As I occasionally joke about on stage in my standup act, the more accurate name for Facebook is “FAKEBOOK”! It is the quintessential example of what has become of our country…Pretentious self-absorption and fakeness beyond belief, all based on fabricated ‘perception’, and not reality…All based on ‘playing the game’…”Fake it till you make it” as the popular expression goes.

If you are among my ‘Fakebook’ contacts who have access to my posts that I usually begin writing there, and then develop them into my WordPress articles like this one (found on my Connie Bryan blog at, you have a rare exception to the rule from the massive ‘game playing’ fakeness that is the name of the game on that platform.

‘Fakeness’, ‘image fabrication’ and ‘shallow pretention’ is the name of the game in ALL of social media, and in the ‘reality show media’ in general, both on social media and cable television.

I was recently accused by one ‘sheep’ among my Fakebook contacts, who lashed out to accuse me of being on an ‘ego trip’. That is just another example of a person who finds immense comfort in conforming to the ‘game’, and becomes angered when that comfort zone is rightly challenged…when some rare, healing honesty manages to get through their social media ‘sheep filter’.

Trust me, I am not on an ego trip…If I was on an ego trip, I’d be ‘playing the game’ to the max to ‘fake it till I make it’, thereby building a popular following of all of you who are conditioned to ‘follow’ a certain preconceived popular image and political narrative…A narrative that is carefully crafted by those on social media who KNOW what you want to hear…

A narrative carefully crafted by a mainstream media that ritually uses that knowledge of what they know you WANT and EXPECT to hear, in order to create a ‘popular perception’ for RATINGS!

Just so you know, if you haven’t yet figured it out…The OPPOSITE is where I am coming from, which is the OPPOSITE of an ego trip…

Like many of you, I am a Democrat. That said, I can clearly see what is destroying this nation from the inside…And what is destroying this nation from the inside is NOT ONLY coming from the Trump Cult on the Right.

That being the case, I don’t care that many of you do not find the ethical, straightforward FACTS I always present to be ‘popular’ with your Left-wing narrative. MUCH about that Left wing narrative is just as corrupt, unethical and dangerous for our country as the corrupt Right wing popular narrative I rail against routinely!

The truth is somewhere in the intellectually honest MIDDLE.

While I will ALWAYS stand up for myself and call out unhealthy ignorance from others who are ‘playing the game’, I’m not motivated by any ego or image, which is entirely what IS underpinning the mind-blowing level of fakeness and image obsession at the root of social media, at the root of the pathetic ‘news media’ in general, and subsequently at the root of our unhealthy culture today as a result.

I care about intellectual honesty and EXPOSING THE GAME PLAYING AND THE GAS LIGHTING ON BOTH THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT, which is an ‘infection’ threatening our nation FAR MORE than the little novel Corona virus.

My life is a mission of genuine honesty, and a mission of bringing spiritual healing to the rampant sickness in our society of fakeness and lies…Fakeness and lies that the majority of people are routinely conforming to like sheep, which is ironically why they are so unhealthy and unhappy.

Popular organized religion, tied together ironically with corporate corruption controlling and ‘buying off’ BOTH political parties, are the primary institutional sources behind crafting a popular fraudulent ‘PERCEPTION’ with the masses that keeps you under their ‘control’ and distracted from REALITY.

I’m sure you have heard the popular expression, “Perception IS Reality”.

Do you know who was credited with that quote? It is credited to 1980’s Republican strategist Lee Atwater, who worked on both the Reagan and George Bush Sr.’s presidential campaigns.

First, understand this…Perception is NOT reality. Creating a ‘perception’ largely has to do with MANIPULATION of facts and information. But reality(what is honest, real and true) has to do with objective overall facts that are often NOT POPULAR and NOT what people want to hear.

What Lee Atwater knew as a political strategist, is that you can carefully manipulate, craft, package and ‘market’ information in the media, and do so to your political advantage, thereby effectively directing and controlling the ‘GROUP THINK’ of the masses.

You do that primarily by knowing what people want to hear or are likely to want to believe, ESPECIALLY when it comes to issues surrounding their ‘security’ and safety. So ‘FEAR’ is a huge tool in that toolbox of creating a perception as opposed to reality.

Well, that understanding and that manipulative ‘toolbox’ has been taken to an extreme level like we have never seen in the mainstream media today. It has been used to make most people think that the Corona virus is something that, if you catch it, would very likely either kill you or put you in the hospital.

In FACT, the exact opposite is the case, as documented by the CDC that I have repeatedly sourced and shown. In FACT, the death toll of the flu virus which mutates every year is consistently much more staggering, with MUCH HIGHER NUMBERS of deaths than what we are seeing with the Corona virus.

We are now seeing that the Corona virus death toll is DWARFED by comparison to the death toll commonly from the flu. IF the media had honestly educated viewers about that fact, instead of gas lighting Americans into thinking the Corona virus was likely a terminal ‘killer virus’ compared to the flu, Americans would NEVER have allowed their freedom, jobs and livelihoods to be taken away.

Americans would have immediately begun saying “Wait a minute here…Are we going to shut the country down now every year for 6 or 8 months because we can’t have anyone dying from the FLU??”

And here’s another FACT, as opposed to the organized and crafted false ‘perception’ around Covid-19: The so-called ‘death toll projections’ were complete horse sh#t, and were artificially crafted to help create the false perception of the masses that we would have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of deaths. And that fake projection was not WITHOUT effective social distancing, it was EVEN WITH ALL social distancing measures!

But the medical experts are now having to admit it is turning out to be the opposite, as we are approaching what they are now forecasting to be the peak of the death toll numbers in the U.S., those numbers reflecting a mere TINY FRACTION of those artificially bloated, gas lighting ‘projection models’.

