We don’t need a doctorate degree or ‘academic’ certification to lead and teach the truth…We don’t need to be ‘ordained’ by the church to lead and teach the truth. The truth is that you and I and every single one of us, of ALL ethnicities, of ALL cultures, of ALL sexes, whether straight or gay, ALL of us are already ‘ordained’ as it were, as an EQUAL PART of what “God” is.

We don’t need an academic certification or a church designating us as a ‘minister’ to teach and minister this truth that has been manipulated by the church, and a “Euro-centric” empire building agenda for thousands of years now.

As I’ve written about before, one of the dumbest questions you will hear people ask is, “What harm is someone’s religion causing?” And as always, my incredulous response is, “Are you really that dumb to ask such a stupid question in the face of all the mass genocide, war, prejudice and bigotry we have witnessed over the last 2 thousand years in the name of Judeo Christianity and Islam?”

“Are you really that dumb to ask such a stupid question in the face of all the people who turn their backs on friends or members of their family just because they have a different sexual orientation, or different ‘spiritual concept’ of the Divine?”

No, you are not that dumb to ask such a stupid question, and that makes such a question all the more disturbing, because it reflects a dangerous, ‘sheep-like’ conformity to the status quo…to the false Bible and Koran teachings that condemn so-called ‘unbelievers’.

Those condemning ‘scriptures’ are not ‘the word of God’…they are the word of bigoted men who were seeking to deify their respective cultures, and build world empires in expanding those cultures with such fear based false religious teachings, the chief violator among those efforts being the founders of Christianity.

True spirituality was around THOUSANDS of years before such man-made empire building efforts masquerading as being ‘holy’ and in the name of God.

True spirituality was bastardized by the founders of Christianity (as it was also with Judaism and Islam). To put it simply and fundamentally, true spirituality doesn’t seek empire building and domination, with a fear based concept of a condemning God – specifically a male God – that needs a human or animal sacrifice to satisfy a sick ‘blood lust’.

It is not OK to believe whatever you want just because it is your culture’s belief. As soon as your culture’s belief is a bigoted belief to the exclusion or detriment of others, it becomes a violation of “The Golden Rule”. As I said above, we don’t need a college degree or to be ‘ordained’ by any church to teach that truth.

Spiritual truth and “The Golden Rule” were around thousands of years BEFORE the Jews proclaimed themselves the ‘Chosen Ones’ of God. The so called ‘Ten Commandments’ were taken verbatim from a list of over a hundred ethical edicts that were taught and practiced by a much older African/Egyptian civilization that first carved those ethics of the greatest good into stone way back in the era of 4000 B.C.! (At least 2000 years BEFORE Moses)

The Jews, who are documented as having learned those ethical edicts from the African Egyptian teachers when the Jews were residing originally in that area (before their so-called ‘Exodus’ from Egypt) would later claim they were the ‘Chosen Race’ of God, and had been given those ethical laws by God in the process of His ‘CHOOSING’ their race, thus lying about and hiding the truth of the African/Egyptian spiritual origin of those ethics and teachings.

This was an empire building perversion of true spirituality, in order for the Jews to build and control their people with a male dominated, patriarchal image of a God that painted women as the temptress and cause of ‘original sin’, and proclaimed their race and culture to be preferred or elite in God’s eyes.

Christianity, which would come about 2 thousand years later, would be an offshoot of this man-made lie, created by the political leaders/emperor of Rome in tandem with the founders of the Roman Catholic church, and with the SAME EMPIRE BUILDING motivation at its core.

None of the fundamental components, beliefs and motifs of Judaism or Christianity are original…Whether it be the Garden of Eden story, the virgin birth myth, the ‘Noah’s ark’ myth and the great flood, the practice of the Eucharist with wine as a holy sacrament, the ‘Savior God-man’ myth, and the ‘death/resurrection’ myth…

They are all entirely COPIED, PLAGIARIZED and CO-OPTED…They are all documented and well known to be age old myths that were very popular among many cultures all around the world, long before Judaism and Christianity adopted them and twisted their meaning to suit their power and empire building/world control designs. This of course led to more wars and genocide in the name of “God” or “Jesus” than any other reason.

What is the harm? Get real.

The harm has been obvious. The harm has been the shameful, unnecessary BLOCK to world peace and unity on our shared planet, to this very day.

The harm has been the bigoted man made lie, masquerading as “God’s Word”, that has prevented us from understanding the real spiritual truth as it was originally taught, that being that we are NOT SEPARATE from what God is…That we are all a forever PART of what is Divine and Holy…That there are no ‘Chosen Ones’ of ANY religion, race or creed, and that each and every one of us are an equal manifestation of “God” here in the physical plane of existence. No one is ‘preferred’ while others are ‘condemned’ by a God with a sacrificial blood lust that has to be satisfied, etc…

That the spiritual purpose for us here is to wake up and realize these things, and to understand that WE…you and me…all of us are here to learn to BE the love and the healing of God that others need – not to use spirituality as a condemning ‘weapon’ that lifts us up as ‘preferred’ in the eyes of a separate God, at the exclusion and expense of others, as does the Bible and the Koran.

THAT IS THE TRUE MEANING OF “CHRISTMAS”…Peace on earth, good will, love & forgiveness for ALL, no matter what religion (or lack of religion) you are.

We don’t need a degree or ‘church ordination’ to teach this age old spiritual truth of universal Divine oneness…What we need is COURAGE to stop being conforming sheep to such corrupt, bigoted and dangerous institutional lies in the name of God.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at www.conniebryan.com)