Dr. Anthony Fauci, in an unexpected passing comment, tells members of Congress in his recent testimony that for some people who take a coronavirus vaccine, it may make the negative effects of the virus WORSE! What the ____??

For the last two months, riding hard and fast like Paul Revere on his ‘mainstream media horse’ through the neighborhoods of America, Fauci has been nonstop in his media message, ‘A VACCINE IS COMING, A VACCINE IS COMING’.

And all during that time, instead of warning the public of any such potential danger, like Paul Revere’s famous warning about ‘The British are coming’, Americans are being told the coming vaccine will be their SAVIOR, and will provide the ‘cure’ for this ‘panic-demic’.

But then oddly, before the Senate a few days back, Fauci makes the clear point he has NOT been making to the public at all, specifically warning that receiving a coronavirus vaccine can make the disease worse for the recipient. Again, that is not at all the understanding of the general public…

That is not at all the ‘perception’ they have been conditioned with thus far about any forthcoming vaccine, as most Americans have been panicked into becoming germaphobic sheep, fearfully hiding in their homes until they can ‘flock’ together to get their dose from their ‘shepherd’. It is beyond sad for the rest of us who are not a part of that massive, panicked herd of sheep, to see what is becoming of our nation before our very eyes.

Sooooo, like I have asked regarding a few other very critical pieces of news I’ve shared with my readers recently, WHY do you suppose you DIDN’T hear about this blockbuster piece of news from the Leftwing media outlets, and you are only just now hearing it from me??

The mainstream media has completely ignored reporting this, and it is possibly the most concerning thing Fauci has said to date, related to the issue of a ‘vaccine’ for Covid-19…

To say the least, such a general admission out of Fauci’s mouth in front of a Senate panel about vaccines is exceedingly revealing about the truth regarding the potential dangers surrounding vaccines – especially if one already has a weakened or lowered immune system, even if one does NOT have major underlying chronic health issues.

Fortunately, this WAS reported in the Washington Examiner, in an article by Spencer Neale entitled:


I’m sorry, but I feel I need to say this again to make sure readers comprehend how crazy this is… Shouldn’t such news from the so-called ‘America’s Doctor’ be placed and sustained front and center on PBS, CNN and MSNBC?

OF COURSE it should.

And this is one example of many I have been trying to show you over the last couple of months, regarding this Leftwing media’s manipulated, exaggerated and shamefully over hyped ‘PANIC-DEMIC’ agenda, involving a large degree of withholding information, meaning ‘lies by omission’ if it doesn’t fit their controlled narrative. (Please see my other recent articles here on my WordPress blog related to this topic, and on the agenda behind all of this that is a clear and present threat to our democracy)

The mainstream ‘reality show’ media masquerading as ‘the news’ has dishonestly wanted to scare the daylights out of you about a virus they knew from the beginning would be MILD for the vast majority, but they DO NOT want to alarm you about the very real dangers of a vaccine that they want to push on you!

So it’s time for more of you to start opening your eyes and connecting the dots on why this has not been reported to you, and on why Fauci gets away with such a monumentally disturbing statement and admission like this to a Senate committee…

Why he would want to cover his ass as they say, making sure to educate a select group of congressional members about this fact, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, as high profile as he is, he doesn’t MAKE SURE to go out of his way to educate YOU about it in his frequent media appearances in the mainstream media.

The article in the Washington Examiner begins as follows:

‘As people around the world await a reliable treatment for the coronavirus, a top U.S. health official warned that some coronavirus vaccinations might harm more than help patients desperate for therapy.’

Then they quote Dr. Fauci with the following statement about the likely ‘negative consequences’ some may have who take a coronavirus vaccine…a comment that he makes in a rather bizarre, cavalier way, almost as though he’s talking about the weather:

“We will be investigating considerable resources in developing doses even before we know any given candidate or candidate’s work,” he said. “I must warn that there is also the possibility of negative consequences where certain vaccines can actually enhance the negative effect of the infection.”

“There are some important issues, however, in COVID-19 vaccine development,” he added. “We have many candidates and hope to have multiple winners. In other words, it’s multiple shots on goal. This will be important because this will be good for global availability if we have more than one successful candidate.”

Look at the bizarre juxtaposition of these statements by Fauci, clearly indicating a certain acceptable ‘collateral damage’ as it were…First he says so off the cuff, “I must warn that there is also the possibility of negative consequences where certain vaccines can actually enhance the negative effect of the infection.”…

And then in almost the same breath he says “In other words it’s multiple shots on goal. This will be good for global availability if we have more than one successful candidate.”

Putting aside the crass, highly inappropriate ‘sports analogy’ after he made a point of saying a developed vaccine could make those who receive it have a WORSE condition with the virus (meaning possibly chronic or fatal, where otherwise, without said vaccine, they wouldn’t necessarily have the virus at all), it is clear that Fauci’s apparent definition for success IS NOT how the average person would define success!

You just say in passing that you want to ‘warn’ the Senators that a vaccine you develop, and then tell the world they need to take (possibly more than one vaccine because you have multiple ‘vendors’ taking multiple ‘shots on goal’)…You just remark somewhat in passing that these ‘multiple shots on goal’ with the vaccine could make the virus occur in some people even more dangerously??

This is unbelievable, what we are witnessing right now. And it is absolutely why you hear from people more and more who are trying to raise awareness of some major concerns surrounding ‘vaccines’ in general.