Yes, I realize the death toll numbers will go higher…The point I am obviously making here is they are slowing down and tapering off, and will not even reach the much higher death toll numbers of the flu.

I realize that is something many of you do not want to face, as it helps in a big way to show how you were manipulated by the media to believe that this was so much worse, when it was no where near as deadly as the flu.

Again, I am NOT saying this new strain of Corona virus was a ‘hoax’. I am saying that it required ‘harsh flu season’ precautions, and that is all.

But instead, its ‘newness’ and the fact that because it was not only new, but being experienced worldwide (just as the flu is experienced every year with a new mutation by the way), it was seized upon by the ‘reality show media’ and HYPED beyond belief for maximum ratings, and for a left wing political agenda.

The media succeeded in scaring the masses so badly with this ‘false perception’ of reality…scared them so badly into thinking this was a terminal, ‘killer bug’ that would very likely either hospitalize you or kill you, when the TRUTH was the OPPOSITE!…

The reality show media succeeded in creating this ‘false perception’ so much so that politicians, governors and the President realized they had no choice but to capitulate and ‘GO ALONG’ with the panicked perception of the masses!

This was the intention of the ‘reality show media’…This was their intended, desired result, for both a massive increase in ratings and viewership, in tandem with a deep seeded, left wing political agenda, to use that panic over the virus in order to defeat Trump in 2020.

Now as you know, I want Trump removed from the White House as much or more so than anyone, because of how obviously corrupt and unethical of a human being he is. However, we can’t engage on the Left in the same kind of ‘GAS LIGHTING’ hypocrisy and dishonest manipulation of the truth, while we are ostensibly calling out such gas lighting hypocrisy and dishonest manipulation of the truth by the Trump cult party on the Right!

Let me shift gears for a moment…Some of you may have heard of a very wealthy businessman and author by the name of Robert Kiyosaki, known for being a #1 best selling author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, as well as two other books entitled “FAKE”, and “Who Stole My Pension?”.

Recently, I watched Patrick Bet-David’s interview of Mr. Kiyosaki conducted in January of this year (2020), in which he predicts a coming major collapse of the American financial system because of how ‘fake and artificial’ it has become…because of the wild printing of money at an unsustainable rate…and because of our unsustainable, sky-rocketing national debt that has exceeded 22 TRILLION DOLLARS at present!

Since this interview in January, add the NEW 2 TRILLION package for working Americans affected by losing their jobs and income during this national ‘shutdown’, not to mention the constantly unreported additional 4 TRILLION that was passed along with that 2 trillion – And that 4 trillion only to be used for ‘BAILOUTS’ of corporations (I thought corporations and Right Wing politicians were against ‘socialism’??)…

These corporation bailouts using that hardly reported 4 Trillion of taxpayer dollars are to be determined and handed out by the sole ‘judgment’ of the Federal Reserve.

See, here’s another example of the media, joined at the hip with the corporate elites who own them, to control information as they control a continuing narrative, i.e. controlling YOU…Shouldn’t you have known about that extra 4 TRILLION to be used as a ‘bailout’ for corporations?

All most Americans heard about in the media regarding any ‘stimulus package’ approved by congress was the 2 trillion passed by Congress for sending checks out to American workers, etc…But for the vast majority of you, you DID NOT know that the total package approved by Congress was NOT JUST 2 TRILLION, it was a total of 6 TRILLION!!

That is insane, and beyond unsustainable, considering the unsustainable national debt we ALREADY have accumulated at approx. 22 TRILLION!!

And alone, according to an economic expert I heard discussing it recently, that recent 6 trillion dollar ‘stimulus package’ represents approximately 25% of our country’s entire GDP (gross domestic product). Our entire economy is now completely built upon a wildly fake and artificial process of printing more and more currency like a fire hose, non-stop 24/7.

During the interview with Patrick Bet-David, Mr. Kiyosaki explains that virtually all the average Americans’ pension funds and 401 K funds have been stolen along the way by Wall Street and bank speculators. He explains that the money is really not there after years and years of behind the scenes fraudulent, failed loan packaging, ‘credit derivative swap’ speculating, etc. etc, and that those funds only exist ‘ON PAPER”.

He states repeatedly that there is no fixing this level of debt that was created in the process (now approaching 30 TRILLION DOLLARS) and that an impending economic collapse is unavoidable.

But when Patrick Bet-David keeps pressing him in the interview on what Americans can do to protect themselves from this, what is the INEXCUSABLE thing that Mr. Kiyosaki then says, immediately after making those points so clear about our country and our economic system being such an artificial ‘game’?

He tells the listener that you have to ‘play the game’.

That is the perfect example of what is WRONG in our country! That is the perfect example of why so many of you are currently caught up in an unsustainable, but very popular ‘image oriented’, false ‘perception’, misleading you because you feel some false security in seeing so many others around you and on social media, acting and thinking in the same way.

In doing so, everyone just continues to conform to a corrupt artificial system, and everyone continues to ‘play the game’.

NO, the way to protect yourself is NOT to join in with the corrupt, fake game playing system by playing the game yourself! The way to protect yourself, and to bring healing to yourself and others, is to decide you are NOT going to be a contributor anymore to the popular ‘game’…

That you are NOT going to be a contributor anymore to the image obsessed ‘group think’ carefully crafted by the reality show media narrative. Instead, you are going to do the HONEST, ethical thing and call it out for the corruption of our country that it clearly is.

And that is why I invest all the time and effort I invest to write the articles I write, and to produce the monthly cable show I produce. Thanks for reading and watching!

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA, and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable markets nationwide…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at