Many of us across our nation today are finally beginning to wake up as a result of seeing this obvious mind-blowing level of artificially manufactured fear the ‘authorities’ and the media have jointly created and are trying to sustain around this flu-like ‘coronavirus’.

As you are now waking up to this fact, you are beginning to ask the big question “WHAT CAN WE DO?”… “IS IT TOO LATE TO STOP THEM?”…”CAN WE GET OUR AMERICAN DREAM BACK?”

The answer is it is not too late. We CAN get our American Dream back. But we have to have the courage our forefathers had, to stand up together in solidarity…We have to stand up and change the system.

Fundamental to that revolutionary change is that we have to demand that the PRIORITY BE RETURNED, AS THE U.S. CONSTITUTION INTENDED, TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND SMALL BUSINESSES.

The Constitution begins with the proclamation: “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union…”

If our forefathers had intended this sick system we see today, profiting at the EXPENSE and to the DETRIMENT of ‘We the People’, they would have worded it that way and it would have said: “We the CORPORATIONS of the United States, in order to form a more CORRUPT Union…”

As a result of the constant hyping and false inflating of the fatality rate of Covid-19 we are learning more and more about, and all the sustained scare tactics around all of this being used to tell us that we are entering some ‘NEW NORMAL’ that clearly threatens our freedom, independence and civil liberties like never before, the GOOD NEWS is that you and many of your fellow Americans are beginning to wake up now, and it is a rude awakening to say the least!

Many are now fully opening their eyes to the threat that the common American citizen has been under from the agenda of a corrupt, elite ‘CORPORATE MONOPOLY SYSTEM’…

It is not a system of democratic, reasonably regulated capitalism…It is a corrupt bastardization of that…It is a predatory CORPORATISM that our forefathers never intended our free enterprise democracy to become…

It is a predatory monopolizing system of MEGA CORPORATIONS that have systematically bought off our elected representatives, and that have been intentionally and strategically destroying access to the American Dream for the common working class American citizen, for the sole purpose of keeping us unable to provide for our own means of production anymore, and therefore keeping us fearfully dependent on THEM…

Many of us are now awakening to the realization of this anti-democratic, unAmerican corporate agenda that has deceived us and sought to exploit us in an unconscionable way.

Many of you are starting to realize that you have lost sight of what has REAL VALUE IN LIFE…that the real value of being human IS found in the daily personal connections, social interactions and community sustaining small business transactions in the local ‘village square marketplace’ as it were…

The real value of being human is in NOT being so ruled by unreasonable fear over a flu-like virus that we shun one another, see our fellow man almost like ‘walkers’ from “The Walking Dead”, and think we must hide in our homes, only socializing with our family or closest friends.

Many of you are at last realizing that it is time for you to STOP participating in, or at least ‘looking the other way’ while this system has been aggressively destroying small community ‘mom and pop’ businesses like they were some evil, communist threat to our nation, when the opposite is in fact the case!

More Americans than ever before are finally starting to see that the ‘artificial intelligence’ emphasis and obsession behind this Big Tech and Big Box corporate agenda is NOT WHAT HAS REAL VALUE.

People are starting to realize how that ‘artificial intelligence’ agenda that is being used to destroy as many American jobs as possible in the interest of the priority of more profits for those mega-corporations and 1% stockholders – how that is DEVALUING THE HUMAN ELEMENT, and DEVALUING COMMUNITY.

There is a solution. We cannot hit the snooze alarm and fall back into our addiction of continuing to order everything we buy from Amazon and Wal-Mart, or seek to work for and enable such community business destroying mega corporations, and think that their ‘agenda’ has our interest at heart.

Those who act and think in such a sick way are a GIANT PART of the problem…

They are the weak ‘sheep’ I often refer to that these predatory corporations are counting on…They are those fragile Americans who do not have any courage, who want to be protected and provided for by ‘the system’, and who want to conform to a ‘flock’ of like-minded other sheep.

This might be our last opportunity, and we have to have the courage to seize it now before it becomes too late. We need to do this now, not just for ourselves, but for our children and our grandchildren.

It is time for an American Citizen’s Revolution to take our country back from the mega corporations that have deceived us, and while bribing our shamefully corrupt elected representatives, have sought to take The American Dream from us in the process, and monopolize it all for themselves!

In addition to buying off shamefully corrupt politicians who should have had our backs, these predatory monopolizing mega-corporations were allowed by those same corrupt politicians to buy up most of the mainstream media outlets back in the mid 90s.

There used to be laws that prevented such monopolizing media conglomerates in the hands of such a few elite corporations. But this was one of the biproducts of their buying off our elected representatives.

Those corrupted politicians who have been in their pockets have looked the other way instead of enforcing the ANTITRUST and ANTI MONOPOLY laws to stop such an egregious clear and present threat to the American Dream for the average American small business owner…

And they have also dutifully CHANGED the laws at the order of these mega-corporations that prevented mass media ownership in the hands of an elite few, so that these predatory mega corporations could deceptively control the ‘narrative’ in the ‘news media’ that is most accessible to the masses.

Amazon and Wal-Mart DO NOT have your interest at heart. Both of those companies are notorious for their absolute planned intention to systematically destroy community small businesses. (Read the book by Greg Spotts “WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price” for one of many fantastic sources on Wal-Mart)

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has told his stock holders that he has enough money to sustain taking many years of losses in order to ‘undercut’ all other competitors, and put them out of business, so Amazon will ultimately have no competitors and will control the marketplace.

I have been writing and talking about this threat in our country for many years now, not just in my editorial articles, but also on my current monthly cable access TV show, and regularly discussing it on my talk radio show back in Florida in the late 1990’s.

Due to the shocking level of dishonest hype and social control overreach you are starting to see around the coronavirus, and how it is being used to further this agenda, many of you are now beginning to realize these truths…

It’s time for those of us who are awake to turn the volume of the alarm clock up, and let our voices be heard in raising awareness to others about how UNAMERICAN all of this is…

About how big of a threat this artificial, germaphobic, social distancing agenda is to a ‘PEOPLE PRIORITIZED’, COMMUNITY & SOCIALLY ORIENTED way of life…

A way of life that, instead of empowering only the elite 1% behind these mega corporations, it empowers ‘We the People’, because it has REAL HUMAN VALUE as our forefathers intended.

Are you with me in changing the system now?

If so, at a minimum, please help by sharing this article with others, because it does appear now more than ever that Google and Youtube are aggressively de-prioritizing content from many like myself who have been steadfastly writing, speaking and producing video content on these critical ‘truth to power’ topics to expose this anti-American agenda.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…She is also the producer and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable markets nationwide, including Washington D.C.  Check out all of her material on her website and blog at, or subscribe to her videos on demand at Youtube/conniebryan.)