Below I have listed actual facts and quotes from the TOP medical expert organizations studying Corona, such as the CDC & The World Health Organization, that report the VAST MAJORITY who catch the Corona virus will have MILD FLU SYMPTOMS.

Let me just say that normal ‘harsh flu season’ precautions, avoiding large crowded events and staying home IF YOU ARE SICK or if you are in the ‘at risk’ demographic is one thing, but we don’t SHUT THE COUNTRY DOWN, and forcibly close people’s livelihoods and businesses over this.

The Center for Disease Control(CDC): “Information so far suggests that most COVID-19 illness is mild… Older people and people of all ages with severe chronic medical conditions — like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, for example — seem to be at higher risk of developing serious COVID-19 illness…”

“A CDC Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report that looked at severity of disease among COVID-19 cases in the United States by age group found that 80% of deaths were among adults 65 years and older with the highest percentage of severe outcomes occurring in people 85 years and older.”

I want to point out here that the above ‘at risk’ demographic for Covid-19(Corona) is the SAME ‘at risk’ demographic that we see every year with the FLU.

Dr. Robert Quigley, regional medical director of International SOS: “We’re dealing clearly with a pandemic for all intents and purposes, but the vast majority of us who are going to contract the disease are not going to be significantly impacted.”

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of The World Health Organization regarding the major case study published by the Chinese Center for Disease Contol: “More than 80% of patients have mild disease and will recover…In 2% of reported cases, the virus is fatal, and the risk of death increases the older you are.We see relatively few cases among children. More research is needed to understand why.”

Also from the W.H.O.: “For most people, COVID-19 infection will cause mild illness; however, it can make some people very ill and, in some people, it can be fatal,” the WHO says. “Older people, and those with pre-existing medical conditions (such as cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease or diabetes) are at risk for severe disease.”

Again, to all you ‘sheep’ who are buying into all this ‘REALITY SHOW MEDIA HYPE’, the above quotes about those who are most ‘at risk’ are the same ‘at risk’ demographic with the FLU every year.

At the end of this article I have included where you can go to find and watch the April 2020 edition of my monthly cable TV show “The Connie Bryan Show”. I deal head on with this topic on this month’s show and I hope you will check it out.

But first, let’s continue to really FLATTEN the HYPE with some more powerful, highly relevant facts that you didn’t know, because of the ridiculous degree of fear-mongering ‘spin’ the mainstream media is using to unnecessarily scare you about the Corona virus…

And let me just say that as I write this, I am very aware of a sadly large number of very easily misled ‘sheep’, who have bought into a particular political agenda behind the media hype. Because that agenda is much like a ‘fundamentalist religion’ in their ‘sheep-like minds’ there are going to totally misunderstand what I am showing you here about the obvious media hype regarding Covid-19.

So let me just say this to all of them: If you’d stop ‘bahhhhhhing’ and HONESTLY LISTEN to what I’m showing you here, it would CALM your fears in a big way. I realize this isn’t the narrative you’ve been told by CNN and MSNBC that you have to conform to. But I too am a Democrat, and I have been one of the most outspoken people over the last 4 years writing and talking on my show about how he is a career criminal con-artist, and has perverted the highest office of our land, and he has to go…

Even still, this is the honest truth…There is a big difference between the word ‘hoax’ and the word ‘hype’. Obviously the novel Corona virus is real and is not any kind of ‘hoax’. But it IS being massively HYPED in a huge way by the media right now as part of a political agenda, and there’s no excuse for it. There’s also no excuse for the threat that hype and manufactured hysteria is becoming to Americans’ precious freedom and independence, both social and economic.

I am going to show you the facts that Corona is NOT the terminal ‘killer bug’ they are trying to make you think it is…

Certainly just under 5000 deaths from Covid-19 in the U.S. currently (as of April 2nd, 2020) is very unfortunate, but that number PALES IN COMPARISON to the number of deaths from THE FLU just this year alone already at 45,000!

Now, I really HOPE you are sitting down right now, for the number of deaths from THE FLU in 2018…

Before you read on to find that number, stop and keep this in perspective with the number of deaths from Corona currently at just under 5000. Before you read on, keeping that in perspective meaning keeping our huge SHUTDOWN OF THE NATION in mind over close to 5000 deaths, how many deaths do you think occurred from the Flu in 2018?

Significantly LESS than 5000? You’d think so, right? Otherwise, wouldn’t we have reacted in a similar fashion as we are reacting to 4000 deaths now?

