TrumpTwitVideoQuestion: How do you think Republicans and Conservatives would have reacted if President OBama had created a video and released it on social media, depicting him as some kind of ‘gangsta’ President beating up a FOX News reporter, with their face blocked out with a FOX News logo?

First, you’d know he was not fit for the office of President if that had happened. That would be your first reaction. You’d know that it was so recklessly irresponsible that anyone who would do so would clearly not be fit to hold the office.

Secondly, you think the Tea Party was dangerous? You would have seen a volatile, gun-toting powder keg in response that would have made the Tea Party look like a…well, a literal harmless ‘tea party’. Such a video advocating beating up a FOX reporter would have prompted massive ‘white fear’ toward the black community to say the least, a problem that is already of chronic proportions in America as exhibited by the unbelievable number of recent police shootings of unarmed black men.

OF COURSE, President OBama was the consummate dignified President, and would never in a million years have even dreamed of such an unPresidential, reckless and dangerous use of his office.

But this is just more of so much that we’ve seen from Trump that screams “I’m bat sh#t crazy and my supporters don’t care!” Remember when Trump bragged on the campaign trail that he could ‘shoot someone in the middle of the street and none of his supporters would care’?

As I have often written before, this speaks volumes more about the bad character and/or lack of character period, of those who voted this dangerously dishonest, corrupt, unfit idiot into the highest office of our country. This video is beyond ‘stupid’. It reflects an undercurrent that advocates violence and hate that we’ve seen before from Trump.

If you will recall, it wasn’t that long ago that Trump tweeted out to his followers that the news media in general was “THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” At that time I immediately wrote about the very same danger created by that egregiously reckless tweet, and now we are seeing that same undercurrent reveal its unPresidential orange head once again with this latest Trump Twitter video, which shows him violently beating a person on the floor outside of a wrestling ring, with the CNN logo superimposed over the person’s head.

A couple of days ago, Trump used his Twitter account to attack “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski, viciously attacking her appearance in a sexist fashion, actually referring to her ‘bleeding from a face lift’…

As a result of that Tweet, a reporter asked why Trump would be seeking to inflame anger after the recent violence we witnessed when a lone gunman opened fire on members of Congress on a Washington D.C. baseball field. During that White House press briefing, we then heard White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee respond dishonestly by trying to say that the President has NEVER advocated violence at any time.

But that was such an unbelievable lie to hear from her, and not just especially now as we can clearly see in this video released by him, that he has advocated violence in ‘LIVING COLOR’, portraying himself engaged in bashing the head of a figurative CNN reporter…

BUT ALSO back on the campaign trail…You will recall that on multiple occasions he advocated violence by offering to pay the legal bills for a white supporter who had been caught sucker punching an African American in the audience who was not a Trump supporter…And on other occasions, whipping up his supporters saying that some anti-Trump protesters maybe deserved to be roughed up a little, etc.

And now this official ‘Presidential tweet’ depicting Trump beating a CNN reporter…and to make it even more shocking, it is ON THE HEELS of a Republican Montana candidate for office, who recently actually DID physically attack a reporter out of anger, simply because the reporter was asking him questions he didn’t like. That Republican candidate for office was charged with battery, and yet still got elected!

There must be many honorable Republicans who right about now are doing some serious re-evaluating of their bad judgment…who right about now, if they have an ounce of good character deep down, have to be realizing they cannot continue to look the other way regarding how dangerous and embarrassing Trump’s irresponsible behavior is, not only to their party, but to the nation in general.

Trump’s ignorant, low character “we don’t care if he shoots someone in the street” base notwithstanding, it feels like it is a matter of weeks, maybe a couple months now, before this corrupt disgrace of a man will likely be forced to resign as a result of his obvious unstable and unfit mental state.

We cannot have a President that tries to whip up such violence from his base by calling all of the news media ‘the enemy of the people,’ and now who has released a video that endorses the physical beating of a member of the news media.

In response to the tidal wave of disgust and disapproval by many like Senator Lindsay Graham in his own party who called this the unPresidential ‘beneath the dignity of the office’ inappropriate behavior that it was…Trump simply took to his tiny fingers once again, tweeting “My tweets are not Presidential…they are modern day Presidential.” That is one of the most ignorant things we’ve ever heard him tweet, and he tweets some pretty stupid stuff.

Using language that 2nd Amendment gun enthusiasts understand, let me give you an example of how ignorant such a statement is, when an unfit President of the United States tries to say that a Twitter video, broadcast out to all his tens of millions of followers, advocating violence toward the news media, is ‘Presidential’ in modern day standards…

Let’s say you apply for and are fortunate enough to pass the background and receive a concealed carry permit for a firearm in your respective city or county. Do you know how quick that permit would likely be yanked from you for publicly broadcasting a video that depicts you beating another human being?…And that’s just the concern by authorities at a local level for just you as an average citizen, let alone the concern it creates at a NATIONAL level with THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, with access to the nuclear codes.

Modern day Presidential? No, Donald…The dignity and responsibility that comes with the office of President will remain a constant in 2117, just as it is today in 2017.

Modern day disgrace to the office of President? Absolutely.

Connie Bryan

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