TrumpClspThough I do appreciate Senator Linsday Graham’s backing up Senator Durbin’s account of Trump’s recent vile and racist comments calling Haiti and African American countries “sh#t-hole” countries, I need to take exception with Senator Graham’s followup comment the day after. Graham said that as a result of ‘discourse being low’, others in his line of work need to ‘up their game’.
No Senator Graham…They don’t need to ‘up their game’…they need to UP THEIR MORAL PRINCIPLE!
And it is up to you and me to hold them accountable between now and the upcoming MID TERM elections, and not respond like I’m hearing way too many respond when I bring up the topic: “Oh, I try to avoid anything to do with politics!” Are you kidding me?
When you take that attitude, you become just as much a part of the problem as the corrupt racist and elitist politicians playing their game at the people’s expense.
What many folks need to understand is that by standing up, letting your voice be heard and taking a stand with the rest of us on this, you aren’t ‘talking politics’, you are DEMANDING PRINCIPLES!
It is kind of revealing that Senator Graham used the term ‘up their game’ about his fellow Republican politicians…It has been obvious for way too long now that politicians in general see their elected positions not as a moral public trust, but as a corrupt game that must be ‘played’ with subtle skill. This is especially true and taken now to an all new shameful and disgraceful level by Trump supporting Republicans and the voters who elected him.
It’s hard to find strong enough descriptive terms for the level of dishonesty and hypocrisy we are witnessing…For the shameful behavior so many are taking part in trying to ‘normalize’. I’m trying to think of a word stronger than even the term ‘monumental’…
All I keep coming up with is ‘mind-blowing’ or ‘bewildering’, like one person used during my interview with him about Trump for my local cable access TV show a few months back(see my website to watch the program on demand)…’MIND-BLOWING’ dishonesty and hypocrisy revealing a disgracefully shameful underbelly of our country that fortunately has at least now been exposed, so that the rest of us can get to work on standing up to it, healing and changing it.
And lastly, on the issue of Trump’s shameful comments asking ‘Why do we have all these people coming here from ‘sh#t-hole’ countries?’, and adding that ‘We need more people from countries like NORWAY!’…
The second part referring to wanting ‘more people from Norway’ is what wraps it up with a racist ‘bow’ so to speak…That is IF you needed more than the first ‘sh#t-hole’ part to clarify that his context was racist.
I will give one simple metaphor here to prove it…
Imagine Los Angeles city council members are discussing providing funding for community development, and behind closed doors the Mayor says, “Why do we want to give any more funding to sh#t-hole neighborhoods like (and they name some well known minority areas like East Central and others, often referred to as ‘THE HOOD’)…Then imagine the mayor continues…”If we are going to invest this money for community development, I want to do it with neighborhoods like Bel Aire and Brentwood!”
Is there any question the context is racist? Is there any question that the vile slur has to do with the PEOPLE residing in said ‘sh#t-hole’ neighborhoods?Those were rhetorical questions…The context of the comment screams racism.
trumpmouthFurthermore, it is what we call a ‘distinction without a difference’ to try to use semantics to argue that Trump said ‘sh#t-HOUSE’ countries as opposed to ‘sh#t-HOLE’ countries. This also just takes the lying of Trump and his dutiful orange ass-kissers to a ‘doubled down’ level.
In my hypothetical example above, insert the word ‘sh#t-HOUSE’ by the Mayor in that conversation, and you have no change in the context.
trumpbileTruth be known, Trump is well aware and very bothered by the fact that the majority in his own country, and the entire rest of the world have been using that term ‘sh#t-hole’ already, but in regard to the United States…Ironically, they have been using it for some time now to refer to Trump’s sh#t-hole of a MOUTH.
Connie Bryan
ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at