California Governor Newsom is full of horse manure, regarding his irresponsible and alarmist claim that 25 MILLION Californians will contract the Corona virus, and he is merely playing an alarmist political game, joined at the hip with the fear-mongering media agenda, with his recent STATEWIDE ‘STAY AT HOME ORDER’, all over something that all the reputable medical experts are saying equates to nothing more than another version of the FLU.

I’m going to be hitting you with true REALITY and FACTS here about the Corona Flu – because that is ALL that it is – as opposed to the media’s newest reality show “CORONA SURVIVOR” that they are shamefully broadcasting 24/7. So if this brings you down from your “FEAR HIGH” that you are craving to be satisfied, TOO BAD!

It’s obvious with all the scary music they start their coverage with, and the scary pictures they run in the background of medical checkpoints with people in ‘moon suits’ stopping cars, while the occupant is required to open their mouth and say “BAAAHHHHHH” while their mouth is swabbed…

While it is blatantly obvious that the media is hyping this ‘corona virus’ topic for maximum ratings, what is really MORE concerning in the bigger picture is the degree to which so many people allow themselves to be ‘infected’ with that hype…

I recently had a candid converstation with one 20 something young man I encountered, who began spouting off total B.S. that he had been brainwashed to believe by the media, that the Corona virus ‘crystalizes your lungs’ and is a ‘killer virus’ unlike anything we’ve ever seen’.

That is a complete and total fallacy. It is gross DISINFORMATION, and it is an egregious example of ‘FAKE NEWS’. I explained to him that what he is thinking about regarding irreparable damage to the lungs is what can happen when either the Corona flu OR the regular flu turns into a SEVERE case of pneumonia.

Notice I said ‘severe’ case of pneumonia, not just a standard case that gets treated and the patient improves. (As I will detail a little further below, expert after medical expert have explained that the vast majority who contract the Corona virus will only have MILD flu symptoms, but the media is ignoring this in their so called ‘reporting’ on the topic.)

Since encountering the ‘masked’, fearful young man I described above, I walked into a pizza joint where NBC was broadcasting a ‘news’ segment, and sure enough the guest, who was NOT a physician, was spouting this same dishonest, entirely false narrative in the interview with the anchor.

He was saying that the CORONA virus itself will put the vast majority of people ‘in the hospital’ (complete OPPOSITE of the truth – the vast majority will have mild flu symptoms as regularly reported by the medical experts) and he proceeded to say that the Corona virus routinely causes irreparable ‘scarring of the lungs’ in all who get it (again, a gigantic lie as described above).

The truth is not being regularly reported by the media, who is engaging in a ‘FEAR FEEDING FRENZY’, with viewer ‘ratings’ being the blood their ‘shark mentality’ is feeding off of.

The TRUTH regarding the lies of that guest on NBC described above is once again, that ONLY THE VERY FEW in whom the Corona flu becomes a SEVERE case of pneumonia will experience the threat of scarring of the lungs which is NOT CAUSED BY THE CORONA VIRUS…Scarring of the lungs is caused by PNEUMONIA. This is the same thing that happens with those who get hospitalized with the flu or who die from the flu…They die because they are the rare few who contracted a severe case of pneumonia.

The truth is, you are very UNLIKELY to be infected with this virus…Maybe the flu, but at this point likely not even that as we are approaching the end of flu season…But, you willingly and fearfully allow yourself to be infected on a routine basis by the OBVIOUS fear based hype of the mainstream media? Do you have a mind of your own? You do?? OK THEN USE IT GOD DANG IT!!

The media is trying to see just how much they can scare, manipulate and control a nation that has become largely a bunch of scared babies. Also, many of you shamefully DO see this for the fake hype that it is, but you realize it helps make Trump look really bad for not being on top of it, and so you are not speaking out about the media causing this false hype that is causing mass hysteria.

Liberals can’t be such hypocrites when we are trying to call out the hypocrites who elected this Con-artist-in-Chief who has made a mockery of the highest office of our land. Besides, he doesn’t need any help to look bad, especially if it is being so obviously falsely manufactured like this.

Here’s a huge, critical fact you will hardly ever hear in the media’s 24/7 ratings obsessed “Corona Survivor” reality show: 80 to 90% who get the Corona virus will have MILD FLU SYMPTOMS, not even harsh flu symptoms and recover in a few weeks! Maybe 5 to 10% will require significant treatment, a very small percentage will require hospitalization, and 1 to 2% is the mortality rate, which is virtually THE SAME AS THE FLU!

What do you hear from the media’s reality show coverage of “Corona Survivor”? That the hospitals should expect to be overwhelmed with patients they won’t be able to handle and they are already experiencing some of this now in ‘hot spot’ areas.

