In this article I’m going to be addressing Democrat Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi’s inexcusably dishonest comment yesterday regarding Covid-19, in comparison to the absurd, needless overreach and destruction of Americans’ livelihoods from the ‘stay at home’ lockdowns…

But first, let me set it up with the just as absurd news that L.A. Mayor Garcetti announced yesterday that Pelosi was reacting to, when Garcetti told Los Angeles residents that the city would NOT be reopening UNTIL THERE IS A CURE.

UNTIL THERE’S A CURE?? This is insanity…Has the Left lost all common sense?

To keep things in perspective, we have a supposed ‘vaccine’ and a therapeutic treatment for the influenza virus, and even still we lose anywhere between 60 to 80 THOUSAND PEOPLE in a given flu season!

The numbers of deaths from the coronavirus are comparable to deaths from the flu, as confirmed by more and more top medical experts, proven by the data developed from more and more serological, random sample anti-body testing on both the east and west coast in New York, California and Florida.

My readers probably don’t know the following, because again it is intentionally ignored by the Leftwing media…But it turns out New York is one of several states that DO NOT REQUIRE A TEST to confirm/determine that a death was ‘Covid-19 related’, while of course California, with a very low death rate per capita, DOES require a test to confirm Covid-19 as the cause of death on a death certificate.

My readers probably also don’t know this next fact as well, since the Leftwing media also dishonestly avoids reporting this…

It turns out there is significant motivation for doctors and hospitals to ‘pad their numbers’ on death certificates, and to say patients’ deaths were caused by the coronavirus, because every time they do so, they get significant sums of ’emergency’ money from FEMA funding, designated by Congress for hospitals impacted by Covid-19…

But wait, there’s more!…IN ADDITION to the FEMA funds, hospitals receive another $13,000.00 per patient from MEDICARE for all those who they designate as having Covid-19…And not only that, they receive $39,000.00 from MEDICARE if the designated Covid-19 patient goes on a ventilator.

So there’s a significant monetary incentive behind the inflating of the numbers. And you would not hear this reported on CNN or MSNBC and the like, because such facts interfere with their predetermined ‘script’.

Furthermore, a month or so back (which seems like a year with this lockdown doesn’t it?), in the middle of America’s experience with the pandemic, oddly the CDC decided to change it’s death reporting guidelines specifically related to Covid-19.

I looked this up to confirm that it was in fact the case, and found that they absolutely did update their death reporting guidelines, specifically telling doctors and hospitals that a test to confirm a diagnosis of Covid-19 was ‘not required’, and encouraging them to ‘use their best judgment’ if they ‘reasonably suspected’ the patient may have had Covid-19 when they died.

This is just way ‘down the rabbit hole’.

By comparison, when we had the AIDS epidemic in this country, the exact OPPOSITE was the case…The CDC was very, very strict in requiring a lot of documentation and proof, especially TESTING, to confirm that a patient did in fact die specifically due to having HIV/AIDS, and did not die from some other specific cause while simultaneously having HIV/AIDS in their system.

They routinely sent out medical investigators to audit hospitals and look through records to confirm this detailed proof was present in order to classify someone as dying from HIV/AIDS.

Accordingly, we have begun hearing from more and more doctors and nurses – you can find many of their posts on social media – who are coming forward to reveal that their hospitals and their upper management have begun pressuring them to classify deaths as Covid-19 where they would not normally have done so…

Or they are often pressured to go back and make corrections to a death certificate, and RECLASSIFY it as being ‘Covid-19’ when it was NOT confirmed by a test, and/or when the person clearly died of other natural causes, but may have just happened to have a mild case of Covid-19 currently present in their system, whether confirmed by a test or not.

It is obviously very critical to distinguish between someone who dies from some other clear cause, but just happened to have a mild case of the coronavirus, and someone who is in the very rare category of having a chronic and ultimately fatal experience as a result of the virus…

And it is important to remember that we have been assured over and over that there are PLENTY OF TESTS for anyone who needs one. So obviously a test should be necessary and required to confirm a Covid-19 diagnosis. Yet, in a hot spot like New York, it is NOT required. (??)

That doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’ as they say.

All this to say, the numbers the media continues to put out there to scare you are significantly INFLATED, with a monetary incentive for hospitals and doctors to do so.

You will be seeing a lot more coming out about this in the coming months, but likely the left wing ‘reality show media’ will continue not to report it because it is yet another huge fact that detracts from their false, ‘PANIC-DEMIC’ narrative they are pursuing.

The TRUTH is, you do not need to be afraid. You do not need to live your life in such massive fear. You do not need to make your children wear a mask. You do not need to keep them from playing with other children, and make them afraid to go outside, etc.

