It’s one thing to recognize the need for long overdue revolutionary change involving an entire OVERHAUL of the policing system in our communities as I have consistently detailed (See my most recent article on my blog entitled ‘Time for a Completely New Law Enforcement Model’ at…

It’s another thing to believe in unicorns and call for the DISBANDING of the police in our communities. That’s when those on the far left become the WORST ENEMY of not just themselves with such infantile ignorance, but the worst enemy to Liberals in general. (I say this as a moderate Liberal myself)

As I’ve said before, I monitor the ‘reality show media’ that masquerades as the ‘news’ on both sides, which means I have to hold my nose especially tight when I tune in to content on Fox News. But every now and then they impress me with a little truth coming through (especially in their more accurate coverage of the Corona virus ‘panic-demic’) despite their shameful non-stop ‘Trump Cult’ script.

Tonight, I heard one of their regular anchors make a very good point regarding this current ignorant trend of people starting to call for disbanding the police. She reminded the viewers about the ‘heirarchy of needs’ most of us first learned about in elementary school, and how the very first level at the bottom of the pyramid was ‘SECURITY’.

A couple of days ago, the President of the Minneapolis City Council announced that the council HAD VOTED TO DEFUND the Minneapolis Police Department, and was considering DISBANDING it. (Listen, we get the government we deserve, both at a local level and the national level…Mind numbing levels of ignorance elected this woman, and the others on the council who voted with her in order to be seen as ‘WOKE’ right now)

Many of you may have seen the bizarre clip from her recent interview by an anchor on a local news channel. The anchor simply asked her if the police were to be disbanded, what should people do if their house is being broken into?…Who should they call?

Her absolutely ‘mentally challenged’ answer was to tell the anchor that she had heard this question from some of her friends, and that such a concern ‘COMES FROM A PLACE OF WHITE PRIVILEGE’. (Insert your choice of either the theme from ‘LOONEY TUNES’ or the ‘TWILIGHT ZONE’ here.)

We are supposed to think that spoiled white people are the only ones who need to feel safe in their communities by knowing the police will come help them if their home is broken into? Are you kidding me??

First of all, those well to do, ‘privileged’ white people she is referring to…they have the resources that most other people, especially most other less fortunate minorities don’t have, and that is to be able to hire private armed security patrols for their gated communities.

So the opposite is actually the truth…DUHHH!!

The truth is, the vast majority of us know that we need a properly led, properly trained, albeit redesigned and overhauled police department to respond to 911 emergencies in our communities, not the least of which is someone breaking into our home…which WOULD become much more tempting of a prospect for bad guys who learn to their utter joy that the police had been DISBANDED…or even just ‘defunded’ for that matter, if such defunding meant a reduction in officers able to respond to calls for service.

Again, this kind of stupidity and infantile ignorance on the far left is the worst enemy of Progressives who start off correctly understanding that there is a dire need for major change in our country, and for We the People to finally stand up together and take our country back from the corrupt, monopoly partnership between government and mega-corporations, but then they shoot themselves in the head, figuratively speaking, with such utter DUMB ASSERY!

We need the police to be PROPERLY strong, PROPERLY trained, and ALWAYS READY to take care of business with real criminals who unfortunately will always need to be apprehended.

But as my recent article, ‘Time for a Completely New Law Enforcement Model’ explains, we are long overdue to replace the current corrupt model with one that is CITIZEN RUN from the top down, with a Citizen Oversight Commission, and sworn citizens who ride on patrol on EVERY squad and EVERY shift, keeping the cops accountable every day.

Yes, maybe you defund some departments who have gone off the rails in excessively militarizing themselves, like some who apparently have been using excess funding to purchase TANKS and other ridiculous military assault vehicles, etc.

But you don’t defund the police so that citizens’ safety and security is diminished in any way. You don’t want to call 911 and hear an annoying tone, followed by:


Connie Bryan

*See my recent article ‘Time for a COMPLETELY NEW Law Enforcement Model’ on my blog at

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