First of all, right off the bat, let me say that what makes you WHO YOU ARE is not your human body… YOU are a ‘spirit’…an eternal consciousness.

And what it means to be ‘human’ is that the spirit that you are is in need of a human body to only TEMPORARILY experience the physical for the lessons you were meant to learn here, and the awesome adventure of creation you were meant to have here in the physical plane of existence.

THAT is what it means to be ‘human’. But let me expand on this truth some more…

Recently PBS aired a documentary entitled “Going to War”. A clip promoting this documentary had a war ‘expert analyst’ of some sort stating that ‘war really shows what it means to be human’.

Stop and think about his statement for a moment. It is of course in abject error, and it is a classic example of all that is sick with humanity. One of the biggest lies you will often hear is that it is ‘human nature’ to be violent, tribal and warring toward one another.

But the truth is, those things are ‘conditioned’ in us as we get older. When we are little children we are innocent, sharing, kind and loving by nature. The ignorance of family ‘beliefs’ and other cultural and political institutions slowly condition us to think in the divisive and tribal ways in which they operate to preserve their power and control.

We as humans are not meant to be at ‘war’ with one another.




We are not learning what has real value…Instead we are conforming to nothing but hypocritical, tribal and divisive beliefs that are completely devoid of ‘The Golden Rule'(not treating others the way we would want them to treat us, when we see ourselves as somehow ‘preferred’ based on our beliefs, culture race or status compared to their’s)…We are obsessing over competition with others, and being strictly motivated by materialism and selfish gain at other’s expense.

We are routinely electing the wrong kind of leaders who embody this very same sick ‘ethos’ I just described, all while we hypocritically pretend our country does not have a corrupt, bigoted, predatory legacy that is in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the principles of unity and equality for mankind expressed in our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution.

As we have known for some time now, war-making and the ‘military industrial complex’ has become one of the biggest, greediest profit machines for stockholders ever to exist.

What is the biggest cause of all the divisiveness between our fellow humans on this planet, that has lead to more wars than any other reason over the centuries? ORGANIZED RELIGION.

If your initial answer was ‘lust for power’, that is understandable, for it is very synonymous with organized religion, because those who crafted the lies about ‘God’ in the Big Three organized religions were always doing so primarily for the purpose of gaining power and control of the world, demeaning women and other races as second class humans (some races not valued as human at all) and condemning all humans of diverse cultures and beliefs in the name of the ‘God’ they crafted IN THEIR HATEFUL IMAGE, not the other way around.

And as you read their so called ‘holy’ scriptures, as I did since early childhood, and if you don’t ‘cherry pick’ just the verses you like and hypocritically ignore the many others, you see how men crafted a false, violent, vengeful image of God that said that they were to kill all those who did not believe as they did, and an image of God that called for them to commit acts of genocide against such ‘pagans’ and ‘unbelievers’, etc. (Joshua Chapter 6 is one of countless such examples in the Bible, and there are countless examples of this in the Koran as well)

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HUMAN? That is not a complicated question at all.

Being human is a temporary experience here, and it simply means to be a SPIRIT who is temporarily housed in a physical existence, whose purpose is to be in harmony and peace with all other spirits inhabiting this physical plane.

What it means to be human means to learn during this temporary experience in the physical, that there is NO quality that differentiates you, or your specific culture, as being the ‘Chosen Race of God’… NO belief that makes you ‘saved’ and all others ‘condemned’.

Those are the sick, selfish, ego driven and grossly bigoted man-made ‘values’ that are endemic in organized religion, meaning Christianity, Judaism and Islam primarily. They are rampant throughout the patriarchal, man-made writings of both the Bible and the Koran. They are the primary impetus for the unnecessary division between humans on this planet that continues to foster an equally unnecessary war posture between us.


ENOUGH with all of you who keep pretending that the Bible or the Koran doesn’t represent and repeatedly say those condemning divisive things…Enough with the hypocrisy and pretending that there is nothing wrong with those religious institutions and ‘scriptures’…Enough with ignoring this truth while continuing to align with such religious institutions.

It is vital to understand that it doesn’t matter if you yourself personally don’t believe all of those divisive ‘scriptures’…the hypocrisy is when you refuse to have the courage to stand up against it, and BE the universal spirit of healing and change you were meant to be as a human here on this planet!

Look at it this way…Imagine if I were to have grown up in a racist environment in the south, and I were to say the following:

“Yeah, I know white nationalism and “The Klan” have some pretty ugly, divisive and racist beliefs, but I don’t necessarily believe all that stuff…Like Trump even said, I’m one of the ‘good people’ on that side, and I’m not going to speak out against those organizations, because that is my ‘southern culture’ and my upbringing.”

Now back to the grossly ignorant statement I mentioned above: “War shows what it means to be human”. That sentence needs a little adjustment to the wording to make it a true axiom…Here’s how it should be worded:

“War shows what it means to be a COLOSSAL FAILURE as a human race.”

With some rare exception where it can be argued that a war action had to happen and was unavoidable in order to stop genocide, or for self defense against aggression from another, war only shows what it means to be a COLOSSAL FAILURE as a human race. But even when it was self defense, often prior to that point, opportunities to come together and heal differences were purposefully avoided.

We have known for too long now, what is wrong and divisive that leads to war between mankind over the centuries.