We are becoming a weak, fearful nation of babies and germaphobes…We do not need to be looking at our fellow man as though they were ‘WALKERS’ from the AMC hit show ‘THE WALKING DEAD’…

THIS IS ALL ABSOLUTELY ABSURD BEYOND BELIEF, how the media has gotten away with creating such unnecessary panic and fear in our country.

At every turn, I feel I have to remind readers again that from the BEGINNING, we knew that the coronavirus was NOT a terminal illness…we knew that it in fact was NOT a ‘killer plague’ comparable to the 1917/1918 ‘Spanish Flu’!

Yet the media and even Donald Trump have worked overtime in seeking to burn that false perception in the minds of Americans, with Trump’s reasoning being his political desire in an election year, to be seen as the ‘savior’ who kept you from DYING from ‘the plague’…

But from the beginning, specifically and predominantly it has been the mainstream media and politicians ON THE LEFT, who made a conscious intentional decision to steadfastly DISTORT what the top health officials like the CDC, the NIH, and the WHO were reporting and continue to report on the overall MILD nature of this new virus for the ‘vast majority’, with the same ‘at risk’ group as the flu virus targets…

I have put those quotes up time and again from those top health organizations, and from top leading medical doctors…

I have included them both in my articles and on my monthly cable TV show “The Connie Bryan Show” (Youtube/conniebryan)…Actual official quotes that specifically and consistently state that THE VAST MAJORITY of people who catch this novel coronavirus would either have MILD FLU SYMPTOMS at most, or they would have it and clear it out of their system WITHOUT EVER KNOWING THEY HAD IT!

But the Left wing media has intentionally avoided reporting those fundamental facts about the novel coronavirus, while also intentionally seeking to distort those facts to generate needless panic.

So once again, I will share a few such examples from those leading health organizations and medical experts, that the Left wing media has intentionally avoided reporting:

Center for Disease Control(CDC): “Information so far suggests that most COVID-19 illness is mild… Older people and people of all ages with severe chronic medical conditions — like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, for example — seem to be at higher risk of developing serious COVID-19 illness…”

Dr. Robert Quigley, regional medical director of International SOS: “We’re dealing clearly with a pandemic for all intents and purposes, but the vast majority of us who are going to contract the disease are not going to be significantly impacted.”

Swedish Doctor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists…He was the first Chief Scientist for the European Center For Disease Control, and is currently serving as advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization…He described the Corona virus pandemic as being ‘on the order of harsh flu season’ ”

From the W.H.O.: “For most people, COVID-19 infection will cause mild illness”

Dr. John Hotze M.D. (Allergist and Immunoligist with the Hotze Health and Wellness Center): “The mainstream media and many politicians are attempting to create in you and in the general population an irrational fear over the latest strain of the coronavirus, COVID-19, also known as the Wuhan Virus…

Dr. Hotze continues: “For most people who get the flu or the coronavirus, the symptoms usually resolve within a week. The infirmed elderly and those who are debilitated health-wise, with severe lung, heart disease, or diabetes tend be the individuals who experience serious problems when they contract the flu, or the coronavirus…You have been exposed to millions of viruses and bacteria daily since you were born. You have an immune system that makes antibodies to fight off these infectious organisms.”

To keep things in proper context, from the National Foundation For Infectious Diseases (Re: 2017-1028 Flu Death Numbers of 80,000):

“WASHINGTON, D.C., September 27, 2018 – Following a particularly severe 2017-2018 influenza (flu) season with a record-breaking estimated 900,000 hospitalizations and more than 80,000 deaths in the U.S.”

“Older adults and those with certain chronic health conditions (e.g., heart and lung disease, diabetes and obesity) are also at high risk of serious flu complications that can result in hospitalization. Last season (2017-2018) again took the greatest toll on adults age 65 years and older. According to CDC, about 70 percent of the estimated hospitalizations and 90 percent of deaths occurred in that age group.”

Those examples above are just a few critical examples that the Left wing ‘reality show media’ has kept from you in their daily panic narrative masquerading as ‘news coverage’.

If you have a habit of only watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, etc, you are being LIED TO, and that is immorally SHAMEFUL on the part of those so-called ‘news’ networks.

Nonstop, those networks have dishonestly and needlessly used this GENERALLY MILD new virus to scare the daylights out of their viewers, who were fooled into thinking these cable networks were a trusted news source, when nothing could be further from the truth. And I say that as a Democrat and a Liberal myself.

Ironically, AND IT PAINS ME TO ADMIT THIS…more truth is being broadcast right now on the FOX NEWS channel than anywhere else in the mainstream cable news, and that is hard to believe.

Prior to our current situation dealing with Covid-19, and prior to the Left wing mainstream media shamefully distorting it and dishonestly exaggerating it as a ‘killer virus’, I could not watch the Fox News Network because of their similar false and shameful narrative that sought to only cater to the Trump Cult Party that has hijacked the Republican Party.