OF COURSE, and that is because the media has tried to scare the SH#T out of the entire country, without making the above fact front and center in their coverage, so that if you even come down with a strong case of the COMMON COLD with a fever, or a significant flare up of allergies making you cough a lot, you will be so afraid that it might be CORONA, that you will panic and run to the hospital.

And what I need to address next is possibly the most disturbing aspect in all of this media hype…What we are starting to hear more and more in this reality show coverage of Corona is not just a bizarre encouragement of massive city ‘lockdowns’ and forcible closures of community businesses, but more and more we are hearing the anchors of these so called ‘news casts’ starting to refer to this as our nation’s “NEW NORMAL”…A “new normal of social distancing” going forward, and a “NEW CULTURE” that we will “LEARN TO LIKE”.

No folks, NONE of this is ‘NORMAL’. None of it is a ‘new normal’ we as Americans will ‘learn to like’. That is a very insidious anti-American message that is being inserted into all of this media hype and hysteria. We have to be more ‘hyper aware’ to this kind of manipulation and propaganda we are seeing more and more in the mainstream media.

I was shocked the first time I heard those exact messages being said and even put up on a scroll on screen on both MSNBC and CNN’s coverage of the Corona Flu. The first time was on Brian Williams show with a guest he brought on to make that point, and the second time was on Rachel Maddow’s show of all things. This after Rachel inexcusably began her show very irresponsibly and recklessly, making a bizarre comparison between the Corona Flu virus to the AIDS virus!

Rachel knows better than to try to make such a ludicrous, absurd comparison of a flu-like virus most recover from in a few weeks, to a blood born killer pathogen that kills all who don’t remain on a LIFE LONG REGIMEN OF LIFE SAVING DRUGS!

Folks, we have to wake up and stop being such sheep that we allow our nation to be so influenced by such irresponsible media content MASQUERADING as ‘news’.

Because as I said above, if we don’t want to be seen as glaring hypocrites ourselves, then we have to be much more responsible in holding ourselves to a higher standard that doesn’t engage in this kind of hype over something that all the experts are saying is nothing more than another version of the flu!

And yes, if you are wondering, I am going to repeat that louder than your ‘bahhhhhhing” like a sheep, until you wake up and realize that you are NOT a sheep, you have a mind of your own, and this Corona virus is not going to hurt you any more than the flu can! AND WE DON’T SHUT THE NATION DOWN OVER THE FLU!

There is an over-arching agenda by the powers that be, to get us more and more away from real community oriented connections, more and more away from quality, in person socializing. That agenda translates in many ways to much more CONTROL by them and less independent thought in our society, and it also largely translates to much LESS of a chance that we’d effectively mobilize in large protests to hold those in power accountable…etc, etc.

I could list a few examples here of the ludicrous behavior of some that I have seen lately, who let themselves be so controlled by this hype and BS that they turned their back on small gatherings of friends that are the core of what community and HUMAN LIFE is really all about.

I will be writing more about this ‘sick’, ‘infectious’ fear-mongering trend in the future, and will be relating it to the major threat that CEO’s like Jeff Bezos and Amazon are to the basic community, small business, anti-monopoly free enterprise values of democracy our forefathers intended.

More and more, largely influenced by such infantile fear based conformity, people are flocking like sheep to the ONLINE, CHEAPEST PRICE of the monopolizing predator of all predators, Amazon, while recklessly and willfully not caring about the HUGE COST to ourselves and our communities in the process, from not supporting community businesses and free enterprise so that WE can have the future OPTION to go into business TOO! So that WE can have the OPTION of places to be employed, AND NOT JUST WITH EITHER WALMART OR AMAZON!

What has happened is this…Behind the scenes, the powers that be of the so called ‘news media’ today have said, “Hey, we need to amp up the fear factor for our ratings. Anytime a new virus comes out, we can capitalize on the ‘unkown’ factor for at least a few weeks, because we know people don’t like to do their own homework, and this will be HUGE for our ratings…Let’s see how much control we can have on everything…Let’s see how far the ‘sheep’ will let us take it!”

And it is shocking how far they’ve been allowed to take it, largely because they’ve scared people so bad with lack of the medical facts about the nature of this new flu virus, and instead have amped up to new levels this crazy, unjust fear-mongering to the extent that one person recently left me a comment that he ‘DOESN’T WANT HIS MOM TO DIE’.