Don’t say “No, because we have a ‘treatment’ or a ‘vaccine’ for the Flu”, because that is stupid…The reason that is a very stupid thing to say is because with an effective ‘vaccine’ or ‘treatment’, you’d expect there NOT to be as many deaths as we are seeing with Corona, wouldn’t you?? Let alone ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE MORE than where the number dead from Corona is presently.

Hopefully by now, you have found a comfortable chair in which to sit down, as I educate you on how many Americans died from the FLU in 2017/2018 Flu season… 80,000!!

EIGHTY THOUSAND DEAD BODIES! (Sources: The CDC, The Associated Press and also The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases)

We are at a TINY FRACTION of that number with Corona! And also, 180,000 people have already completely RECOVERED from Corona as of today! Why the HELL isn’t that number being reported front and center in the media??

Why? Well, because that would ALLEVIATE people’s fears! ALLEVIATING your fears does not translate to RATINGS for the ‘reality show media’ masquerading as ‘the news media’!

It also does not translate to the ‘POLITICAL NARRATIVE’ that much of the media is shamefully trying to attach to this pandemic 24/7.

Please do not misunderstand my motives here. As I shared above, I am a Democrat and we have never seen anyone as dishonest, unethical and corrupt as Donald Trump in the White House. But when you are ‘intellectually honest’, that means you are capable of understanding that TWO things can both be TRUE at the same time, and not be mutually exclusive…

Meaning 1.) Trump is the most corrupt, criminally dishonest, unethical President we’ve ever had, and he has to go…And 2.) There is obviously a ‘media hyped political agenda’ strongly at play here, clearly seeking to create excess fear and panic, in how they are covering this Corona virus pandemic.

Another example I’d like to share with you about the largely dishonest information being fed to all of us 24/7, actually involves something the ‘Dumb-Ass-In-Chief’ said recently in his press conference…

He tried to use an example of a friend of his who caught the Corona virus and quickly ended up in the hospital in a coma…Trump then said, “That’s not the flu!” meaning that’s not what happens with the flu, which is complete horse sh#t! That is EXACTLY what happens to people who die from the flu, just like Covid-19(Corona).

IF, and I stress the word IF we had been covering DEATHS FROM THE FLU even just this year alone, with 45,000 deaths, we’d have seen the so called ‘WAR ZONE’ they are talking about right now with Corona made to pale in comparison, amplified TEN FOLD!!

And that doesn’t even come close to the WAR ZONE that we would have witnessed with dead bodies piling up at hospitals in major metropolitan areas from the number dead from the flu in 2018, as I listed above, being 80,000!

I don’t write this to make light of the deaths from Corona, but I write it to put things in proper perspective.

You are very, very dumb if you are one of these ‘sheep’ who try to say that those deaths from the flu are somehow not concerning because there is a ‘known treatment’ and a ‘vaccine’ for the flu…That makes ZERO sense.

Think about it…Even with such a ‘treatment’ and ‘vaccine’, we STILL have 80,000 DEAD from the flu?? That is showing us that we should be concerned about it EVEN MORE, because even with a so called ‘treatment’, 80,000 people died! Where was the media outcry for them??

Where was the dire warning for all of us to stay home so we don’t ‘spread the flu’ and so that we ‘save lives’ and ‘flatten the curve’ for those at risk in much larger numbers??

Again, the death toll for Corona is a TINY fraction of that at almost 5000 presently, verses 80,000. And as I mentioned above, we already have very large numbers of people RECOVERING every day, currently that number being approximately 180,000 and rising fast.

And as more recover, and more are tested and found to have it, the vast majority being just fine, and as more are tested and discovered to have the ‘anti-bodies’ to fight it off, the mortality rate will continue to DROP lower and lower in the next few weeks and months!

Watch and see this bear out exactly as I am saying in the next few weeks. Everything is going to be fine. You don’t need to be scared to death, hiding in your house, afraid to have any social contact. This is NOT what the media has been trying to make it out to be in their agenda for control of the masses.

It’s nothing to make light of, but neither would we make light of a particularly vicious flu season with close to 20 TIMES the number dead nationwide!

Lastly, I want to point out another very important fact…

There is something REALLY wrong with some who are saying that it is the government’s fault that hospitals don’t have enough ventilators. Here’s why that doesn’t add up…

People who die from the flu die for the SAME reasons as those dying from Corona…They die in the same ‘at risk’ demographic as those dying from Corona…That is a fact.

Their ‘flu symptoms’ become worse and their immune system can’t handle it. And it isn’t the flu or Corona that kills them, it is PNEUMONIA that develops, pneumonia being a BACTERIAL infection of the lungs.

