impression that countries like North Korea have of the United States – an impression that we are out to destroy them like we did to Saddam Hussein and many others – A responsible leader understands that perspective of Kim Jong Un and engages them in an honest effort to change that impression.  Instead of beating the ‘Mother of all War Drums’ once again as our history has branded us, instead of saying “All OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE,” we take a different approach…

As the most powerful nation on the planet, we set the right example, that of being the ‘Mother of All PEACE’ first and foremost as opposed to the ‘Mother of all NUKES’…We choose to change our age old reckless warmongering posture, and begin setting a new leadership example…

earthspacepicWe say that it is overdue to realize that the age old stand-off, cease fire, demilitarized zone between the North and South in the Korean Peninsula is anachronistic, and it is time for it to be finally replaced with complete PEACE…

As such, we choose to place a SINCERE FRIENDSHIP REQUEST as the PRIMARY “option on the table”, and not more of the same war posturing. In that endeavor, we ask that China join us in offering that hand of friendship to the North Korean people.

As the most powerful nation on the planet, we seek first and foremost now, to bring HEALING to the table! That is the kind of real leadership the entire world is desperately needing from the United States as we celebrate “Earth Day” 2017.

Here’s another critical part of the NEW MESSAGE we must be giving to the world:

For the longest time we have been COMPETING AGAINST one another…But we all have the same needs…We all laugh and cry for the same happiness and pain in our lives…

As such, we must BE one another’s helpers …While Judeo/Christianity and Islam both love to claim how much they “help”, history has shown how they only divide and create war with their ‘we’re the only true religion’ conditional dogma, often tied closely to nationalism…But the real SPIRITUAL TRUTH is, all of us must BE one another’s salvation ourselves! In other words, no religion has a corner on the market of ‘HEAVEN’…

We must begin CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH, and the only way we can is by doing that TOGETHER…We don’t have to be in a constant posture of competing against one another anymore…WHEN DID ‘TRADING’ BECOME SYNONYMOUS WITH ‘COMPETING’…That is the tired, ugly, angry, divisive, selfish behavior of a political system that does not have the needs of humanity as its number one reason for existing!

tillersonputinexxonWhen did we forget that government is meant to exist for enriching the lives OF THE PEOPLE, not enriching the lives of CORPORATIONS AND THE PRIVILEGED FEW, whether those privileged few use business, nationality or religion as the source of their perceived ELITISM!

Now..RIGHT NOW is the time to begin this new renaissance of brother and sisterhood as CITIZENS OF THE EARTH.

Lets speak out and tell our current “Ego-Trip-In-Chief” to tone down the “bombing” rhetoric while we TURN UP the “Brotherhood Rhetoric” with a surprising GESTURE OF FRIENDSHIP TO NORTH KOREA, and do so in the absolute interest of helping its direly suffering population…and of course do so in the interest of assuring them that we have no desire to harm them, as our nation’s historical imperialism has led much of the world to conclude.

(On a side note, when this was initially posted on Facebook, it prompted the following “Trump supporter’s” very ugly and hateful reply:

“Josh Stearns: My GOD!! Have you seen what liberals are doing in the country right now??? Do you even know who George Soros is?? I was literally attacked by black people the morning after the election. They had a big hillary sticker on the back of their mini van. I didn’t do anything . They were out trolling for a random white victim. Fuck you Connie Bryan.You are the problem!! I will make sure every musician I know , knows the truth about you, You fucking NAZI!!”

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at