Random sample testing for antibodies of a virus you have had and recovered from is called a ‘SEROLOGICAL TEST’. Here’s the very important thing to understand about a serological test…

It is ALWAYS a critical, early routine process by medical health researchers done as soon as possible, upon the detection of a new epidemic or pandemic outbreak. That is for a very important reason…It provides the critical data needed to determine the TRUE ACCURATE infection rate, and accordingly the TRUE ACCURATE ‘case fatality rate’ for any new virus/pathogen.

This is because you have to have an understanding BEYOND just the number of cases of infected people identified by hospitals…

Consequently, the critical serological testing or ‘random sample’ testing provides an accurate estimate of how many people have been infected by a virus, but didn’t know and have developed the anti-bodies.

The way you do this is by random sampling a fraction of the population of a country, state, county or a city, and then health researches know how to extrapolate from those random results the larger percentage of infected cases in the overall population.

As critical as this process is at the onset of any pandemic, IT HAS STILL NOT BEEN DONE YET BY OUR TOP GOVT HEALTH OFFICIALS!

It has been done by a handful of other countries and now by private institutions such as Stanford University, and the results are proving what I have been saying since the beginning, and what more and more medical experts are saying, and that is that the mortality rate of Corona is MULTIPLE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE LOWER than what has been recklessly and routinely reported and hyped by the media, and by some medical professionals seeking the spotlight…

Early serological random sampling is showing that likely MANY MILLIONS of Americans…Likely HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS WORLDWIDE have had Covid-19 and didn’t realize it, and have recovered from it…

This means the NUMBER OF CASES IS HIGHER BY MULTIPLE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE (One ‘order of magnitude’ means 10X’s)…

As I have said before, you will continue to see this confirmed in the weeks to come, and this means this WAS NOT the horrible ‘plague’ that it was hyped to be…It means that our nation and the world is being lied to about the grossly exaggerated mortality rate of the virus for some underlying agenda that has been used and will likely continue to be used as an excuse to limit our precious civil liberties!

Precisely because the number of cases will continue to be proven to be HIGHER by MULTIPLE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE, this means the ‘case fatality rate’ is accordingly MULTIPLE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE LOWER, and is more accurately estimated as similar to the ‘case fatality rate’ of the FLU estimated by the CDC at around .1 to .2% (meaning one in one thousand), instead of the ‘hyped’ disinformation numbers of ‘TEN TIMES HIGHER’, at 1% to 3% (meaning one in one hundred) as has been recklessly and falsely reported in the media.

Keep in mind something else most don’t tell you…In the 2017/2018 flu season in which EIGHTY THOUSAND AMERICANS DIED (dwarfing the current Corona virus death numbers in a huge way), the CDC reported that the FLU actually climbed above epidemic levels and for many weeks had a case fatality rate that exceeded 10%!…That is TEN TIMES HIGHER than the hyped estimates of the Corona virus by the media over the last couple of months.

Where was the media then? Where was all the scary music and the scary graphics picturing the flu virus (that looks just as scary as the Corona virus) to begin every so called ‘news’ segment?…

Where was the permanent ‘death toll’ count on the screen at CNN and MSNBC when the flu killed SO MANY MORE unfortunate victims and threatened SO MANY MORE medical professionals on the front lines in the hospitals??

Where were the daily ‘GRIEF PORN’ interviews with grieving family members of EIGHTY THOUSAND DEAD AMERICANS from the flu that year (and 45,000 dead from the flu this year in 2020 already)??

Where was the demand that we must shut the country down to try to save those lives?

Where were you, if you are a ‘hero’ for staying home due to the Corona virus…Where were you then, where were you THIS YEAR, and where will you be NEXT year in demanding we must all STAY SHELTERED INSIDE OUR HOMES for the noble pursuit of preventing those huge numbers of Americans from dying from the FLU??

Don’t say ‘we have a vaccine and a treatment for the flu’…That is a very stupid thing to say when we see 80,000 Americans dying from the flu, while we supposedly have an effective ‘vaccine’ or ‘treatment’ for it…OBVIOUSLY those numbers, much higher than the death toll for Corona, reflect the opposite…We clearly DON’T have an effective treatment for the flu!

I have included a few quotes taken from The Mercury News story (along with the link to the entire story) about the first significant random sample serological study of Covid-19 finally conducted in our nation by Stanford University in Santa Clara country, and reported about by the Mercury News, (inexcusably after way too much time has been allowed to go by without our top medical health professionals and the CDC doing one)…

Further down I have included a second link to the followup story by The Mercury News that shows the powerful results: The more accurate number of infected people in Santa Clara County is 50 to 85 TIMES HIGHER than the current known case numbers of those who have needed treatment in Santa Clara County!

This is just as I have been saying since the beginning, and it reflects what a growing number of others including leading medical doctors have begun saying more and more (albeit the mainstream media is ignoring them), and consequently this means the ‘case fatality rate’ will be lower by the same orders of magnitude.

A few quotes from the first story by The Mercury News (Link above):

“Long motorcades of volunteers converged at three Stanford University research sites this week, donating blood for a new test that identifies the prevalence of coronavirus in our community – and could help reveal the full scope of Santa Clara County’s epidemic.”

“The 2,500 test slots on Friday and Saturday filled up within hours, as news of the project — the first large scale study of its type in the U.S. — spread quickly through the county.

The test detects protective antibodies to the virus rather than the virus itself.”

“This gives scientists a snapshot of how many people in the county have already been infected, but weren’t seriously sick and didn’t realize it. And it tells residents whether they carry potentially protective antibodies – so may be immune to future infection.

“This is critical information,” said principal investigator Dr. Eran Bendavid, an infectious disease specialist and professor of medicine with Stanford Health Policy.”

“Even though the pathogen is brand new, scientists have already discovered the two antibodies — called IgM and IgG — that are triggered by infection and have built a test that detects their unique signature.”

“Because the COVID-19 virus may cause few or no symptoms, many people don’t know they’ve been infected. Or perhaps they were mildly ill before COVID-19 made headlines, and simply dismissed it as a cold or flu.”

BELOW is the second link to the followup story by The Mercury News with the results of the serological random sampling showing 50 to 85 TIMES HIGHER than the current reported number of ‘known cases’ in Santa Clara County…

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA, and the host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable markets nationwide…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at conniebryan.com)