CONTRARY to Trump’s false statement in his recent press conference I referred to above, pneumonia complications from the flu DOES put people quickly in a coma, just like his ‘friend’ with the Corona virus.

Where am I going with this regarding ventilators? Well, as I listed the HUGE numbers of deaths above, showing deaths from the flu at 80,000 in 2018, and since we KNOW that those individuals who died from complications of the flu turning into pneumonia would have needed almost at least 10 or 20 TIMES MORE ventilators than the number in critical condition from Corona right now, why didn’t we hear about an even BIGGER shortage of ventilators back then in 2018?

Obviously there was NO shortage is my point, and there would have been a much bigger need for them with that many people in ICU with life threatening pneumonia complications from the flu. The numbers would have been bigger than the 80,000 who sadly died, because there would have been many who made it through on the ventilators.

Also obviously, since there was no shortage, hospitals WERE COMPLETELY AWARE that you CAN have tens of thousands more people in need of ventilators from such viruses, than where we are with the critical intensive care cases presently with Corona.

So they WERE prepared in 2018. That means something is very wrong with the assertion that hospitals have suddenly been overwhelmed and ‘caught by surprise’ with a much smaller fraction of close to 5000 deaths, when they handled 45,000 flu deaths this year already, and 80,000 flu deaths in 2018 already with no outcry!

Again, dying from the flu predominantly means it turned into a horrible, uncontrollable case of pneumonia just like those who die from Corona, and so those individuals would have had to be on ventilators in much LARGER numbers only a couple of years ago.

So as much as Trump has to go, there is something to his wondering out loud at his press conference recently, about where such medical supplies are seemingly ‘disappearing to’…He wondered aloud during the press conference, whether they are ‘going out the back door’

If you think honestly about what I’m explaining here, you have to admit there is no arguing with that logic. If we are going to force everyone to stay home to ‘protect the at risk groups’ when we are seeing a death toll of only 5000, then there is NO ARGUING the fact that we should have done the same when the death toll was 45,000 this year, and 80,000 in 2018!!

The bodies piling up at hospitals from those deaths from the flu would make 5000 so far from Corona PALE in comparison. But you just didn’t have the media COVERING it then, and they damn sure aren’t wanting to remind you about it in their coverage right now of the Corona virus.

Again, it is a very absurd thing to say, that because there is a ‘treatment’ for the flu, that means we wouldn’t be alarmed, because obviously the treatment and ‘vaccine’ is NOT doing the trick if 80,000 died from the flu turning into pneumonia the same way Corona can turn into pneumonia, mainly in the same ‘at risk’ demographics.

And to recap, if we obviously had PLENTY of ventilators for many of the 80,000 who sadly ended up dying from the flu in 2018, then it is absurd to believe we’d not have enough for the TINY FRACTION of that number who are in intensive care NOW with the Corona virus.

And to close, here are just a few more very relevant stats from the CDC about a period in the 2018 flu season when the flu exceeded the threshold for an epidemic in the U.S., and also reached a mortality rate of 10 percent! (Corona is at 2% and dropping…Dr. Fauci has said he is hopeful it will drop to under 1% mortality as more Americans take the test and the numbers of those who caught it are found to be much higher and recovering)

(From the CDC) “During the 2017-2018 season, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P&I) was at or above the epidemic threshold for 16 consecutive weeks.”

(CDC Continuing) “Nationally, mortality attributed to P&I (pneumonia and influenza) exceeded 10.0% for four consecutive weeks, peaking at 10.8% during the week ending January 20, 2018.”

We are at almost 5000 deaths nationwide as of today, April 2nd, 2020…Compare that to 4749 flu deaths IN NEW YORK ALONE in 2018.(Source: U.S. Center for Disease Control)

Most if not all of those 4749 victims would have required ventilators as well before they died, but there was ZERO outcry about ‘being caught by surprise’ and not having enough ventilators, and the death toll just in New York alone from the flu that year was approximately where it is for Corona NATIONWIDE at present.

Everything is going to be just fine. The numbers DO NOT justify the manufactured panic and hysteria the ‘reality show media’ has been trying to create around this in our nation. Corona is NOT the terminal ‘killer bug’ they have been trying to make you think that it is.

While it is a different virus than the flu, and appears to be more contagious than the flu, it is very much similar to the flu, and the media has been shamefully dishonest trying to ‘spin’ it otherwise for ratings and a left-leaning political agenda that is inexcusably threatening Americans’ freedom and precious independence.

And THAT is the much more dangerous ‘infection’ that we need to always guard against!

Connie Bryan

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