So ENOUGH with the divisive religious and nationalistic hypocrisy, largely embraced especially by Trump supporters here in our nation, but also largely embraced by many others who just look the other way with ‘willful blindness,’ while they remain aligned with organized religions FUNDAMENTALLY BUILT on such divisive, man-made ‘scriptures’.

Violence directed toward one another, whether it be for nationalistic, political, cultural or religious reasons NEVER shows what it means to be human. They show our FAILURE as a human race thus far to understand unity and our shared oneness. We have been FAILING TOO LONG now, as Dr. King would agree with if he were here still today.

Our FALSE concept of the spiritual is the ROOT cause.

Organized religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) is the primary culprit in causing that false concept of divisiveness, elitism and ‘favoritism’ supposedly ordained by ‘God’, leading only to sick expectations of war in ‘God’s’ name, and the all too real potential for SELF FULFILLING ‘end times’ prophecies, etc.

That is why this has to stop now. We are way, way overdue forwhat I call a ‘second Renaissance.’ The sick mentality that has led to this current national disgrace in the U.S. that elected such an obviously immoral hypocrite as Donald Trump is just helping to scream and amplify the message I am writing here.

Just look at the hypocrisy of the so-called ‘evangelicals’ in supporting this immoral, bigoted ‘cult of personality’, and doing so in the name of ‘God’. It is beyond shameful, but it is yet another example of what I have been writing about for a long time now. Some members of my own family back in Florida are inexcusably a part of this shameful hypocrisy.

It’s time for a second Renaissance. A process toward a global awakening of what it really means to be human is beginning…An awakening to the lies of religion that have only stood in the way of that proper UNIFYING spiritual understanding.

The lie of Christianity is that to be human means you are sinful and evil by nature, and “God” needs a blood lust to be satisfied by animal sacrifice in the old testament, followed by human sacrifice with the crucifixion in the New Testament, with said blood satisfying “God’s” blood lust so that “HE” would not condemn you. And that sick portrayal of such a sick “God” is taught to little children.

The truth of what it means to be human is that you are a PART of what “God” is here temporarily in the physical…That means ALL OF US, not just a select ‘Chosen People’ or select belief that is ‘saved’. As a PART of what “God” is here in the physical, you are not sinful and evil by nature.

By nature you are loving and kind and good and holy. The unhealthy ignorant people around you are responsible for conditioning you to believe otherwise as you grow from a child. That which they seek to call “sin” is a misunderstanding of the growth process here in this physical world. During our growth process, we do make mistakes, wrong decisions and we make wrong turns. Those do not equate to a ‘sinful nature’. THEY ARE JUST MISTAKES THAT ARE MEANT TO BE LEARNED FROM. Them more spiritually wise we become, we learn from our mistakes faster, and we don’t look at others’ mistakes in their lives AS BEING UNFORGIVEN because of their different beliefs from ours, etc.

The big fundamental lie of the Big Three organized religions, is that as a human, we are somehow SEPARATE from what ‘God’ is, and therefore we can say God ‘prefers’ our belief in ‘Him’, while consequently saying all others are divided from us, unless they convert, etc.

It’s time for a second Renaissance…an awakening to the truth we were all meant to discover in this physical journey we are taking together on this planet, and that truth is this:

We are all one spiritual family…ONE in all of our beautiful diversity.

And that diversity of ‘culture’ across our planet must begin to ensure that its associated beliefs do NOT include any notion of ‘favoritism’ in the eyes of some perceived ‘exterior God’, but that understands all of humanity are first and foremost a sisterhood/brotherhood of ‘spirits’, here only temporarily in this physical world for the purpose of learning to love and accept, help and heal all others UNCONDITIONALLY…The way WE ourselves need to be loved and accepted for who we are, whether one is gay or straight, American or Mexican, Jewish or Palestinian…

Spiritual truth is that there is no ‘preferred belief’ other than UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & FORGIVENESS…And organized religion (especially Christianity and Islam) is always primarily and fundamentally built on man-made ‘conditions’ for that love and forgiveness.

You can have it only IF you convert to OUR way…only IF you convert to OUR belief in ‘God’, etc. That is the monumental religious lie that has incessantly led to the giant colossal failure of our long history of war between humans. 

Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness by definition CANNOT have an element of condemning others, or seeing them as undeserving of the same love and forgiveness that YOU believe you are deserving of. Why? Because the definition of UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS means it forgives UNCONDITIONALLY…So you can’t use your religious beliefs as a ‘condition’ for believing they are ‘condemned’… That is the epitome of hypocrisy and ignorance.

LOVE…real spiritual love, it never ever has any element of condemnation or damnation. That is a PERVERSION of what “GOD” is. And that is what continues to prevent healing and peace between humans to this very day.

Now is the time for that to change.

That said, for some time now I have been feeling led to create a unity-oriented fellowship group in Sacramento called “THE UNITED EARTH FELLOWSHIP.”

The fundamental purpose of this spiritual fellowship will be to create peace and true spiritual healing by first and foremost, EXPOSING the man-made fraud and lies of organized religion that only serve to create division in the name of “God”, and that STAND IN THE WAY of universal peace and healing…That only stand in the way of the understanding that we are all a SPIRITUAL FAMILY, all a PART of what “God” is, all are forgiven unconditionally, and there is NO CONDEMNATION whatsoever.

ENOUGH with the worry of ‘offending’ those who teach the opposite, which is nothing but religious hate and bigotry, falsely attributed to “God”.

For more info about “The United Earth Fellowship”, send me a message at [email protected].

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at