But it seems as though the powers that be who run Fox News have made some recent ‘adjustments’ in order to begin appealing to more common sense Americans ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. It seems they may have rightly picked up on the fact that the Left wing cable news outlets are often not reporting the truth about the virus, and are grossly exaggerating it for a political and social agenda.

Now please don’t get me wrong…It is clear that Fox News is STILL full of plenty of their own horse sh#t, clearly STILL promoting a lot of the Trump cult agenda in between their generally more accurate coronavirus coverage, and that often makes common sense Americans just finally turn off the TV entirely!

But it is very interesting that more and more, Fox News is reporting truth regarding the coronavirus, and more often than not they appear to generally avoid exaggerating the facts for ‘ratings’, at LEAST with regard to a pandemic of something that, as was stated by the top health organizations from the beginning, the VAST MAJORITY of people who catch it will not even know they ever had it.

Now, factor in to this Left wing false ‘narrative of panic’, Democrat Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi’s ridiculous statement yesterday, seeking to support and praise L.A. Mayor Garcettti after he announced Los Angeles would not be reopening ‘until there is a cure’…

When the reporter reminded her about how many Los Angeles small business owners are beginning to say they are seeing their livelihoods destroyed, and they don’t think their businesses will survive through the summer if they have to remain closed much longer…

Instead of honestly taking such an opportunity to point out that staying closed ‘until there’s a cure’ is not what was intended with the original plan of closing long enough to ‘flatten the curve’ (which has been accomplished)…

Instead of honestly taking the opportunity to refer to the facts that we are seeing more and more, that show ALL the ‘models’ were wrong that predicted 200,000 deaths EVEN WITH THE LOCKDOWN IN PLACE…

Instead of any shred of intellectually honest truth in that moment when it was desperately needed…What does Pelosi say?

She replies that while it ‘may be inconvenient for people, it would be much MORE inconvenient for them if they catch the virus’…her not so subtle implication being ‘What would be more inconvenient, losing your job/business/livelihood entirely or DYING?’

As I detailed above, Pelosi’s response is nothing but a sustained, hyped, controlled narrative from the Left, intentionally in DIRECT OPPOSITION with what we know about the nature of Covid-19 for the vast majority of people who catch it.

As the top, leading health organizations are on record saying, generally the VAST MAJORITY of people are NOT ‘inconvenienced’ by this new virus. Those who catch the coronavirus ARE NOT routinely hospitalized if they catch Covid-19…Even being HOSPITALIZED is the rare exception to the rule!

I’m beginning to feel like sometimes I should say things twice, to make sure it gets through the ‘wall of disinformation’ the media has tried to create in many people’s minds, so let me repeat that above paragraph one more time:

As the top, leading health organizations are on record saying, generally the VAST MAJORITY of people are NOT ‘inconvenienced’ by this new virus. Those who catch the coronavirus ARE NOT routinely hospitalized if they catch Covid-19…That is the exception to the rule!

As a matter of fact, it is so much the exception to the rule that even those who are in the ‘at risk’ group – over 65 with underlying immune system, pre-existing health issues – Even those people most often just have mild or regular flu symptoms and don’t get hospitalized. In other words, even those in the ‘at risk’ group who catch Covid-19 are most often not ‘inconvenienced’ with it any more than if they caught a bad cold or the common flu!

Those exceptions to the rule who do get hospitalized are a TINY fraction of the huge number in the American population who catch it and get over it in a couple of weeks, most of whom never knew they had it.

Yet, Democrat and blue state politicians like Pelosi, Gov. Cuomo of New York, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, Gov. Whitmer of Michigan, Mayor Garcetti of L.A. all shamefully keep this false narrative of fear going at a ‘FEVER PITCH’, seeking to sustain their Left manufactured ‘PANIC-DEMIC’ as a political weapon of sorts, with the upcoming election in November.

WE ARE STRONGER THAN THIS! Now is the time to WAKE UP…The corruption is so obvious and inexcusable, in the damage it is causing to our precious concept of “The American Dream”.

In closing, and to be crystal clear…I agree that there is no excuse for someone as corrupt and dishonest as Trump having been elected to the highest office of our land. But we CANNOT engage in and support the SAME level of hypocrisy and corruption from the Left, with threats to our civil liberties and our democracy just coming from another direction.

In closing, and to be crystal clear…I agree that there is no excuse for someone as corrupt and dishonest as Donald Trump having been elected to the highest office of our land.

But we CANNOT engage in and support the SAME level of hypocrisy and corruption from the Left, with such clear and present threats to our civil liberties and our democracy simply coming from a DIFFERENT direction!

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…She is also the producer and host of “The Connie Bryan Show”, airing in 14 cable markets nationwide including Washington D.C. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at, or subscribe to her channel at Youtube/ConnieBryan.)