You don’t have to be an attorney to know that a trial is not a trial if those presiding over it use their personal and political bias to block witnesses and evidence.

The Senate, by voting now to BLOCK all witnesses in the impeachment proceedings who could be called to give critical testimony about Trump’s abuse of power, has now JOINED WITH Trump as a willing accomplice in a mind blowing level of corruption the likes of which our country has never seen.

We need to be marching in the streets going forward through the night of Trump’s ‘State of the Union Address’ and beyond.

I know that many of us are feeling powerless at the present, feeling like we have only to wait for the election in 2020. But that is not true, and is actually a cop out in many respects. Honestly, I can’t believe we haven’t already been out in large number protesting the corruption we are seeing from Republicans, and specifically their “SHAMEFUL SHAM” of monumental dishonesty in the Senate impeachment proceedings, trying to PREVENT evidence and witnesses from being heard.

If ever there was a reason to march and protest and let our majority voices be heard, it is NOW as a result of this threat to our democracy like we have never seen before.

Is it that we are too afraid because a fraction of Trump supporters like to threaten violence and civil war over their willful cult support of this “Corrupter-In-Chief”? Have we become so distracted by self interest and material pursuits, tuning out the news in favor of watching “Dancing With the Stars” and “America’s Got Talent”, that we don’t care to STAND UP AGAINST this absurdity that is threatening our nation?

We must wake up now and realize these are elected officials who are NOT acting from their loyalty to their oath to the Constitution…They are NOT acting as your trusted elected representatives…they are acting as Trump’s obedient ‘lap dogs’ and ‘cult representatives’.

The Senate is now actively and aggressively ENABLING and PROTECTING someone who is a huge sell out to, and who has repeatedly acted specifically IN THE INTEREST OF, one of our arch adversaries, Russian President Vladamir Putin, while simultaneously SHAMING ALL of our nation’s intelligence agencies who were warning him about Russia’s active threats.

Now is the time for a powerful display of national protest from ethical Americans on both sides of the aisle. There has NEVER been more of a need for Americans to march in the streets and let their voices be heard against such abuse of our trust, and the democratic values our country is built upon.

Connie Bryan

PS…Below is a link to my facebook page where I originally wrote this post, where you can see several members of the “Trump Cult Party” come out of the woodwork with their hypocrisy in response, and some of my facebook friends who helped put them in their shameful place…When you land on my facebook page, you will see this official blog version at the top. Just scroll down past this one to see the original post just below it:

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