The Republicans have become the “Trump Cult Party”. There is no doubt about that. However, it’s time for Democrats to wake up and realize that if we want to take our country back, we have to take our MORALS back from the growing Democrat “cult” within our party…

I’m of course referring to grossly irresponsible losers and idiots that crusade for getting stoned and using recreational drugs, who routinely ‘celebrate’ abortion rather than just supporting it as an early and rare option, and who create a dangerous example for young people as they celebrate and advocate doing whatever feels good as soon as you reach the age of 18, etc.

Let me touch on the Trump Cult Party again briefly…

Seeing and hearing all the evidence now that Trump lied about not knowing indicted Lev Parnas, Republicans don’t care… They KNOW he’s lying, just like the rest of the world, but the ‘Trump Cult Party’…let’s stop calling them Republicans…The Trump Cult Party doesn’t care, because it is the party of Wall Street and Corporate America, which is entirely based not on ethics, but on LYING and GREED to make as much money as possible at any cost including raping Mother Earth in that “Corporatism agenda”.

For example, if you just read Trump’s book “Art of the Deal”, it is largely about his bragging about all the dishonest and conniving things he got away with in building his ‘Trump empire’.

But understand this…The Trump Cult Party and all their evangelical hypocritical CHRISTIANS don’t care that Trump lies…as a matter of fact, in the Trump Cult Party, just like in Christianity, the TRUTH isn’t what makes you ‘credible’….

What makes you ‘credible’ is CONFORMITY… What makes you credible is entirely about LOYALTY, not honesty…It’s all about conformity and loyalty to the Trump Cult Party agenda. That is how Trump supporting Republicans define ‘credibility’ in this sick POST TRUTH culture we live in here in the U.S. (I specifically said ‘Trump supporting Republicans because don’t forget there are a significant number of Republicans who have not lost their moral compass and who are just as sick about what they are witnessing happening to their party right now as we are as Democrats.)

Back to our Democrat Party cult… It is critical that we make sure to get apathetic lazy dope smoking liberals off their ass in November and out to the freaking voting booth!

We can’t afford to be lazy and apathetic…Hold people accountable when you hear them say shit like, “I don’t care anymore…I’m not into politics” Ask them “OH YEAH, are you INTO ETHICS? ARE YOU INTO DEMOCRACY and the U.S. CONSTITUTION? ARE YOU INTO ENDING RAPING THE EARTH FOR UNBRIDLED GREED FOR THE 1%, AND ENDING RACISM AND BIGOTRY?”

We don’t end those things advocating getting stoned and doing recreational drugs.

Listen to me folks, because this is very important…OBVIOUSLY, The Republicans are not the “Family Values Party”, though they have tried to brand themselves as such.

However, what is critical to realize is this: NEITHER ARE THE DEMOCRATS, because of the dangerous, unhealthy faction within our party that has abandoned morals and has abandoned setting the right example for young people for advocating using recreational drugs, treating their bodies like they are a walking filthy “Coney Island” amusement Park and not just supporting abortion as an early and rare last resort, but routinely celebrating it like we celebrate freedom.

Abortion should be available, but there should never be late term abortions of a fetus that is viable outside the womb…If someone is going to have one, it is a ‘no brainer’ moral imperative that they need to have one earlier than that.

But the Democratic cult within our party doesn’t recognize that…They recognize protecting mice from being used in lab experiments, but not protecting and limiting such late term abortions of a baby who can survive outside the womb at the point it is violently ‘sucked out’ of the womb by an abortion provider member of their ‘liberal cult’ within our party.

If we as Democrats want to take our country back, we have to also use this defining moment in 2020 to begin to call out the sick and dangerous cult members within our own party.

Morality need have nothing to do with religion or the Bible…I’m talking about finding our community values again, finding our “Golden Rule” values again. That is what this country needs.

Don’t forget that a big reason why many people jumped ship from our Democratic party to the Republican party had to do with their disgust with those I am describing here.

it’s time we woke up and understood that, found our moral and ethical compass again, and clean up our mess within our party.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing on cable access channels in 14 markets nationwide including Washington D.C. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at