It is critically important that people stop a very bad habit they have developed of stereotyping others, based solely on what your political party has dictated as being an intolerable, unacceptable topic for discussion in their approved ‘party narrative’…

STOP DOING THAT…This is another example of very sick ‘tribalism’ on BOTH sides of the political aisle. It is dangerous, unhealthy GROUP THINK seeking to censor what the group (tribe) feels is ‘politically incorrect’ or a threat to their control of their group (tribe). You ensure that you will learn nothing in such a dangerous, unhealthy mindset of conformity.

Soon I will probably be writing more on the topic of the mounting concerns many are raising about the possible connection between some vaccines and certain diseases…especially the MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) triple vaccine given all at once, and often way too early to children – often given when the child is well under 3 years old and their immune system is still very weak, and easily overcome by the toxic shock.

Millions of parents have come forward and continue to come forward to sound the alarm, bringing the same exact stories regarding the immediate toxic shock result of giving their baby that MMR cocktail – they witnessed their children go into seizures and never recover, becoming autistic from that point on forever.

Many of you are not aware of this, because once again the mainstream media has dutifully followed orders from their 1% ownership, and deliberately avoided reporting on this topic.

Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry required the federal government to create a protection act in 1986 that ensures they are protected from any liability related to the vaccine in the general public? It was passed during the Reagan administration, and it is called “The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.”

Accordingly, many of you are completely unaware that Dr. William Thompson, chief scientist for the CDC, while working in the CDC’s ‘vaccine safety’ unit, came forward back in 2016 as a WHISTLE BLOWER.

He specifically blew the whistle on how he was pressured by higher ups to COVER UP such an autism connection in a specific study he was lead author on, regarding a connection they found in that study, linking use of the MMR vaccine to autism, ESPECIALLY in African american baby boys, when administered to them prior to the age of three years old.

In blowing the whistle, Dr. Thompson revealed that after they discovered the disturbing connection, they ‘manipulated the numbers’ to hide those results, and they were ordered to destroy key evidence of the study.

Furthermore, because the mainstream media has deliberately not reported on these known events, many of you are completely unaware of the fact that the CDC has routinely and constantly BLOCKED Dr. Thompson from testifying about his whistle blower knowledge, both before Congress AND in a court case filed by parents of an autistic child in Tennessee.

In that case, the CDC prevented Thompson from testifying, saying ‘it didn’t serve the interest of the CDC’…Here’s the actual paragraph as reported in “The World Mercury Project” dated Oct 19th, 2016:

“William Acree, Tennessee State Circuit Judge, had ordered the trial extended so that Thompson could be subpoenaed to testify. In a recent letter to the court, Dr. Frieden denied the request to allow Dr. Thompson to testify stating that “Dr. William Thompson’s deposition testimony would not substantially promote the objectives of CDC or HHS.”

“Dr. Frieden” mentioned above in that paragraph, who blocked Thompson’s testimony, was the DIRECTOR of the CDC at the time.

And he could block Thompson by simply saying his “testimony would not substantially promote the objectives of CDC or HHS.”?

This is the director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control, preventing a whistle blower from testifying because it ‘would not substantially promote the objectives of the CDC or HHS’…Last I checked, the objectives of JUSTICE and the CONSTITUTION, i.e. the objectives of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE trump any director’s ‘concerns’ about his government agency’s ‘objectives’!

But our top government officials and elected representatives have betrayed ‘We the People’ in dutifully serving the interests of ‘Big Pharma’ instead, and have allowed this by looking the other way.

The egregious corruption this belies is unconscionable. There are powers that be that are desperately trying to control the media in order to keep damning evidence from coming out, that would reveal their culpability and responsibility for untold deaths and lives ruined by the fraudulent, profiteering ‘chrony’ Big Pharma partnership with the CDC, the HHS and even the WHO over the last few decades at least.

So when you hear someone like myself trying to address the topic of growing concerns about the dangers of vaccines, don’t forget that Dr. Fauci himself just made sure to remind members of congress about that, but he hasn’t been reminding you about it at all.  Also, STOP with the BS knee jerk reaction of thinking that those who bring up this critical topic are somehow ‘CONSPIRACY THEORISTS’.

The last thing in the world I am is a conspiracy theorist. I come to you from the critically important area in the MIDDLE, between the fearful flock of conforming, dutiful sheep on one end, and the conspiracy theorists on the other end.

Yes, those who think ‘reptilians are part of the Illuminati’, etc, they are conspiracy theorists…Alex Jones? Yes, much of the time he falls into that category, though to his credit I don’t think he believes in ‘reptilians’.

Anyway, it is very important to understand the following: Being willing to bring a spotlight of truth to politically or socially ‘UNPOPULAR’ topics that you can see are deliberately being sabotaged, blocked or deliberately being avoided by the media… And doing so in an effort to get that truth out to ‘We the People’ – that is NOT a conspiracy theorist.

That is what we used to call patriotic FREE SPEECH…That is how we used to define objective ‘truth to power’ journalism, something that not only is greatly missing now more than ever from our so called ‘news’ outlets, but something that we are now seeing Big Tech monopolies like Google, Youtube and Twitter choosing to censor and remove, in an effort to KEEP people in the dark, and in an effort to KEEP us from exercising that free speech.

We’ve never seen anything like this to date in America, and it’s time we come together to take a stand and take our country back.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…She is also the producer/host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable markets nationwide, including Washington D.C.  Check out all of her material on her website and blog at conniebryan.com, or subscribe to her channel at Youtube/ConnieBryan.)