TrumpEvangelicalPosterTo the Trump gas-lit, evangelical hypocrites on the right talking out of their asses claiming the Trump-Russian collusion investigation is nothing but a fake news “WITCH HUNT”…What do you have to say now that FOUR ‘WITCHES’ have not only been found and charged with major crimes, but two of said ‘witches’, including senior Trump administration official Gen. Michael Flynn, are now cooperating with Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller to keep from doing major jail time?

Are you gonna keep lying out of your ass to defend the “Witch-in-Chief” in the name of Jesus? Are you gonna keep lying out of your ass to defend the accusations against Trump supported Roy Moore running for Senate in Alabama, accused by multiple women of preying on and sexually assaulting young teenage girls?

Are you gonna keep lying out of your ass as you flat out ignore Trump’s own words on the Access Hollywood tape, bragging about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’, saying he could do so because he is so big of a star that he ‘can get away with doing anything he wants’ to ‘attractive’ women that he meets?

If we are going to care about the smaller number of women who have come forward to accuse Senator Al Franken, Representative Conyers, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, then OF COURSE we’d have to care about the 12 or more women who bravely came forward to accuse the sitting PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

(Insert impersonation of hypocritical right-wing evangelicals dutifully parroting Trump’s lies here) “WELL THAT’S JUST A FAKE NEWS WITCH HUNT!”

Ummmm, you can’t say that without, at a minimum, sounding like you rode the little bus to school…Because after all, as I said above, we have MORE damning evidence in the “Witch-in-Chief’s” case, with his own proud ‘witch admission’ of such behavior on tape, than we do in all of these other cases combined.

Trump made that graphic, specific admission with impunity of his own volition…I mean, it wasn’t like Wolf Blitzer from CNN had bound him and was dipping him in and out of the fountain on the White House Mall, until he couldn’t take it anymore and told us he was a f#cking sexually assaulting, womanizing witch! (But isn’t that a beautiful thing to fantasize about coming true?…Can you imagine the viewer ratings for that CNN episode?)

Shame on those of you who claim to be ‘Christians’ and ‘Catholics’, while turning a blind eye to this national disgrace you have created in the name of Jesus! Dear God, save us from your followers, as the apt bumper sticker says.

Ignoring Trump’s admission on tape of sexually assaulting women with impunity, and parroting his claim that such bragging of specific behavior was just ‘harmless locker room talk”, is akin to if the POPE HIMSELF had been caught on such an Access Hollywood tape saying something similar…

Hypothetical Pope talking to hypothetical Billy Bush:
(Insert annoyingly slow, hard to understand Italian accent here)
“I used to have such a crush on Justin Beber before he grew up…He was so hot!” (This would be a much longer tape of course, as that statement alone would take 2 minutes for the actual Pope to say, and the following would take him 5 minutes to say) “You know, I’m so famous as the Pope, when I meet hot Catholic boys I can do whatever I want…I can grab ’em by their _____, anything I want! They’ll let me because I’m such a rock star!!”

Now follow my example here…That hypothetical tape goes VIRAL, as Trump’s tape did…Then the Pope excuses it away…”Oh that was just harmless ‘CHOIR ROOM TALK’…Everyone knows priests talk like that in the ‘choir room’, but it was harmless!”

Ignoring Trump’s own words…words that weren’t hypothetical, but that REALLY HAPPENED on tape, while holding all these others to the ‘witch flame’ like Louis CK, Franken, Conyers, Charlie Rose, etc…is exactly akin to if the Pope had been caught saying the above about his affinity for under age altar boys, and the Catholic Church responding by accepting his gas-lit BS that it was just ‘choir room banter’.

But, I guess the idea of the Catholic church looking the other way is ironically not so far fetched is it?…Not when you recall what we’ve all witnessed over the recent last couple of decades, as the Catholic church has actively tried to HIDE the mind blowing, ongoing priest pedophile epidemic still unfolding, and still being protected from the top.

So, you still wanna run around calling these things a ‘witch hunt’?
OK, but as such you go on record in your life, looking stupid if not utterly complicit yourself, because we clearly have ‘witches’ to hunt among us!…And as we continue to bring them down in the name of morality and justice, the question you should be asking yourself is, what is that going to say about YOU and all your defense of their behavior in the name of JESUS??

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at