Like I wrote back to him, of course no one wants mom to die, or grandpa to die, anymore than we want the 70 year old homeless woman struggling on the street to die, but if you look at the numbers for the death toll for the flu – again, it’s virtually always the chronically ill from other things- the numbers are exponentially HIGHER, and we don’t panic and force all restaurants and bars and small businesses to close, and force ‘lock downs’ or ‘shelter in place’ over the freaking FLU! It’s time to wake up to this B.S.

Liberals are largely behind this mass sheep conformity to this hysteria because we as Liberals have a serious faction within our numbers that have become infants and babies in their fear of facing normal life…This is exactly WHY so many of them irresponsibly advocate for being allowed to do recreational drugs…

This is why people like comedian Bill Maher say they don’t care about ‘setting any right example’ for young people, because they want to call doing drugs ‘recreation’ as they seek to run away from responsibility and facing the real world like a strong, healthy, responsible adult.

A strong healthy responsible adult, even one who is 80 years or 90 years old, is NOT going to die from the Corona flu. If they did, it would be what we call an “outlier”…a rare exception. Even as I write this now, ITALY just announced that 99% of those who died from the Corona virus were elderly people with SERIOUS health issues, just like with the REGULAR FLU VIRUS.

Also, I want to note that as we see many more cases documented in the U.S. due to access to more test kits, that is only going to massively LOWER the death rate numbers from where they currently are! And where they currently are, they are reflecting the same numbers as that of the flu! (See I told you I am going to repeat the hell out of that point, until you stop ‘bahhhhing’ like Mary’s little lamb!)

To elaborate on that last point, remember this…we generally have much more accurate numbers on those who DIE of Corona, because those cases were being dealt with by medical staff. So we have a fairly good idea of how many are DYING of this new flu virus. It is on average between 1 to 2% JUST LIKE THE REGULAR FLU.

But all you hear is, “OH MY GOD, the news is saying the numbers INFECTED are going to go up drastically with more test kits!” Listen to me…If the numbers of those who have come down with a version of the Corona flu go up, and I agree that naturally they likely will, that will only make the death toll show drastically much LOWER in comparison!

Like I shared in a previous article, here are the numbers for the flu just this year alone from the Center for Disease Control’s own estimates: 45 MILLION cases, with 45,000 deaths worldwide! As I write this, worldwide we have approx. 240,000 cases with less than 10,000 deaths.

Even if we had a MILLION cases of Corona, to say it was DWARFED in comparison would be an understatement.

Why don’t we force massive ‘lockdowns’ and ‘shelter in place’ orders and shut all restaurants because of the 45,000 ‘moms’ and ‘grandpas’ who died from the FLU?? Don’t sound foolish and say, “Because we have a vaccine for the flu” because the vaccine only works 40 to 50% of the time at best, often even less of the time because just like the Corona version of the flu (have you stopped “Bahhhhhing” yet?)

Just like the Corona version of the flu, ANY vaccine they supposedly come up with down the line will not be effective more than that, because medical experts have said that just like the flu, Corona has many different ‘strains’.

We are not ‘at the mercy of this virus’ because we have ‘no immunity’. That is more lying and fake news disinformation.  Again, the reason all the reputable medical experts are telling us that the vast majority who get the Corona virus will have MILD FLU SYMPTOMS IS BECAUSE OUR BODIES DO HAVE THE NATURAL IMMUNITY TO FIGHT IT OFF IN A WEEK OR TWO ON AVERAGE!

Our bodies have what it takes to fight off Corona naturally, just like we do the flu, as we do every year, due to the fact that many get a strain that the vaccine they took was not effective in stopping.

Google Carl Goldman, the man who got the Corona virus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, and listen to him talk about how mild his symptoms were.

Tom Hanks and his wife, SAME THING. You would see that be the case over and over again if the media would make those updates ‘front and center’ coverage. As a matter of fact, Hanks tweeted out on March 18th that his experience was just ‘the blahs’, not even a fever.

DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A ‘LUNG EATING’ KILLER BUG?  In his quote, he said the ‘bad news’ was his wife was winning against him a lot in their card games!

Again, I am repeating what I shared above…The medical experts are saying the evidence is consistently showing that the VAST MAJORITY (80 to 90% of those who catch the Corona virus) will have MILD FLU SYMPTOMS. But the media doesn’t want to put that kind of report on the air front and center, because that would ALLEVIATE your fear, and ALLEVIATING your fear doesn’t translate to a POPULAR REALITY SHOW like “CORONA SURVIVOR”!

(Below I have included just three of many great medical expert source examples, including Dr. Steven Hotze, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute on Allergies and Infectious Disease, and from John Hopkins University detailing the strong comparisons between the Corona virus and the flu.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA, and the host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable TV markets nationwide including Washington D.C. Check out all of Connie’s material on her website and blog at