Many people have become so conditioned by the HYPE in the ‘reality show media’ dishonestly characterizing the coronavirus, that when they read actual facts showing this virus is NOT the ‘killer plague’ the media made it out to be, they erroneously think we are somehow irresponsibly saying you don’t need to be cautious (??) That is absurd, and it is obviously not at all what people like myself are saying.

The point is that more and more facts and data are coming out that proves what I and many others have been saying all along (like Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford) that the coronavirus simply has a fatality rate similar to and possibly even lower than seasonal flu…(See my May 2020 video episode of “The Connie Bryan Show” on my website or on Youtube, which begins with their video clips stating this fact)

Now, of course we should be reasonably cautious about Covid-19, just as we are reasonably cautious about the FLU…key word being “REASONABLY”.

This is why I am dedicating a lot of time writing these articles and sharing them, and talking about this regularly on my monthly cable TV show…Because the lies in the media have been so inexcusable around this ‘coronavirus’ issue. They have been largely crafted to create a specific ‘false perception’, for a specific political and social control agenda, and have not just been about REASONABLE caution at all.

They have been largely a false narrative with a dishonest, grossly inflated case fatality rate, that has unnecessarily caused worldwide panic and economic destruction that was never even remotely justified.

Again, that is not ‘reasonable caution’, that is deceptive manipulation.

And when I think about how all of that unnecessary dishonest hype and fear-mongering about this flu-like virus has NEEDLESSLY affected not just the average American adult, but especially little children psychologically over the last couple of months, it makes me angry beyond what words can describe.

But now we have yet another highly respected, world renown epidemiologist out of Sweden by the name of Dr. Johan Giesecke M.D., confirming everything I have said from the beginning…

He is a retired chief scientist of the European CDC, and is also currently an advisor to the Director General of the W.H.O., and he has recently begun speaking out about how wrong the lockdowns have been, and how Sweden used caution but DID NOT use forced lockdowns (unreasonable caution), and how comparably overall, they did surprisingly well using that approach, with the exception of his admitting that they should have taken stronger, specific measures to protect their ‘AT RISK’ and vulnerable elderly population in their many elder care facilities in Sweden .

Dr. Giesecke makes it clear that the virus is nothing more than comparable to the seasonal flu.

He stresses the point, just as I have for some time now, that as more and more ‘serological’ random testing for antibodies is done, it will continue to prove that the numbers of people who contracted the virus and RECOVERED ALREADY will be VASTLY HIGHER than just the much smaller known cases documented from those who sought treatment at medical facilities and hospitals, and therefore will accurately prove the TRUE CASE FATALITY RATE to be EXPONENTIALLY LOWER, similar to the influenza virus.

Speaking of which, there are a growing number of serious concerns coming to light regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci that I wrote about in two previous articles, and will be writing more about very soon.  But one of the huge inconsistencies that I came across involved Dr. Fauci’s scientific article he wrote, dated March 26th of this year (2020) in the New England Journal of Medicine, in which he himself stated what Dr. Giesecke has now gone public saying…

Dr. Fauci wrote in that article that once you take into account the likely much larger numbers of ‘asymptomatic’ people nationwide who have had the virus and recovered, he said that the ‘fatality rate’ would be on the order of the FLU! Yet, both before and after writing that article, Fauci had been and continued to consistently say the OPPOSITE to the public in his regular media appearances, that it was TEN TIMES DEADLIER than the flu.

Why would he do such a thing? He wouldn’t say such a thing in his scientific article, which he knows would be scrutinized and peer reviewed by other knowledgeable scientists and experts like Dr. Giesecke, Dr. Ioannidis and Dr. Bhattacharya, just to name a few.

But, he could get away with saying such a thing in the mainstream media. It certainly ‘FIT THEIR SCRIPT’…It fit the ‘PANIC-DEMIC’ narrative the media has shamefully perpetuated around Covid-19 from the start.

Yet, just the opposite, Fauci went out of his way to greatly DOWNPLAY the death rate of Covid-19 for his colleagues in the article, comparing it only to the seasonal flu. (I guess medical journal publications’ ratings don’t depend as much on ‘hype’)

Do you suppose Dr. Fauci could easily guess that for the vast majority of you, the “New England Journal of Medicine” is probably NOT high on your list of popular reading?

By the way, did you know that over the last 6 years, Dr. Fauci specifically FUNDED the bat related coronavirus research that was going on at the Chinese Wuhan lab, with two federal grants to the total of 7.4 million dollars? Did you know he initiated the first grant in 2014 despite President OBama’s having ordered a federal moratorium on such dangerous and controversial ‘virus enhancement research’?

Yes it is true, and very disturbing to say the least. I wrote about this in one of my other recent articles on Dr. Fauci, so I hope you will look for that on my editorial blog and check it out.

In closing, my point is the public has been DELIBERATELY LIED to by the mainstream media through all of this, by those who have a specific agenda to reshape our society in ways that are a huge threat to our precious civil liberties. When I say that we have been lied to, I am not saying that there isn’t a newly developed strain of coronavirus that we could find ourselves exposed to.

I am saying the dishonest ‘reality show media’ has falsely characterized it as a ‘killer plague’, in order to paralyze the world with fear for a specific agenda of political and social control, when all the top experts, including even the CDC and the W.H.O. have said all along that the vast majority of people who catch the virus will have mild symptoms of the flu or a cold, and most won’t even know they had it!

The truths I have been exposing in all of my writing and coverage on my monthly cable show has NEVER had anything to do with not taking REASONABLE caution. But reasonable caution is NOT shutting the country down, and refusing to be around other people at a reasonable distance.

Once again, to be clear here…Reasonable caution in a free democracy is NOT forcibly taking away people’s livelihoods and freedoms, etc, when from the beginning we had the top medical experts including the CDC stating that the vast majority would have ‘mild flu symptoms’ at most, and they knew from the start who the ‘AT RISK’ groups were that we needed to focus on, if there was to be any isolating measures taken.

Once again, since the media has tried to keep these facts from you, I’ve made it easy for you to see and hear a brief montage of clips from Dr. Giesecke from Sweden, as well as Professor of Medicine Dr. Ioannidis and Dr. Bhattacharya at Stanford University…Just look up my May 2020 video episode of “The Connie Bryan Show” on my website at or on Youtube/conniebryan.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…She is also the producer and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable markets nationwide including Washington D.C.  Check out all of her material on her website and blog at, or subscribe to her channel at Youtube/ConnieBryan)