In this very strong and hard hitting part ten conclusion of our ‘History of the Globalists’ series, Connie begins the episode with some comedy relief – her recent February standup comedy performances in Las Vegas. Then for the conclusion of the globalists series, Connie reveals the nefarious ‘global control’ plans of World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab and his openly stated agenda to use the ‘pandemic crisis’ to create what he calls ‘The Great Reset’. Then Connie reveals a shocking video of Bill Gates calling for ‘death panels’ in order to ‘save money to hire more teachers’, and shares powerful clips from top doctors on the topic of the Covid-19 early treatment wonder drug of Ivermectin, that Big Pharma and the media have dishonestly tried so hard to hide from the public, along with powerful video clips of Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, explaining the serious dangers of these experimental gene therapy shots, so much so that he declares them a ‘criminal manufacture’